strap club

Be that boyfriend that puts her on to movies she’s never seen even if she’s never had a childhood. 


2. Straight out of Brooklyn 

3. New Jersey Drive 

4. Juice 

5. Harlem Nights 

6. Who’s Da Man 

7. Just Another Girl On The IRT 

8. KIDS 

9. Requiem For a Dream 

10. In the Realm of the Senses

11. Friday 

12. Brown Sugar 

13. The Best Man 

14.  There Are No Children Here (Oprah Movie) 

15. Beloved 

16. Candy man 

17. Do the Right Thing 

18. Waiting to Exhale 

19. Eve’s Bayou 

20. I’m Gonna Get You Sucka 

21. Black Dynamite

22. Hoodlum 

23. Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song 

24. The Mack 

25. Jungle Fever 

26. Tails From The Hood 

27. Johnny 5 

28. Honey We Shrunk The Kids 

29. The Land Before Time 

30. Space Invaders 

31. City Of God 

32. Belly 

33. New Jack City 

34. Training Day 

35. Paid in Full 

36.  Menace II Society

37. Boyz N da Hood 

38. Baby Boy 

39. Above The Rim 

40. Set it Off 

41. South Central 

42. Dead Presidents 

43.  Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the  Hood 



46. Blood In Blood Out 

47. ATL 



50. State Property 

51. Strapped 

52. Players Club 

53. Deep Cover 

54. Before I Self Destruct 

55. Snow on tha bluff 

56. The Wash

57. Straight Outta Compton 

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After Hours

It was like any other Friday night. Jack had been counting down the hours since lunchtime at work, and was ready to get dressed up and hit the club. He’d only moved to London a month or so ago, but was determined to find out about what the capital had to offer. After a smoke, Jack begun his ritual of kitting up in his favourite gear. He decided he’d live dangerously tonight, and would wear his rubber chaps, t-shirt and cut-off along with a jock with a red stripe. He knew he was a tease, and got hard when he saw how horny he looked in the mirror, after he laced up his 20 hole rangers. When he was ready, he begun the journey to the club.

Once there, Jack headed to the bar and exchanged small talk with the barman, as he bought his first beer of the evening. The club wasn’t full yet, so Jack decided to stroll around to see what - or who - was happening. Not wanting to get into anything just yet, Jack found a spot by a pillar, sparked up one of his pre-rolled spliffs and started to ‘people watch’ and keep an eye on who was coming in. He was looking out for his mate Matt, who’d said he’d meet Jack at the club as he’d never had the courage to attend by himself, and around ten minutes later, Matt arrived in his full suit, which he’d had adapted with an all round zip. Like Jack, Matt was reasonably inexperienced, but got off on the feel of the gear and the possibilities it held when he wore it. He wanted to be with other guys who felt this way, but was nervous sexually and had built up the courage to come here to meet Jack in gear for the first time.

Around half an hour later, Jack was feeling nice and high and so decided to check out if there was anything happening. He enjoyed rubber, and liked to get together with the occasional mate he’d make through the contact sites, but hadn’t really gone much further than a bit of light bondage and mutual wanking. It’s not that Jack was out of his depth - he’d keep his head clear(ish) enough to be aware if anything got out of his control. He’d heard that some guys became complete sluts in environments like these, and while he liked that atmosphere, he certainly had no plans to become like that himself.

As the night wore on, Jack started to notice a few guys, and he was also attracting the occasional glance himself. He got the eye of a 6ft plus rubber man, with obscenely bulging muscles wearing a half mask and an heavyweight rubber apron. Jack noticed the guys’ industrial rubber gloves were already slimy and that his boots had seen a fair bit of piss too. Jack recognised the guy from a website he’d found through a link of a link of a link, and knew he’d be way too hardcore for a guy of Jack’s relative inexperience. He noticed that the guy also had a slave trailing behind him on the end of a lead. Again, Jack thought he vaguely recognised the slave as a chap who’d messaged him before, and he was surprised that his message buddy had a master, and was a tad concerned when he remembered that his buddy had virtually no experience, and had only just started to develop his taste for rubber. However, he knew that pervs were everywhere in this town, and just put it down to being a bit stoned and bad lighting. This master had some effect on the other guys in the club, all of whom had stopped what they were doing and went up to him with their heads bowed, like he was the Pope or something.

