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Dr. Chilton & Your Interview

A little something for @mrschiltoncat​ because I adore her and we all need some sweet, fluffy Frederick / Reader stuff in our lives…

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Four times.
You had changed clothes four times, now.
& That was only the tally for while he had been surveying.

Supervising: he had called it.

Frederick perked a brow and leaned against his cane, while also cocking his head just slightly to the side. It was fascinating, really- he didn’t quite understand what your thought process was this morning. Though, he’d be lying if his watching you wriggle in and out of skirts, just to deny them and banish them to the floor with a subtle squirm and kick of your ankle, was only for his psychological considerations.

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The Things He Does

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 516
Parings: Dean x Reader
Warnings:  fluff!
A/N: written for  @bringmesomepie56
I hope you enjoy this! It’s more geared to specifics than a general reader. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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The first thing Dean noticed when he started seeing you pull away into a shell, was that you stopped singing. You always sang wither it be in the kitchen cooking to in the shower or even with him in baby. The second thing he noticed was your green eyes didn’t sparkle with that brilliant light you always carried with you. The third thing was that you stopped joking around. Whereas you always said corny jokes that you laughed at, or laughed at his stupid ones. It bothered him a lot to see you get so down.
He decided it was date night and kicked Sam and Cas out of the bunker. While you took a nap he prepped dinner, set up candles, threw rose petals everywhere on the floor, the bed, and the table just everywhere. He drew you a warm bath and put in your favorite scents, by the time he was done you had woken. He puts a blindfold on you so you can’t see what he’s done and ruin the surprise.
“Dean? Dean what are you doing? Why am I blindfolded?”
“You’ll see” was all he replied as he carried you to the bathroom and shut the door. He had lit candles and shut the lights off. As he takes of the blindfold you gasp and cover your mouth getting teary eyed.
“You did this for me?”
“Of course baby” he kisses your cheek.
“Get in and relax. I’m going to finish cooking dinner.”
“Thank you Dean.”
“Anything for you gorgeous.” He winks and leaves.  
By the time you finish relaxing in the bath, Dean is done with dinner and has a beautiful black dress with sexy red underwear laid on the bed with a note to get ready he’d come get you when you called. Smiling softly you get dressed, put on minimal make-up and strap on heels. When you finish lightly curling your hair and pinning it up you text him saying you’re ready. You promptly hear a knock at the bedroom door so you open it.  
Dean is standing there in his fed suit with a bouquet of roses.
You smile and take them, “They’re beautiful Dean.”
“Not half as beautiful as you my darling wife.” He kisses your hand and you blush.
“Always the charmer.”
“You love me.”
“Aye that I do.” You peck his cheek, as he leads you to the library where the table is set up like a fancy restaurant and flower petals everywhere.
“Dean you didn’t have to do this.”
“Yes I did, what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t treat my wife as a queen?” he helps you sit as he serves dinner.
You smile and the two of you talk over dinner. He watches your mood improve greatly and he smiles making a note to do this more often. By dinners end you’re laughing and joking a little which makes Deans heart swell with pride and love. Claiming cleanup can wait he scoops you into his arms and carries you off to bed to love you all night long.

Boarding School for Girls

Where Tenten is convinced neither Karin nor Ino are as straight as a arrow when it comes to a certain pinkett.

Ino scoffed over the rim of her champagne flute filled with sparkling cider. Beside her, Karin rolled her eyes in response. Tenten could only grin, double pleased with the attention she was getting from all the beautiful women and the agitation of her friends.

“Must you be so flamboyant out in the open?” Ino sighed before taking another sip.

“Only when the need demands it, and hell do the needs demand it. Look at her legs.” Tenten laughed and winked at the woman passing just under the archway, rejoicing silently when she earned a pretty blush and embarrassed smile from the stranger.  

“You’re just loud. God, this makes me think of middle school. Please don’t look so desperate around us,” Karin said, turning back to look behind her for the seventh time with no luck.

