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 ’My first instinct was to kill you. Quietly. Discreetly. But then, the more I learned about you, the more curious I became. Here, at last, seemed to be a mind that… that rivaled my own, something too complicated and too beautiful to destroy… at least without further analysis.

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petition for the fandom to abandon ' doe ' for ' darkley ' tho

AN ITSY BITSY LITTLE HISTORY LESSON    for those who    m i s s e d    this gem a    million   years ago.  I need to stop waiting a centennial before responding to things.   DORCAS    “DARKEY”   KELLY   was a queen. no, she was    actually   a madam, an Irish brothel keeper    &   part time serial killer.   (  what goals, right  ?  )   In Dublin, 1760, on St. Patrick’s Day,    Darkey    was    accused   of killing this damn shoemaker named John Dowling.  The authorities came knocking at the brothel’s front door.  do you think any of them may have frequent this brothel in the past    ?   can we say awkward   ?   Anyways    !    The investigators    uncovered    FIVE CORPSES   all men hidden in her brothel’s vaults.  This part time serial killer   :   was executed on Gallows Road, by hanging    &   be burnt at the stake.  

Here is a quote about her death by Edward Cave in the Gentleman’s Magazine in 1773.   “   She was placed on a stool something more than two feet high, and, a chain being placed under her arms, the rope round her neck was made fast to two spikes, which, being driven through a post against which she stood, when her devotions were ended, the stool was taken from under her, and she was soon strangled. When she had hung about fifteen minutes, the rope was burnt, and she sunk till the chain supported her, forcing her hands up to a level with her face, and the flame being furious, she was even consumed.  The crowd was so immensely great that it was a long time before the f*****s could be placed for the executions.”   

DORCAS KELLY WAS A LEGEND.  claimed to be one of the most enduring legends surrounding Dublin, especially on the ghost walk.  It was    rumored   she was a   POWERFUL   witch   &   one of the first few who was publicly executed in the area.  Lamely,  it is popular belief that she was innocent of witchcraft but accused of so when she confront the local sheriff that she is pregnant with his child.   DESPITE OF THAT…    she was not what people would call an    INNOCENT WOMAN.   she was Dublin’s first female serial killer. 

It is    Muggle   belief that Lord Carhamptom was the sole reason for her execution.  That she    threatened   to cast a spell on him for him to give her money for their   “love”   child.  That he was    scared shitless   she was going to    r e v e a l    his membership in the infamous    Hellfire Club.  which was   b a s i c a l l y   a group who came together in the name of    debauchery, occult practices,   &   demonic manifestations.   ahh, the public shame of meeting up for the Devil’s cause   &  having a black cat as the mascot.  ANYWAYS.  the legend gets juicier.   The baby daddy in the tale responds to Dorcas’s   (   Darkey’s   )    threats by   TAKING HER CHILD AWAY from her   &   killing it in a satanic ritual before claiming she was a witch. The child was   never   found. 

NOW, LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS THIS WAY.    first off    :   mad respect.   second off   :    in my head   /   in my headcanon this woman is one of Dorcas’s maternal ancestors.    the awakening of Irish witchcraft.    betrayal. drama. legends. mind games. I like to think she was    l a u g h i n g   during her   “execution”   before replacing herself with    another   carcass.  one of her latest. the beginning of the havoc she caused in Dublin with everyone sleeping soundly at night,   convinced   she had died.    SIGHS.  I want. AN AU. that shows do where my Dorcas is this Dorcas, her ancestor,    &   other people play their own ancestors.  Like   ???   I need. 

YES THOUGH.  Doe is a    sorry   excuse for a nickname.  Dorcas is a   m a s c u l i n e   name.  it’s not pretty on the tongue.  it    bites   through your teeth.  it’s gritty.   dorcas.    dorcas.   DORCAS.   Doe   (  cringes  &  grinds teeth, clenches fists  )   softens the edges.  it takes her essence in my mind   &   invalidates it.  invalidates what she has done.   AT LEAST DARKEY HAS  some essence, history a story,   &  everything I need in my life to move on with the day. Yes, sign me the fuck up if Dorcas were to have a nickname that it’s    DARKEY AND NOT DOE.  because fuck you, fandom. 


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imagine bucky not long after being found and brought back to new york by steve. he sleeps in steve's room, he just needs to know he's not alone. one night, bucky wakes in a programmed state and attempts to kill steve. steve has to gently defend himself and snap him out of it, making sure bucky knows it's okay, and that he can still sleep in there.

bucky blames himself and is upset about it for days - and steve can’t deny that it scared him, too, being woken up in the middle of the night with a hand around his throat - and bucky sleeps on the couch for a while, despite steve telling him he doesn’t have to, because he wants some space. some nights steve ends up sleeping on the living room floor after bucky has woken him up screaming, and most of those nights bucky slides off the couch to sleep curled up next to him.

“you know, it’s a little silly,” he says, glancing over at steve on one of the mornings they’ve both woken up on the floor. “you’ve got a perfectly good bed, and here we both are, sleeping on the floor.”

“just like the old days, but without the couch cushions,” steve agrees, smiling. he knows what bucky is trying to say.

from then on, they both sleep in steve’s room.

okay i’m sorry but i’m still really bothered [x]

And let’s not forget that when Sam realized what he was doing he stopped. Not that he was right to be choking Dean in the first place, but he came to his senses when he’d ensured that Dean couldn’t hurt him anymore and stopped before he could permanently harm him.  And then he left. This is a stark contrast to all the times Dean has hit Sam or harmed Sam.

And this in no way shape or form endangered Dean’s soul or autonomy.  Dean didn’t have to try to prevent Sam from doing what he needed to do here.  When Dean tricked Sam into giving himself over to Gadreel, he helped an angel to completely take control over Sam’s mind, body and soul.  Not the same thing at all.  

literally all of this is horrible i don’t have an intelligent response

“…when he ensured dean couldn’t hurt him anymore” uh well sam threw the first punch and dean was on the ground and it didn’t look like he was gonna get right up like okay sure pin this on dean why not.

i think it’s truly terrible that people can practically excuse violence with “well there’s no permanent harm”

and are you referencing the gadreel stuff to make the choking seem ~not that bad~ because wow. WOW.

There’s a paralysing fear of creating rooted inside of me. A fear that makes me sit in front of my computer without moving for an hour, keeps me up at night, like a noose around my neck, but in the end creates nothing. It’s been hiding behind a façade of perfectionism when it is just cowardice. “If you never pick it up, you’ll never fail it.” It’s crap.

I want to stop being a coward. But right now I am still a bit scared.

It takes 7 minutes to choke someone to death. Sam and Dean, both trained in hand-to-hand combat, undoubtedly know that. This scene was fucked up in more ways than one but Sam didn’t come close to killing Dean and Dean knows that too.

are you listening to yourself

you’re essentially saying that sam strangling dean wasn’t a big deal because it was only for a few seconds

that’s really fucking gross