This was all a bit strange, but being a relative newcomer, Jack assumed it was some kind of bonding thing where this bloke was some kind of local hero or visiting dignitary. Jack looked to Matt, and the pair of them felt a slight tension in their crotch areas, before smiling at each other with a ‘yeah, right!’ look in their eyes. As the ritualistic bowing ended, the man in the apron looked around and smiled, with an evil looking glint. There were only a handful of guys who hadn’t joined in, yet they all were staring at the scene in semi-disbelief. What on Earth was going on, and who was this man?

As the night wore on, Jack and Matt decided to go on their own individual wanders around the dark area. Jack had found himself a couple of guys indulging in some piss action, and together they decided to take it to the toilets where they could get messier. After indulging in his first piss session, Jack had felt a bit wobbly - he’d never tasted piss before, and didn’t expect it to make him feel this strange. Sitting himself down on the toilet seat after the guys had left, Jack started to feel a bit sick and dizzy, and within minutes, was slumped alseep in the cubicle.

After what felt like hours, Jack awoke and got himself together to get Matt and see if he was ready to get a cab home. He immediately sensed that the club was a whole lot quiteter than it had been when he arrived. The lights were out and the cloakroom locked when he ventured out of the toilets, and there were no sign of the owner or indeed anyone else. What the fuck had happened? Had he been asleep that long? And how come no one - even Matt - woke him up when they were closing the club?

Jack decided to see if the bar staff were still around, and so went back into the main part of the club. The music had stopped, although Jack could sense there was something going on towards the back of the club. He walked around a bit, and headed to where a thick rubber curtain had been pulled across the room. He could make out some moaning noises, and went to pull the curtain back. To his shock, there was Matt strapped firmly into the club sling, looking like he’d been drugged beyond his limits, covered in piss and cum and seemingly mouthing a mantra of what sounded like a number, as a line of rubbermen queued to methodically fuck him harder and faster. “Like what you see boy?”, came a voice in the darkness. Jack stood there wide mouthed as the big guy in the apron came towards him. “What the fuck are you doing to him?” shouted Jack, Apron smiled “Your friend here has decided to join my whores, he was perhaps a little hesitant at first, but I think you’ll have to agree, he’s taking to it like a seasoned professional!”, “Who are you, and what’s going on? There’s no way he’d be into this sort of thing at all”, raged Jack, as rubbermen started to surround him and grab him by the arms. “Oh, Jack my dear boy, your friend here is going to be a prize rubber whore for me and my slaves. As you can see, I have a few of them now, and there’s always room for more”. He grinned evilly as he went over to stroke Matt’s head, and turned it towards Jack’s direction. “Speak, slave, tell our friend here what you are”, demanded Apron. “I am Rubberslave Whore 251, my aim in life is to please men sexually, to please my master” slurred Matt. “You see? He’d fitting in nicely”, joked Apron, “You fucker, you can’t do this! His name’s Matt and he has a life and a career! He’s not a slave!” protested Jack. The Master then asked Matt some questions…

“What is your name?”

“My name is Rubberslave Whore 251”

“What is your job?”

“My job is to please men sexually and to please my master. My master allows men to use me as they see fit”

“What is your speciality?”

“I have been conditioned to be a cumdump for rubbermen, my holes are my income now. My income is my Master’s. He owns Rubberslave Whore 251.”

Just as Jack struggled in horror and disbelief at what Matt had become/ was becoming, the Master approached Jack with a gasmask. Before he could hold his breath to stop, Jack found himself passing out into the arms of the Master’s other Rubber Whores.