“Please, these dances are more fun than a spectator’s sport. Why wouldn’t I try to have fun and not care what others think?  There are so many gorgeous ladies out tonight. You two ought to lighten up.”

“I can’t, there’s no men here. It’s an all girl’s school for a reason. Ugh, why would they do something like this and ban male attendance? Do they want us to all date each other?” Ino whined, knowing full well that the administration was too old fashioned and backwards to even be able to consider such a possibility. Girls had been caught in bed with each other and lightly scolded about ‘sleepovers.’ It was one of the less obvious reason the academy for girls was so popular.    

“Would it be so bad?” Tenten teased.

“I think I’ve been alive long enough to know which side of my toast I like buttered,” Ino laughed, leaning over to peck Tenten on the forehead. “But thanks for caring.”  

“You too, Karin?” Tenten asked mischievously. The redhead frowned, the tips of her ears turning red. “What do you mean, and why are you looking at me like that? You should know me better than that by now. Of course not.”

Tenten could only smile. “Yeah, you’re right. I mean, we’ve been going here together for almost four years. That’s the thing about boarding schools, they make you close.”

“Speaking of close, where is our roommate?” Ino huffed before downing the last of her sparkling cider. “She’s late again.”

“Hinata said they were doing hair together or something,” Karin muttered.

“Well they’ve been at it for too long. Sakura doesn’t even have that much hair.”

“Maybe I should go check on them before going downstairs with the two of you,” Karin started to say. A beep from Tenten kept Karin from speaking any more.

“No need, she texted and said she was on her way.” Tenten grinned up at the pair of them. “She said she was super excited about her dress. Did either of you two see it?”

Ino shook her head, and the elegant bun stayed firmly in place while her pearl drop earrings bounced. “No, she said she got it last minute and we never got the change to snag a peak.”  When Tenten looked to Karin, the redhead shook her head as well.

Minutes later, Hinata came in from the side entrance on her own wearing a lovely teal colored floor length with bell cut sleeves. Karin and Ino greeted their friend, but looked quickly behind the quiet girl for the missing roommate.

“Hinata, where did Sakura go?” Karin asked, looking back and forth, expecting to see something she missed.

“Ah, she said she was coming. Her shoe strap was itching so she sat off to the side to fix it.”

“Does she need help?” Ino asked, frowning. Her hands were empty and that meant they were twitching for something new.

When Hinata just shrugged Ino stood to go out the way Hinata had just come in. Karin frowned as the blond passed. Without saying a word or complaining, the redhead turned sharply and power walked to catch up with Ino.  

“You coming too?” Ino teased.

“Shut up, barbie. This whole night is one big annoyance. You and Tenten making up weird things doesn’t help. A stupid party like this and all I have is a load of-”

Karin stopped shot and Ino did the same. From across the room at the end on a bench, Sakura was leaning over her knee to properly fasten the slender buckle that kept her strap up heel together. Her dress was a long bronze and gold thing that was slit up the side all the way to her thigh with a low curved neckline that made a masterpiece out of her bust.

Sakura looked up when she heard her friends and, caught on her eyelashes was a diamond row of tears left unshed. Seeing her friends she sniffed and held up her shoe straps. “It broke,” Sakura complained in a pitiful tone.  She blinked and a few tears fell off her lashes.

Ino cursed softly to herself about Tenten and her damn bread and butter before moving forward to help her long time friend out of such a compromising situation. Meanwhile, Karin turned on her heel at the sight of Sakura and goose stepped towards the ladies room with a hand up to cover her nosebleed and blush.

