strap corset

A Pirate’s Life

IMAGINE: In which Lady (Y/N) Baratheon encounters Captain Jon Snow. through an unconventional way. 

[gif is not mine. based on jack sparrow and elizabeth swan’s first meeting from potc. hope you like it.]

warnings: none

word count: 2.6 k+

The handmaiden tightened the straps of the corset, not minding (Y/N)’s gasps of pain and surprise. She could slowly feel her organs moving around inside of her body with each pull. “My gods,” she breathed out. “How long until you are finished?” She snapped at the woman behind her. 

“Just a couple more, Your Highness.” One tug, another tug and a ribbon to finish it off. (Y/N) turned around to glare at her, the handmaiden bowed and left the room.

(Y/N) walked up to the mirror to admire herself. She ran her hands down the hard corset, scowling disdainfully at the frills that encompassed the waist area, she looked at her reflection frowned and scoffed. While the black and gold dress was beautiful, it was hell wearing it. Accompanying it was the heat. A Lady should not wear a dress that would put her health in danger, but of course everyone would complain if she wasn’t wearing the most beautiful thing. They could not expect anything less from a Princess.

 A knock at her bedroom door was heard, (Y/N) turned, “Come in.”

 Renly walked in, a small smirk on his face, “My, my, dear sister, don’t you look lovely.”

 “I look like one of those cakes that Joffrey’s so fond off.” She gestured to the abnormal flare on her dress.

“Brother says that it’s the latest fashion.”

 “Robert should stay in the vicinity of whores and wine,” (Y/N) spat. “Why do I even have to go to this?”

 Really walked up to his sister, placed his hands on her shoulders and gave her a pitying smile, “Because your betrothed is…well, I actually don’t know what he’s getting.” Renly frowned, trying to remember.

 “A medal?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “He’s a coward and a fool, Lancel should not receive any sort of medal.”

 Her brother laughed and linked his arms to hers, “You really should watch your tongue sister, sometimes people might think the worse of you.”

 (Y/N) rolled her eyes. She knew what was said about her, she heard the whispers. “They already do.”

 Renly looked at his sister, he knew that she was often the subject of frivolous gossip. Frowning, he decided to change the topic. “Did you hear? Stannis caught a pirate.”

 She laughed, “Pirates are a legend. They died long ago.”

 “No,” Renly shook his head. “A breathing, living one. Saw it myself. Stannis caught his own crew. Pirates said they knew the Starks.”

Jon looked around at the various ships that were docked on the harbour of King’s Landing. He knew that this was dangerous, but what can he do? His ship was towed, his crew was probably dead, he needed to find a way out and fast. He looked down at his clothes and frowned. It was going to be hard to be discreet in King’s Landing when wearing dark colours and obviously wearing pirate’s gear.

Jon looked at the stairs, there were no people, deciding that it was luck he quickly ran up the stairs. Maybe he could bribe, or kill someone for their clothes. As he ran, he made sure that no one was near him, if they were he decided to take a different route. He was too focused on not being noticed that he did not see (Y/N) and Renly in front of him.

“Watch where you’re going!” A woman’s voice yelled at him. Jon looked up and saw a small brunette glaring down at him. “You could have killed me.”

The man with the black hair beside her sighed, “(Y/N), stop being over dramatic. Sorry.” He held out his hand and Jon gracefully took it.

“Honestly,” the woman huffed. The woman -(Y/N) looked up and down at Jon. “Interesting choice in clothing. Are you with the circus?” 

“(Y/N),” Renly warned.

“Renly,” she mocked as she looked at her brother.

“I do apologise for her,” Renly spoke. A chime was heard in the distance and he craned his head towards the east, “We must be going.” He spoke to his sister, then turned back to Jon. “Sorry to bump into you Ser…”

“Jon,” Jon replied not taking his eyes off (Y/N) who was still staring at him intently. 

She knew that he was from out of town. The way he carried himself, the way he talked…the way he dressed. She smiled at him knowingly. He was a pirate.

“Sorry Ser Jon, we must be going but if we do see you at the Feast we owe you a favour.” Renly turned to (Y/N), “Let’s go.”

“Aye, aye,” she spoke those words knowing exactly that Jon would get them. (Y/N) winked at Jon as she passed him.

Jon looked on as the siblings walked past him. There was something extraordinary about that woman. He would have usually stopped and thought about it but he knew that time was the enemy here. He needed to get out of this place and fast.