Jack awoke, as if from the longest lie-in imaginable, and allowed his eyes to adjust to the half light streaming in. Where was he? Was he still in the club? If so, how long had he been there? All these questions ran through his bleary mind as he tried to get up from where he was lying, but to no avail. He was strapped down to some kind of table and could barely move. He could sense that he was also naked and that his entire body was hairless, which came as something of a shock as the last thing he remembered wearing was his favourite rubber gear - what had happened to that? Jack’s mind went in and out of focus as the events that lead him here replayed in his mind albeit somewhat hazily. He recalled being in the club with Matt… ah yes, Matt, that was his name… and the piss session that left him in a bit of a daze… and something about rubberwhores. That was it, Rubberwhore Slaves…

Just as Jack begun to put a mental picture together of how he arrived at this place, the guy in the apron walked into the room. Jack was startled and started to struggle as the events in his mind cleared. Grinning broadly, Apron approached Jack and rested his hand on Jack’s forehead. “Good afternoon Jack, I trust you slept well?”

Anger begun to build inside Jack, and he tensed up with rage, “Where am I? What the fuck are you doing? Where’s Matt?”, “Oh my sweet Jack, so many questions for one with such potential… Firstly, you are in my facility, based some miles beneath the centre of London, as for what I’m doing, well that’s for me to know and you to discover along the way. You may not be too keen on my ideas right now, but trust me you soon will be. As for Matt, I know of no Matt, would that be 251 you’re referring to?” Apron flashed a smile that suggested that Jack knew all too well what happened to his mate, and just needed a little reminder. Apron called out “251, report to your Master at once”.

A few moments later, a door opened and in came a collared man in a full rubber suit that looked like Matt, except this Matt had a sleazy and subservient look to him. Nothing like the ex-hetero social worker who’d developed a yearning for men and rubber, this was something beyond Matt - a real drooling, hungry pig slut. Jack looked at 251/ Matt in disbelief and with a level of sadness and concern as he begun to accept that his friend would never be the same again.

It was at this point when Apron cut in, “Yes, this is - or should I now say was - the Matt you were concerned about. Is it all coming back to you now? He’s had a bit of a re-think about his life, and decided to join us here”. Jack fought back his tears - how on Earth could he let himself get into such a situation? And most of all, how was he going to get out of here? “What did you do to him, you bastard?” “Questions, questions, young man! I had a few friends entertain Matt when you were busy with in the gents with your piss session, and after a few snorts of poppers - and I must confess, these aren’t your normal shop-bought snorts, think of them more as a chemical lobotomy - he begun to lose his mind - or, to be fair, he wiped out most of it himself. The thing is with the new lads, is that they soon find themselves out of their depth in certain situations, and are easy to manipulate. Obviously, if he’d known what was going to happen to him that night, he’d have stayed at home, watched the telly and continued his repressed existence.” Jack started to freak out - as much as anyone could freak out when strapped down to a table - as Apron carried on “I sensed 251 would be an easy acquisition, and so I thought I’d keep him here for myself as a personal slave to train and abuse to extreme levels, and he can be of service to any visitors that drop in. Obviously, he has no use for his flat anymore - that’s on the market now - and a couple of abrupt, rude calls to his office helped terminate his career. All he’s left with now is his Master, and a hunger for men unlike anything I’ve ever seen before”

Jack was disturbed at how his evening had descended into complete weirdness, and regretted that his mate Matt had been irreversibly transformed by the whole ordeal, but what was in store for him? Was he to become a whore like his friend? Just as these thoughts scanned through his mind, Apron approached him with a syringe, “As you can imagine, dear Jack, now you’ve witnessed all this, you have no choice but to join us”, “In your dreams you sick cunt, never!” Jack shouted. “Tut tut, that’s no way to speak to a gentleman, perhaps I should fill you in. I have my whores everywhere, and they’ve helped me to define your new purpose and role in life.  I bet that you’d look good as a cock whore. Most of the guys you’ve chatted with or perved over their pics belong to me. I know your limits and I know your desires. Really, Jack, you should be thanking me for allowing your darkest and sickest dreams and wishes to come true, and I feel you’re perfect for so much more”, “I’d rather die first! I’m gonna get free and get out of here!” replied Jack. “How do you intend on doing that, dear boy?”, queried Apron, “You’re in a secure centre, miles beneath the ground, and if you did reach the surface, well… let’s just say I have a few contacts in the police force, the emergency services, the armed forces, as well as London transport, cctv, your favourite sex shop and even your local newsagent. So, the best thing you can do is just lie back and accept this jab as the doorway to your new life”.