Breaking Rules

“He’s hot”
“He’s the bad kid”
“Every girl wants him”
“Can’t believe he likes someone”
“ I hope it’s me”
You could not believe what you were hearing as the girls gossiped through the school. You were little miss perfect and it still shocked you that some people are defiantly not like you. They were lazy and didn’t care at all. But as you went to your locker the talking about him got louder. Suddenly he was smirking at you one hand resting on the locker blocking your escape. Matthew Espinosa aka the Badass. He wasn’t like where they got detention and smarted off to the teachers he literally did illegal stuff.
“Hey gorgeous wanna cut class” he snapped his gum. You could see his eyes through his sunglasses even though you were inside. You wanted to scream yes but you didn’t want him to think you were easy.
“Not today Espinosa, unlike you I actually care about passing” you state ducking under his arm.
“Mm hard to get eh? I get it” he was holding your wrist but after giving you his remark let you go.

This happened for several days, sometimes he’d walk you to class and once again he was back again today.
“Yo (Y/L/N) lets cut class today” he winked. You were annoyed with the same request everyday but what he did or does started to appeal to you. He was attractive you couldn’t deny it. You decided he pursued you long enough but also because you wanted the taste of a thrilling life of a rebel.
“Alright let’s go” you gave him a smirk ditching your books in your locker. You started walking down the hall swinging your keys around your finger, “ I’ll drive”. Your response left him shocked for a minute before he recovered his cool and followed after. When you got in the car you put your sunglasses on, Matt was sitting next to you. “So where to” you say as you backed out of the high school parking lot.
“How bout getting into a club” you could hear the smirk in his voice, all he was doing was challenging little-miss-perfect to see how many rules she’d break. You were willing to prove your curiosity, you have a fake id already. You and your friend got them one day but you never used it as much as she did.
“Alright let’s go” you smiled.
“Oh whatever how are you getting in underaged”
“May I ask you the same thing? I have a fake id” you looked over at him in that moment. He was cute but still had that cutting edge. You could see a tattoo peaking out of his sleeve, the leather jacket fit him well. The sunglasses just added onto the look of a complete badass. “What’s up with your bad boy act anyway?” You inquired turning your attention back to the road, you needed to get far enough that people wouldn’t completely recognize you.
“What are you talking about” he huffed out. You could see you hit a button on him and didn’t press farther. You wanted to know more about him but decided not to press the issue.When you had arrived you could see the different way the girls dressed and smiled. You were well prepared. Once you turned off the car and had parked far enough away from eye view you climbed over the console to the back. Matt gave you a confused look, “You honestly think I’m going into a club in this?”. He just shrugged his shoulders to your response as you slipped out of your jeans, you could feel the hard gaze on you. Once you shimmed out of your shirt you slipped your short black dress over your head. Strapped up your heels and messed with your hair a bit and then you were ready. “Let’s go” you smiled once again ,climbing out of the back and grabbing your cell and ID. You could hear the pounding music from down the street and even though it was middle day people were still stumbling out.
“Id ” the bouncer asked as you both showed it to him and were let inside.
“Wow miss perfect got in” Matts breath was on your neck, you continued to walk to the bar to get a drink. Once you had ordered your drink you realized Matt wasn’t with you. He was in the corner talking to some girl in a much shorter and more revealing dress. You huffed out a frustrated breath, no way was he gonna ditch you. You pushed your way through the crowd over to them.
“Omg Matt! Guess what! Best news ever!!” You acted out, “ Maggie that one chick you fucked last week or something is PREGNANT” you squealed out the last part. That girl muttered a gross under her breath and walked away.
“Jealous much” he smirked. You gave him a whatever look and gulped down the rest of your shot.
Eventually it started to get dark and you both decided to leave.
“Well guess the fun night is over” you state as you jumped in the passenger side of your car. You were a bit tipsy but someone Matt was completely sober.
“Only if you want it to be” he was driving over the speed limit and cutting turns a bit too sharp.
“What do you mean”
“How bout jumping a fence and trespassing to a nice lake, wouldn’t mind skinny dipping right now” you giggled at the thought. You were a little confused, you had the taste of what it’s like to be a rebel but should you continue. He could be using you to just have sex. Nah you reasoned, you wanted to live your life in a wild way not the one cooped up in your room with books everywhere.
“Let’s go” and the tires took yet another sharp turn.

