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They’re finally here!! After waiting so long to get everything and assemble them, they’re all ready for shipping out!

They’re 2″ double-sided clear acrylic charms with their respected color phone straps. Each of them have their original colors on one side and on the other side is their holiday recolors, Demon Hanzo and Americree. 

They’re going for 12 USD a piece but bundled together they’re 20 USD. 

I have a limited stock and you can find them here


After an extraordinary demand these suckers sold out in less than 24 hours! Thats incredible and thank you all so much for your support! I will be ordering in more and they will be here sometime next week! If you really want one, message me and I will personally contact you when they come in so you can snatch them up before they’re sold out again, thank you so much again!


The official love live blog has released some new merch! 

The phone case is  2,980 JPY and will be for iPhone6 / 6S / 7 / 7S.

The collab merch with Numazu Gamers will be coming out November 17th and 30th. The clear file is 370 JPY, the tote is 1,500 JPY , the straps will be 500 JPY each. They will also have a special set that will be 5,000 JPY.

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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I’m super excited to announce that I’m accepting preorders for some Yuri!!! On Ice Diner charms!  They are $10 each and will be printed on clear acrylic, double sided, 2 inches (5cm) tall, and will come with a white or red cell phone strap.

These will only be available by preorder! Preorder ENDS February 28th, and orders are expected to ship in the beginning of March. 

You can place your order here!


The official Love Live blog also revealed new key chains, straps, and badges due to release soon!

  • The key chains styled after room keys will be sold at Comic Market 91 on December 29th. 
  • The Kimi no Kokoro key chains are 1,100 JPY. The acrylic badges are 500 JPY and both are due to be released January 20th. The phone straps are 500 JPY and will be released on January 13th.
  • The Aquarium mobile cleaners are 400 JPY each and are set to be released January 27th. 


Look how amazing! Acorn Press did an absolutely INCREDIBLE printing job on these. Their customer service is top notch, lightning fast communication too. They even sent me a few extras! I can’t recommend them enough for anyone looking to print charms–their prices are hard to beat.

As of right now, Zen is sold out, but I have a few more of all the other characters! Here is the listing!

If you missed out on a character, WAVE 2 OF PREORDERS IS NOW OPEN!


Alrighty since the McCree and Hanzo charms where popular enough I did make a Soldier 76 and Reaper charm! Who wouldn’t want these adorable murder dad by their side? Both will be double-sided and 2″ printed on clear acrylic. Each will have their respected color phone straps, Reaper’s being edgy black and Soldier 76 having biotic field gold. 

They will also be 12 USD a piece or 20 USD bundled together.

The pre-orders will be going until March 10th 12AM (CST) and they will be released some time after that after I’ve put in the order for them.

Though if you don’t want to pay for a pre-order, you can message me saying you’re interested and I will keep you on a holding list, though I plan on including a pre-order bonus, I just haven’t decided what.  

You can find these cute little guys on pre-order here or you can message me here

Also, if these go well there will be a third set! One with a certain angel and cyborg we all love.

So this is some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Swag I got recently. These are out of print Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Yura-Yura Clips. I got this entire set solely because of the Ryou clip. LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO CUTE. 

Also, Ryou needs more merchandise. I am a simple person. Anything with Bakura or Malik stamped on it is getting bought by me. 

I also got this phone strap with a Yami Bakura quote on it! It’s another 20th Anniversary special. 

The line is “Yami no geemu no hajimaru da ze!” or “The Game of Darkness is starting!” 

This mofo glows in the dark! It’s so cool. 

Okay, I’m done showing off for now. X’D


New merch has been posted! The Winter Urnahoshi uniforms are going to be released in January 2017. The acrylic stands and coasters are going to be released October 28th and are 1,200 and 700 JPY respectively. Finally, the Yohane Gamers collab charm will be released December 22nd and will be 500 JPY.


You can listen to me read it here (Why leave Tumblr when you can surf your dash while listening to Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction?)

“Was that..?” Marinette began, shock in her eyes.

“A male sailor moon? Yup.” Alya giggled. “The hairy legs are a treat for the eyes, don’t you think?”

“I see.” Alya had talked Marinette into going to a small-town anime convention about an hour out of Paris and it had proven to be an… interesting experience.

“I told you you’d learn a lot about fashion from cosplayers!” Alya said, running ahead to the next stall. “Hey look! Ladybug merchandise!”

“Wait, what?” Mariette looked over the wares on the table. Ladybug earrings, a Chat Noir mask- even postcards of her and her partner drawn together.

“This is exactly what I came here for,” Alya said with excitement. She started picking up cell phone straps to look at as Marinette took in the culture around her. She stepped away from the booth to ask a blue-haired girl about how she made her blouse when she ran into someone- quite literally.

“I’m so sorry!” The boy said. “Are you okay… Marinette?”

She looked up in surprise to see Adrien Agreste looking down at her. “Adrien? Wh-what are you doing here?”

“I, uh,” Adrien stammered, his face turning red. “Well, I…”

“Adrien? Is that you? What are you doing here? Wait!” She gasped, “ Are you… A closet Otaku?”

“A what now?” Marinette said.

Adrien turned bright pink and hid his bag behind him, no longer making eye contact with the girl. “I’m here for… cultural purposes.”

“Cultural purposes?” Alya said.


“Okay. Then let me see what’s in the bag.”

“Uh…” Adrien’s voice trailed off as she forcefully took the bag from him.

“Ouran high school host club?” Alya burst out laughing, “Are you a fan of the Otome game-styled harems?”

“N-no…” Adrien said, clearly embarrassed. “I just… wait, is that a painting of Chat Noir?”

“Are you a fan? We’re having a competition to see who sells more- Chat Noir or Ladybug,” the vendor said.

“How could I possibly choose?” Adrien asked, picking up the various merchandise.

“Well, there is a third option; LadyNoir.”

“Lady-who now?” Adrien and Marinette said.

“Wait, you guys don’t know about the ship?”

“The what now?” Marinette asked as Adrien’s face returned to its pink shade.

“Ladybug x Chat Noir. Everyone ships them!” Alya said. “It basically means people like the idea of them dating.”

“I have some doujin in stock if you’d like it,” the vendor chimed in. “Here!”

Adrien took the book that was offered him and flipped through it in front of Marinette. The duo’s eyes grew wide in surprise as they saw the drawings of their alter-egos kissing after an Akuma fight. 

“I’ve got some more that has a little smut in it if you’d like.”

“No! That’s okay!” Adrien exclaimed, quickly setting the comic book back down on the table.

“Well, then I’ll take it,” Alya said, picking it back up. “This, the cell phone strap, and a mature version of the LadyNoir doujin.”

“Ayla!” Adrien and Marinette exclaimed.


“You can’t just… don’t!” Marinette said, flustered.

“How does me buying a comic book affect you in any way?”

“It… I… well…”

“Well hey, if either of you wants to borrow it later I’m more than happy to share,” Alya winked, paying for her goods. “I’m even down for bringing it to an Ouran-binge.”

Adrien shuffled uncomfortably as he debated his morals, then nodded once Marinette looked away. “Saturday sounds like a good binging day.”

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