Jack struggled to the best of his ability, but there was no way out. The syringe began to pierce his skin, and Jack started to feel very strange, as if a train was speeding through his veins, purifying him, raping his mind, giving him the biggest rush of his life. Within seconds, images of Jack’s existence started to flash before his mind’s eye. Family and friends, loves and hates, his first pet, people he fancied, significant moments in history, his favourite bands, art, TV and film stars - All sorts of random items and imagery that somehow put together made Jack the man he is.

And then, nothing…

Jack laid there, almost wiped out of his previous existence. What was there was definitely his body, even if his mind wasn’t. When it looked like he was in a suitable condition, the Master checked him over and liked what he saw. It was then when the doors opened and three of his whores walked in. Master had been monitoring Jack’s online activity via his network of slaves. What Jack was unaware of when he’d be messaging someone about their pics or a possible meet, was that they in turn would report back to Master, to help him build up a profile of who and what Jack was, what his desires were and ultimately to bring him into his fold. The whores were guys who’d also been inducted over the years, and were as hungry for sleaze and whoring themselves as their master had made them. Master had taken these guys’ fantasies and made them real, and pushed them further. Now they worked for him on a variety of levels - some would be ‘spotters’ who’d seek out new blood, others acted as a gateway, these were originally masters, but had now surrendered themselves along with their slaves and occasional fuckbuddies to the Master.

One of them - Karlheinz - was a German master who’d been living just outside the capital for the last few years, and had an array of sluts at his disposal. His profile would show dozens of pictures of fisting. His speciality was long, sleazy sessions in which he’d take an everyday man with ‘a bit of a fetish’ and make him into a cum hungry filth pig. He had had a couple of long term pig slaves - a couple of ex-office workers who’d been pierced and inked all over at his request, and were working as a pair of tricks for him, reduced to being cumdumps for any visiting friends. Karlheinz took a shine to Jack some time ago, and had wanted to play with him. Jack liked Karlheinz, but was too scared by how hardcore some of his scenes were, and so they had yet to actually meet. Now Karlheinz had Jack at his disposal, and Karlheinz was to work his magic for their Master. He walked up to Jack and started to probe around his hole, “Mmm, now that’s just a little bit too tight, but nothing I can’t work with “ he grinned to himself. He started to rub his hardening cock through his red rubber jock, as he spat at Jack’s hole to lube it up ready. Slowly he entered Jack finger by finger, with Jack putting up no resistance whatsoever.

Looking on was another one of Master’s whores. Jason was originally a sweet - but not necessarily naive country boy who’d occasionally travel up to London each weekend and go clubbing. He was more into the feel of the gear, and enjoyed bondage a fair deal too. He was fit - and he knew it - with his suit specially made to show off his majestic arse and the increasingly large tribal tattoo that went across the shoulders and down each arm. Since messaging with Jack, Jason had been inducted by Master. Master knew the two pervs were reasonably good friends, and had decided that Jack would work well with a partner, who’d be equally as sick as perverted as he was becoming. Always a quiet type, Jason said even less these days, preferring grunts and snorts to his now increasingly difficult to handle English. He stared on at Karlheinz’s probing, that had now become a full fist, and grunted in approval.

The final of the three was something of a wild card. Buck, who’d came to visit London several months ago, but hadn’t checked back into his hotel since meeting Master during his first visit to the club that was Master’s domain and hunting ground. Heavily tached with an almost constant cigar on the go, Buck enjoyed titplay to the extent that his own were the size of a bull’s. Jack had chatted with Buck about him breeding him up the next time he visited London, knowing that it was never likely to happen. Now Buck was looking down at the spreadeagled Jack, and had a shit eating grin that suggested he liked what he saw, and had planned to give Jack exactly what he wanted, and get Jack into cigars in a very big way too. Whether he liked it or not.