(Y/N) struggled to breath, and to pay attention at the ceremony. These things were usually a bore, but with the combination of the dress from hell, the weather from hell and the person she abhorred was getting honoured was a nightmare.

 “Are you okay?” Cersei whispered as she saw (Y/N) continuously fan herself.

 She nodded meekly and began fanning herself again. She sighed in happiness when she saw the event ending. (Y/N) quickly got up and started walking towards the large archway that overlooked the ocean. She welcomed the breeze that came off the sea.

 She watched as the waves crashed against the rock, the beauty and chaos that the sea brought. (Y/N) found peace and serenity as she watched the waves dance, she could see small ocean life if she looked hard enough. Her peace, however was broken when Lancel tapped on the shoulder.

 “Lady Baratheon, if I may have a moment of your time?”

 (Y/N) closed her eyes and hesitated in turning around, knowing if she did she would have to be forced in a mundane conversation which would either have her being bored to death, or wanting to slap him. Forcing a small smile on her face, she turned around and prepared herself for utter dullness.

“And where are you off to?” A man in armour spoke as he held the handle of his sword.

 Jon looked at the man, he was younger than the lot that he passed. “Just having a lovely stroll.”

 The guard narrowed his eyes, “Have a lovely stroll somewhere else.”

 Jon pouted and looked around, “But it’s lovely here. Why can’t I?”

 “You’re welcome too. I just don’t want you here.”

 “Now, that isn’t very nice, is it?” Jon stepped around the man, focusing mainly on the man’s hand. One slip and that was all Jon needed. “I mean, if I’m allowed here why can’t I stroll here? I’m not doing any harm am I? I just want to take the beauty that is King’s Landing.” He knew what he was doing. Talking while walking towards the ship that he needed. “And I saw a lovely spectacle up there, loads of guards, so why aren’t you there?”

 The man shifted, “They needed people to guard the ships.”

 “Aye, they did,” Jon nodded. “Brave men, just like you. Did you volunteer because they really like that. Shows initiative.” Jon briefly looked behind him, one more step.

 “I did,” the man spoke. “Father says that I should take whatever the King’s Guard gives me.”

 Jon nodded pretending to care. “Your father is a wise man.” He quickly walked towards the wheel.

“I can’t let you do that! Stop that!” The man took his sword out of the hilt and began to prepare to strike.

“Just admiring the wheel,” Jon caressed it all the while giving a small smile.

“I don’t want to seem forward, but with everything that’s happening now. Getting the recognition I rightfully deserve,” at this (Y/N) tried to roll her eyes. “I’m only missing one thing.”


Lancel turned to (Y/N), “A marriage to the right woman.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and fought the urge to vomit, “I’m sure you’ll find her.”

 Lancel gave her a dry laugh, “It’s you.” He turned back around so he wasn’t facing her anymore. “Your brother and I have had talks, the same with my father. They all I agree that it would be great if our Houses tied once again.” He took a piece of fruit from the passing servant. “I do hope I’m not being forward.”

 “I can’t breathe,” (Y/N) muttered to herself, fingering the corset. “I can’t breathe,” she spoke louder.

 Lancel chuckled, “Well.”

 The next thing (Y/N) knew she was falling down and suddenly being drenched in cold water.

Lancel turned around after hearing a splash. “Lady (Y/N)? Lady (Y/N)!” He rushed towards where he last saw her and looked down. All he could see were the remnants of something dropping.

 He started removing his jacket, “Ser, no! The rocks!” Lancel stepped backwards in defeat.

“Is anybody going to help her?” Jon pointed to the woman who was now slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. He turned to the man who was standstill. “Here, hold this,” passing his sword and removing his jacket he dived down and began swimming towards her.

 As he got closer to the fallen woman, he could see the black and golden dress that he ran into before. It was (Y/N). He swam faster, as he reached her, Jon guided her into his arms. Once securely in his arms, he began swimming up. Finding it difficult he looked at the garment that she was wearing. Sighing -as best as he could while holding his breath-, he took his knife and cut through the middle. She was lighter now, thank the gods, and he began swimming upwards. 

 As Jon reached the shore, he was surrounded by men in noble clothes and guard uniforms, unsurprisingly enough they weren’t there for him.

 “(Y/N)?” He recognised the man as Renly. “Jon?” Renly looked at his sister, “Why isn’t she moving?”

