Some facts about Dennis Nilsen

  • Born on November 23rd, 1945
  • Known as the “Muswell Hill Murderer” and “ The Kindly Killer”
  • Killed at least 12 men between 1978 and 1983
  • His method of killing was strangulation, sometimes by drowning
  • All of his murders were committed at one of two different addresses
  • Nilsen had a ritual that he followed after each murder. He would wash and dress his victim’s bodies and he would keep them for a period of time.
  • After he was done, he would dismember the body and dispose of the pieces by burning them or flushing them down the toilet.
  • He is often referred to as the “British Jeffrey Dahmer”
  • Dennis was close to his Grandfather and he says his most vivid memory is of viewing his Grandfather’s body after he died of a heart attack.
  • Dennis became quiet and withdrawn after his Grandfather’s death.
  • He resented the attention that his older brother and younger sister received from the family.
  • Dennis almost drowned in the sea in 1945 when he got caught in an undertow. Someone saw what was happening and pulled him to safety.
  • Dennis realized he was gay around puberty. He says he was confused and ashamed.
  • He said the young boys that he was attracted to, looked similar to his younger sister, Sylvia.
  • Dennis confessed to fondling his older brother while he was sleeping.
  • He enrolled in the British Army as a Chef.
  • Dennis began to drink after joining the Army
  • His sexual fantasies were often of his colleagues and he would imagine them dead or dying.
  • He had his first sexual experience with a woman when he was in his early 20′s. He said he found sex with a female depressing.
  • After watching a documentary on homosexuality with his brother and sister-in-law, he got into a fight with his brother over gay rights. His brother than informed their mother that Dennis was gay.
  • Dennis never spoke to his brother again after that, and he rarely spoke to the rest of his family.
  • After distancing himself from his family, he started engaging in relationships with men.
  • Dennis confessed in 1983 to killing 15 men. 
  • He admitted to masturbating over his victims bodies and also admitted to engaging in sexual activity with 6 of his dead victims, but he swears he never penetrated their bodies.
  • He killed his first victim, a 14 year old boy, in December 1978
  • He killed his last victim in September 1981
  • Some of his victims haven’t been identified
  • Dennis was caught after pieces of flesh he was flushing down the toilet caused a blockage in the pipes.
  • He was officially charged with murder in February 1983
  • Dennis was sentenced to life in prison
  • In December 1983, Dennis was attacked by another inmate with a razor blade. He needed 83 stitches to close his wounds.
  • He spends his time in prison painting, reading, writing music, and corresponding with numerous people who write him on a daily basis.
  • In 2001 he filed a complaint because the prison mailroom was cutting graphic pictures out of his gay porn magazines before they gave them to him.

gublersfaerieprincess asked:

Could you do another imagine for me? Spencer and the reader(in the BAU) are engaged, the reader gets seriously hurt by the unsub, Spencer freaks out but when the reader survives in the hospital it gets super fluffy? I will love you forever :)

hoooope you like it lovely! thanks for the request xx

“18 year old Kelly Parkson and 19 year old Dakota Edwards were found in a local restaurant dumpster. The cause of death was strangulation with possibly a rope.They were both prostitutes and were found wearing black garbage bags, meaning the killer actually undressed them and dressed them back with the bags, keeping the clothes with him. There are no signs of sexual assault.” Hotch announced to the team.

“There can be multiple reasons for dressing the victims up with garbage bags, we could be dealing with someone who sees prostitution as a sin and wants to humilliate them by replacing their clothes with them and then disposing the bodies in a dumpster or maybe the unsub didn’t want authorities to know about their social status, thus throwing us off his back. He can be somebody who’s unpopular near women, having to resort to prostitutes but still be denied by them.” Reid explained and everybody nodded.

“Morgan, Reid and (Y/N) check out the crime scene. Rossi, JJ and I will go check out the most popular prostituion sites, ask about any regular costumers.”
Everyone left and Reid took hold of your hand, giving you a small and kissing your cheek quickly. Morgan laughed from where he stood against the door.

“Does being engaged really mean you can’t let go of each other?” he mocked. Spencer had proposed to you a month ago and it felt like your bond had gotten even stronger — if that was even possible.

“No. Being in love does.” you answered and pocked your tongue out at him. Arriving at the crime scene, the three of you found yourself with very little to look for, as the alley the bodies had been disposed at was quite small. Morgan talked to the restaurant owner whilst you and Spencer tried to find something — anything — that would move the case forward. You took a closer look at the dumpster and a large bloody handprint caught your attention.

“Guys?” you called out, both of them stood by your side and after analyzing it, decided to send it back to the lab.