The eerie trees loomed over the tall fence and a huge sign read: NO TRESPASSING.
“Giving up already”
“No give me a hand” you were at the fence already. Matt had put his sunglasses over his head for once and you could see his eyes. They were hazel and fit him quite nicely. He walked over and bent down putting his hand out for you to step on. You started you climb and jumped over the side. Matt stared for a second before climbing up and swinging over the edge with ease. The lake shimmered under the moonlight and the alcohol was started to affect your thinking.
“WOHOO” you screamed out stripling and diving in. The rush of cold water hit you skin and you popped up above the water in bubbles. Matt followed suit and was soon next to you swimming in the water.
“I’m surprised (Y/L/N)” he breathed, his face was inches before you.
“And whys that”
“Because little-miss-perfect is taking a risk” he gives you once last smirk before his hand came up and cupped your cheek. You felt his lips touch yours as he kissed you. You were defiantly going to have something to say (Y/B/F) tomorrow.

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Kiss Me You Fool! (Prompt: Lipstick)

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale
Rating: T
A.N.: I wrote this fanfiction specifically for Gajevy week. The prompt was Lipstick. The title of this came from Rimmel’s new lipstick Provocalips, with Levy wearing the red lipstick titled Kiss Me You Fool and Lucy wearing the pink lipstick titled Dare to Pink. Came across the title of the lipstick, and this fanfiction popped in to my head. Levy’s outfit idea can be found here: and Lucy’s outfit idea can be found here: . It’s mainly Gajevy, but there is going to be some Nalu in here. Hope you like and reviews are always welcome!
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or it’s characters, Hiro Mashima does.

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“You should get this one Lev!” Lucy said as she pulled out a lipstick in a bright shade of red.

Levy and Lucy were out shopping for make-up. Well, it was more like Lucy dragged Levy away from her books to get make-up. Levy didn’t wear make-up usually. Maybe a little bit of eyeliner or mascara here and there, but never lipstick. If she ever did, it was always something more natural. The Rainbow Sakura Festival was this week, and Lucy was determined to go this year because she was sick last year. Honestly, Levy went, and always enjoyed it, but she never cared to dress up for it. Lucy was changing that!

Levy looked at the lipstick Lucy had picked out. It really was a bright red. “I don’t know Luce… It’s too bright for me. I don’t think it will look good on me,” eyeing the lipstick.

“Nonsense! I have a keen eye for makeup, and I know for a fact it will look great on you! Plus, it says Kiss Me You Fool as the title of the lipstick. I think it’s pretty apt for what you are wanting,” Lucy said as she winked at Levy.

“Luce! T-that’s n-n-not..” Levy responded, her face turning the same color as the lipstick.

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A Brand New Dawn - Chapter 9

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing(s): Ladynoir, Marichat, Adrinette, Ladrien (and a little DJWifi)

Summary: It’s a Miraculous Ladybug college fic!

Notes: Gah! Another long wait for this update, I’m so sorry everyone!!! I know a lot of people were even expressing their concerns that I’d abandoned ABND for good, but fret not! I have absolutely ZERO intentions of leaving this alone, and I now even have ideas and notes on at lease a couple one-shot sequels to follow! 

Well, the  much anticipated Gala has arrived!! If you are curious to see our precious dork duo’s attire, check out this post! (I know they look blurry, but clicking on each picture will bring it up nice and clear!)

Reminder, this fic is also on and AO3 (find the links here) so feel free to follow them!

Word Count: 10,544 (This is officially the longest chapter EVER, so please let it make up a little for the thousand year hiatus!)

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Marinette regarded her reflection closely in the mirror she had propped against the sofa, carefully smudging a dark eyeliner across her lids.

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