 Jon leant down to (Y/N) and cut down her bodice once again. She began spluttering out the water that she inhaled and slowly opened her eyes. “Jon?” Before he knew it she was being yanked from his grasp by a blonde man. “Ouch, Lancel, I’m perfectly fine getting up by myself.”

 “Get off her boy, before you harm her more,” an old blonde man who seemed to dominate the space spoke. “Are you okay?” He asked (Y/N) more gently. She nodded as he wrapped a garment around her.

 “Who are you?” The young blonde man asked.


 He looked at Jon’s clothes, “You’re no ordinary man. You’re a pirate.”

 (Y/N) looked at Lancel then back to Jon. “Don’t be silly Lancel. He’s simply dressed for entertainment later on.”  

 “I’ve seen those clothes, those are the garb those pirates that were taken by your brother wore!” Lancel pointed at Jon’s clothes, and soon enough people started scrutinising him. Lancel drew his sword and pointed it at Jon.

 (Y/N) stepped forward, placing herself between Jon and Lancel. “Surely you’re not going to kill the person who saved my life.” (Y/N) looked earnestly at Lancel, “Please. Spare him.”

 Lancel narrowed his eyes, he held his stance for quite some time. “Alright. Lock him up.”


 “Your Highness, with all respect, I’m doing the best of my abilities. He will be thrown in jail with his other cronies, he will be happy.”

Three men circled Jon, he knew when he was done for. He could easily take three men, but taking more than that? Even he had his limits. Jon heard the lock of the handcuffs and looked down despondently at his wrist. Looking at the scene in front of him, (Y/N) was just a few steps ahead, and he knew that the people right here deeply cared for her. Taking his chances, he stepped forward and circled (Y/N)’s neck with his handcuffs.

 Gasps were heard around, the sound of swords being drawn were heard.

 “Let her go!”

 Jon tilted his head, “No, let’s see here. I want to go free or I’ll pop this pretty lady’s head off.” (Y/N) thrashed around, trying to get away from his but all he could do was tighten his grip. Jon moved along, people making space for him. “I’m not going to hurt you, just play along.” He whispered in her ear. He felt her stop moving and then began moving again. Jon pulled her closer, the chains tightening around her throat.

 “If I stop fighting, then they’ll know something is amiss,” she whispered harshly. 

 “Oh.” Jon eased his grip on the chains. “Or maybe, I’ll take her with me. Take the great Lady Baratheon.” Jon moved backwards, careful of his stepping. Up the stairs he went, careful not to trip over, once he reached a cliff that overlooked the ocean he stopped moving. “Deal is, I let her go and you let me go.”

 A tall man with a round waist and a crown on his head grumbled, “Fine.

 “Pass her the keys,” Jon spoke.

 A guard passed the key to (Y/N). “If you could love.” Jon jingled the chains. (Y/N) narrowed her eyes. Jon lifted his arms, allowing (Y/N) to step away from him. Once free he rubbed his wrists. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. Jon touched his lips to hers, allowing the fantasy that he wanted since he saw her come alive. He tightened his grip on her waist, she moaned quietly into his mouth. Jon regrettably pulled away, “That was for you love.” He winked at her. “Be seeing you.”

 (Y/N) watched as Jon jumped off the cliff, as she heard the splash she touched the still tingling part of her lip.

 “(Y/N) are you okay?” She heard Lancel’s voice in her ear and all she could do was nod. 

“Quite an eventful day was it not Lady (Y/N)?” Sandor asked as he walked her to her chamber.

“Yes,” she nodded. “It certainly was.”

 “Are you truly okay?”

 (Y/N) smiled at her personal guard, “I truly am Sandor. Thank you.” Reaching up on her tip toes, she placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Good night.”

 “Good night, my lady.”

As soon as (Y/N) entered her room she knew something was amiss. She looked at her open balcony door, frowning she opened the drawer on the table that was near the door quietly. Grabbing the small dagger, she hesitantly made her way to the balcony. From what she could see there was nothing, or no one there. Still, she made her way cautiously. Once on the balcony, she looked at all the possibly hiding places and found there was no one. The balcony was empty, except for one thing on top of the railings.

 There was a small note flapping due to the wind and a small medallion. She picked up the letter and opened it. There were four words on the paper. Three words, the last three words he spoke to her and finally his name. She looked at the medallion in her hand. It was gold, a pirates skull etched on it. It was simple. 

 (Y/N) looked out to the harbor and smiled. She knew that she’ll see Jon again. Whether it be through good or bad circumstances, she couldn’t wait.