Time had long become a distant concept for Jack. As he stirred from his amyl mindwipe, only the basics remained in his head. He vaguely recollected his name and a few small details, but not enough of his life that he had been part of before this time. The Master saw that Jack becoming aware and slightly restless, and stuck on gaskmask and hood over Jack’s head, which had a strange looking switch device on the side. As Jack acclimatised to the hood, a strange type of hissing noise was evident in his ears. Unable to do anything about it, he let the noise continue, and was soon in thrall to its unique discordance.

The Master was very happy with Jack’s progress. As much as he enjoyed his chemical abductions such as whore 251, when he’d pop out and alter someone’s life in the matter of an hour, he preferred these lengthier scenes more. He liked the gradual becoming of his whores, the transformation process of men into total pigs, going past the point of no return into a life of filth. As The Master watched Jack along with his whores Karlheinz, Jason and Buck, who were all starting to drool at the sight of their prey enraptured in new and previously unknown pleasures, he made the near silent instruction for them to do their things. Karlheinz, who had by this point had gotten his whole fist inside Jack, smirked away, and set about going further in, and had started to grease up his other fist, while Buck was having some cigar fun with Jason’s tits just over where Jack’s head laid, letting Jack get his full share of the smoke. They would all get their turn, the Master was certain of that, as he wanted Jack to be trained into becoming one of his top earners.

As the scene developed, Jack was accepting Karlheinz’s fist without too much trouble at all. If Jack was conscious, or indeed the Jack that first walked into the club that night, he’d more than likely be horrified at what was going on. However this was showing signs of change. Jack’s mask was hooked up to a cansiter of gas, which he would inhale naturally, unaware of what it was doing to broaden his horizons way past anything he’d ever imagined.

Jason started to buck under Buck’s cigar tit torture, and was grunting - it was hard to decipher whether in pain or pleasure, but the monstrous bulge in his jock suggested he was enjoying himself. Buck then decided to begin Jack’s tit torture, not that Jack had much to work with, so he pulled out a pair of suction cups that would start Jack off. Making a pair of doorhandles may take some time, but Buck had hoped he’d be able to get them to a nice standard. Jason, now wanking himself through his rubber jock, started playing with Jack’s cock, and semi-grunted something about a piercing. Jack had a fair way to becoming like Jason, but these perverts had plenty of time on their hands…

The scene of Jack being fisted by Karlheinz, and having his nipples tortured by Buck while Jason drooled uncontrollably at their actions looked like something out of Jack’s deepest darkest fantasies. Even if he’d ever imagined that something like this was going to happen, it was more to the imagination of artists and the very finest, intelligent and filthy writers who’d keep him entertained on his favourite website, he knew he’d have to come a long long way before he could become like that, but part of him had wished and urged to be taken away from his everyday. Woefully under-appreciated in his job, each hour spent in his shithole of an office felt like a day, and his boss was just taking the piss. Jack had wanted to leave, and thought he’d happily abscond and disappear into a life of porn and was amazed how many offers he’d had when he’d logged on to an Escort/Client chatroom for a laugh. It had made him think that it’d be easy to go and meet some desperate soul, wank them off then make a couple of hundred quid for it. The closest he got to thinking about this career change was when he’d received a ‘friendly’ letter from the bank disclosing that he was hugely overdrawn. Now, as he’d eventually find out, that career move had been already been decided for him, and there’d be no backing out now.

The Master had been called to the observation room where Chief Inspector Edwards was waiting. Showing no concern that the police had finally located his underground world, the Master entered to find the Inspector by the desk, on his knees with his head bowed in respect. Edwards had been ‘recruited’ by the Master a number of years ago, Edwards, a well-respected father of three had long been on Master’s trail for a number of years, until he’d managed to co-ordinate a raid on the club where the Master would frequent, but had no idea that he actually managed to set himself up. The Master had taken great pleasure in making Edwards into a useful addition - someone who’d be able to massage the facts, or file false death or missing reports on some of the guys who were never to return - and he’d been made into a cumslut for Master to fuck and feed, and was always grateful when the Master seeded his hole. In thanks, Edwards would occasionally sacrifice younger officers to the Master, so he could increase his rubberwhore empire. Some remained in the force as spotters, a few, such as those involved in the raid had been chemically lobotomised and were some of the Master’s favourite playthings. His technique would be to capture one or two of the officers, and then parade them naked in front of their ex-fellow officers-now whores, then would dose them up, and literally throw them to the pigs. After being taken to new extremes by one or two of the flying squad, the new boys would then graduate onto whoredom and a new life. As a special treat, he’d make them all - and there were at least two dozen copper pigs in his collection now - seed and bathe an always grateful Edwards with their cum.

Edwards had both Jack and Matt’s details up on the Master’s laptop. Jack, it transpired, would have subtle little changes implemented into his old everyday life. Nothing too much. He would carry on working in his old job for the next few months, and would gradually build up his whore reputation in the evenings. Soon, he was to lose his life due to faulty wiring in the office. His boss would be held accountable for his death, completely unaware that he wasn’t actually dead at all, but being reborn in a new life bestowed unto him by his Master. Matt, however, or at least his 'remains’, would be found on one of the few remaining bits of wasteland in East London the next day. His body too disfigured to be recognised, his 'death’ would be a cut and dried affair. His mother had moved away a long time ago, and was never one for keeping in touch, and other than Jack, Matt had few friends who’d be concerned enough at his passing. Edwards then flicked through some jpegs of his officers for Master to select his next sacrifice, he pointed at a handsome muscular 6ft+ chap named Simon, and to make it less suspicious, he selected another one - the bearded, thick set Dave - so that the pair of them would be called out to a 'disturbance’ at the club that next weekend. With that decision made, Edwards offered his arse to Master, and was rewarded with his seed, before being plugged again, putting his uniform back on and leaving.

Meanwhile, back on the other side of the glass, Jack’s arse was now accomodating both of Karlheinz’s fists, as Buck was applying a suction-based cock-enlarger onto Jack’s parts. Jack was going to be one hot fucking whore ready for anything once he was over this stage, and Jason was getting a bit over excited at this, and hungry for cock, was busily unzipping Buck’s rubber skinhead jeans to get his mouth round his vacced-up meat. The Master smiled broadly at this action, as he knew Jason was going to be important to Jack’s new future as both his lover and co-worker. The pair of them would soon be each other’s pig.

As Buck forced his thick cock further down the ever accommodating Jason’s throat, Karlheinz began to withdraw his hands from Jack’s hole, and moved over to start snogging Buck, this lead to Jason also playfully munching at Karlheinz’s jock. The Master noticed that Jack had been left to his own devices as the suction on his tits and cock worked into overtime. The Master looked down at Jack’s form and thought about a new - chiefly rubber - wardrobe for his escort, one that would show off his finest assets and get the big orders in. He also wanted Jack to help recruit more men, and by having primped and prepared to such a high standard, Jack would cause a minor riot in the clubs, and would be envied by all as he and Jason whored themselves to the hardcore. He reached down to an intercom and contacted Doug, who shortly entered the lab wearing low cut chaps, and a rubber waistcoat, with an array of piercing equipment. Jack’s nipples and cock would need to be accentuated with heavy rings to show how hard he now was. He’d also need a couple of tattoos too, but that would be something that he’d be programmed to accept was very necessary, and so left that to happen in due course as his new lover Jason would be very insistent in encouraging Jack to get inked.

As Jack laid there, still out of it, Doug was doing his work. Doug had previously worked in a bank, and had been brought to the Master’s attention by one of his skinhead whores. Doug was an old school traditional weekend skinhead who’d look suited and booted in his finest Perry, bleachers and boots ensemble down the bars of south east London, after being fairly respectable all week working in the city. The only thing that had originally prevented him from becoming pierced was an apparent fear of needles, although this changed overnight when he was set upon by some of the Master’s harder, more violent skins and given an almost mind-altering orgy of kicking. Now there was very few places on the young Doug’s body that hadn’t been pierced or inked - from the huge nose ring that clanked against his chin, to the large 'cumpig’ tattoo across his back - it was best that he changed career, as looking as he did now, it was no longer an option to continue in banking.

Doug continued his work on Jack, when Jason got up from guzzling Buck’s cum, and stood between Jack’s spreadeagled legs, grunting away with remnants of Buck’s juice dribbling from the side of his mouth, feverishly rubbing his crotch, and took advantage of Jack’s now exposed cock, after the suction pump had made it reasonably colossal, and chowed hungrily down on Jack’s newly pierced meat. Karlheinz took advantage of Jason bent over Jack’s cock and begun to lube up his fingers for an exploration of Jason’s hole. Not wanting be left out, Buck lined himself up at Karlheinz’s crotch, and set free his monster slick and greasy dick into his hungry mouth to begin a suck unlike anything the German had experienced before.

The perverts continued in their sleaze for some time, working each other up into a frenzy. Suddenly, an alarm went off in the lab, and lights flashed inside the observation booth. It would appear that Jack was starting to wake up…

Jack’s head was whirring about, trying to digest its new information, role and responsibilities. Jason, who’d been munching down on Jack’s vacced up meat, looked up to see Jack stir. The Master entered the lab to attend to Jack’s sudden reawakening. He wasn’t sure if Jack would fully take to everything his brain manipulation had thrown at him, and he was also concerned that he hadn’t destroyed the bits that’d made Jack, well, Jack. These were to prove invaluable as Jack to all intents and purposes, was still to be Jack, but also as one of The Master’s stable. One of the prime cuts in an already large and foreboding army of man meat, designed to pleasure and be pleasured in what could only be described as totally hardcore.

Buck and Karlheinz looked on with fierce hard-ons, they were dying to get their hands on Jack more and more. Knowing that the pre-requisite pleasantries were out of the way, they urged to get their hands on and in him. Master had long decided to make Jack into a cumdump, and motioned to Buck to start it off. Jack obviously had been fucked before, but had never actually taken any loads. Buck recalled his early messages to Jack, when Jack offered his hole to be bred and fed like a cheap cumdump whore. Buck’ bloated tube was going to take advantage of Jack’s current situation and give him what he originally had jokingly wanted. Jack’s hole was going to be bred up and advertised as available to any man who wanted it, and by the time these pervs were done with him, that’s just how Jack would like it - as if it had always been the way.

The Master removed Jack’s gasmask - Jack’s head tossed about in a form of weariness and surprise at the blinding light streaming in after days of darkness, and rather than swear at what was happening to him, and curse the men who had surrounded him, Jack’s face looked a little less restrained, and a touch more animal. His lower lip seemed to protrude more so, as a filthy grin spread across his face when he saw Jason noshing his cock, Jack bucked and tried to let Jason have as much of what he could fit into his mouth, Jack then let out a roar - somewhat inhuman - that suggested he liked what was happening. The Master then stroked his new acquisition’s head, as he smiled to himself at yet another success. “Oh, my dear Jack. How you fought against joining us, and now here you are, ready, able and willing to obey my every word and work for me and open yourself up to a world beyond your wildest dreams”. Moaning contentedly as the Master tugged at his tits, he bent down to snog Jack passionately. Jack responded with a keen affection, as his master worked his tongue around Jack’s eager mouth.

The Master then stood up and smiled at Jack “tell me boy, what’s your identity?” Jack slurred, and then as words formed into coherent shapes in his chemically abused mind, he replied: “This is Rubberslave whore 252…”


It had been one hell of a night/ weekend/ week by the time Jack, or 252 to give him his new, alternate designation, had been inducted into being one of The Master’s Rubberslave Whores. As the months passed, Jack/252 was gaining a reputation for himself as one of the sleaziest escorts around, and along with his new partner/ evil twin Jason, would continue to reach new heights/depths of depravity. He would still, to all intents and purposes, have an ordinary everyday existence - well, for a few hours a day anyway. There were still the basic essentials of having somewhere to entertain ‘clients’, and the place he was now sharing with Jason (AKA 207) had all basic mod cons, with food delivered, broadband, a cleaner - another one of The Master’s employees named Bruce/186, who’d been a top stockbroker but now gets his payment in cum from the guys whose houses he now cleaned - and a playroom so well equipped, it was better stocked than all the sex shops in the city combined, with some of the most eye-watering gear, equipment and toys imaginable. Jack/252 and Jason/207 never had to think about bills - they were paying for such things in other ways. Jack/252’s life was now under The Master’s control and, quite frankly, he’d never been happier.

There were still days when Jack/252 would catch himself in rare moments thinking of his old life. Certain old routines came to mind when he’d travel past his old haunts and workplace. Jack/252 would dismiss these moments as a weird deja vu, as they would never develop further to trouble him too much. The Master had been doing this sort of thing for too long to let anything, or anyone, screw up. What Jack/252 knew now was normal - the piercings, the addiction to working out and his increasing tattoos were natural. The fact that he had one of the horniest men he’d ever wanked over on the internet as his partner, they both had a lust that neither of them had thought was possible. Of course, The Master still had full control, and would occasionally summon 'the twins’ in to help with training up new recruits and to free the potential whores still trapped in their miserable existences.

Most of Jack/252 & Jason/207’s catches were the customers who’d file in throughout the day. Some were well aware of The Master’s set-up - in fact, most were programmed to be 'topped up’ by them, and they in turn would help introduce the curious men who’d they’d encounter in their everyday lives as potential customers. The Master also kept an eye on his charges and would instruct them to loosen up any particular customers, and perhaps lead them too into a potential life of whoring for his stable.

Soon there was nothing that could faze Jack/252. Jason had taken him to such new extremes and levels of pleasure, that Jack/252 could take anything. Things Jack/252 would never have thought of before had become second nature. In fact, he didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw his friend Matt /251 again, although now he was no longer capable of normal language, just dealing in grunts and snorts. He’d taken to wearing brown rubber and was living in the darkest recesses of The Master’s underground empire, quite literally happy as a pig in shit indulging in inhuman practices that only the most depraved and filther would consider.

It had been one hell of a night that had lead 252 to this whole new life, but as he stood there before The Master with 207 fingering each other’s moist, sloppy holes, he knew it was all of his dreams come true and more.


You were out with the guys, helping them get some intel on the whereabouts on a friend of Luanne’s, more so, the guy who had been stealing money from her, as well as the club. They needed somebody inside, confirm that he was indeed in the building, and scope the place out before they came in, guns a blazin’. Since he was in the porn business, same as Luanne, they had the bright idea to come to you. It was way out of your comfort zone, but you would do anything for the club, including  strapping on a skin tight pair of leather pants, and actually use hairspray.

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終焉-Re:mind-, Shuuen no Shiori Project’s second major album, is set to be released on March 25! The limited edition comes with a random strap of the film club members, and costs 2500 yen! (The regular CD costs 2200 yen)

Let’s talk tokuten!

Animate - 150P & Suzumu utattemita CD called 終焉-Re:take-
TSUTAYA - OWATA IC card sticker
Toranoana - 150P & Suzumu talk CD called 就寝 -Re:clining-
Tower Records - 7.5mm size jumbo can badge
Animega - clearfile
Gamers - bromide

Picture this: You’re running a financially strapped boys club in a youth project in a city that’s seen better days. Things are so bleak you may have to shut down. Then, one day, a famous artist comes along quietly and creates a painting on a stray piece of wood in your doorway and disappears. That’s what happened to a 120-year old Bristol, England boys club.  The artist was Banksy, the world-famous guerrilla graffiti artist.