“None of the victims were bleeding so this definitely belongs to the unsub. Maybe he hurt his hands with the object used to kill them, or had any injury prior. This is good.” You all nodded.

Once everyone reassembled and joined information, there was a positive ID on the subject: Daniel Morris, a 40 year old secretary. Daniel was abandoned by his mother as child due to her shameful job as a brothel worker. He witnessed her murder in first hand because his father was responsible for it. He was taught to hate anyone connected to that kind of job and began taking them out one by one.

The team headed for the motel he was staying at to move through with the arrest. Standing outside the door, everyone could hear screams coming from a female voice which meant an attack was occurring at that moment and they had to act carefully, and quick. You and Hotch took the lead as he kicked the door in and just as you pointed your guns at the subject, he held one up against the head of the woman he had meant to attack — another prostitute.

“Put the gun down!” Hotch ordered but the subject didn’t even flinch, the woman visibly panicking and struggling to move.

“You take one step and I blow her brains out.” he threatened and held the gun tighter. You spoke up.

“Daniel.. don’t do this. Don’t be like your father. Don’t be like him.” you pleaded and panic flashed through his face.


“We know that he murdered your mother in front of you and taught you how to do the same. But you don’t have to, you can be different. You can be better.” Hotch said, trying to calm him down. The subject’s rage and hyperactivity grew at the words being said to him — a very dangerous combination. Suddenly, he carelessly pushed the woman into Hotch’s arms and you heard a shot. Then another one. Then you felt something hard. Something wet. Something red. Then you saw pitch black, and muffled screams fading into the distance.

You woke up to a continuous beeping sound and a pounding in your head. Something tugging at your left hand caught your attention and you turned to see your boyfriend — fiancé — with his head down and hands in yours.

“Are you proposing to me again?” you jokingly asked and noticed how weak your voice sounded. Reid’s head snapped up and his eyes gained the twinkle that was missing for a split second there. He let out a deep breath and kissed your hand over and over again, pressing it against his cheek.

“Baby.” he sighed. “You scared me so much.”

“What happened?” you honestly didn’t remember anything after the subject pushing the victim away. But from the hospital bed, the machines, the wires, you figured you had gotten hurt.

“The subject shot you. Out of nowhere. I was so scared (Y/N).. they wouldn’t tell me anything and I kept screaming from you and Morgan and Rossi had to hold me back. I felt so hopeless.” your heart tugged at this, you never wanted Reid to suffer, especially if it was because of you.

“You’ve been sleeping for a quite a while now.. three days to be exact.” he laughed quietly and you joined him. “But you’ll be okay.” he kissed your hand once more.

“I promise these last three days are the longest you’ll ever have to spend without me.” you smiled. Upon looking at your hand that Reid was holding, you frowned.

“Where’s the ring?” you questioned, feeling quite naked without it. Reid squirmed under his seat, scratching the back of his neck.

“The doctor said that since you hit your head pretty hard, there could be some temporary or even permanent amnesia. And well.. I wasn’t sure you were gonna forget about the proposal or us or me, so.. if it happened, I would like to do it again so you would never forget about it for the rest of your life.” he admited, and you wished that you could just engulf him in the biggest hug but unfortunately, you were in no condition to do so.

“Will you?” it was the sweetest, most romantic thing you’d ever heard him say and you fell in love with him even more, although it seemed impossible to you.

“Will I what?”

“Will you propose to me again?” if it was cheesy, you didn’t care. At that moment, it was just you and him, the guy that would risk his life for you and was cursing himself for not doing that, the guy that knew you and accepted you before you even did so yourself. His shy smile adorned his face and you swore you could see him blush. He took a deep breath.

“(Y/N).. Neil Gaiman once said: “Love makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.”  But all you’ve done was open it to a world of possibilities. You’ve opened my heart, mind and soul. You’ve changed me, and although change can be negative sometimes, you’ve only made me a better person. I believe in numbers, in facts, in evidence but mostly, I believe what my heart tells me. And since there is never a time or place for true love, and you’re lying in a hospital bed and I haven’t slept in a while.. will you marry me? Again?” 

The tears rolling down your cheeks had began ever since he spoke your name, but you were able to mumble a “yes” and he moved to gently kiss your lips. He put the ring back on and this time it was your turn to kiss his hand.

Who knew that a hospital room could hold such a beautiful story?

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How did Ted Bundy kill his victims?

Once kidnapping a young woman, Ted Bundy would often drive for hours with her restrained in the passenger seat. When he arrived at his dump site, which was usually already pre-selected, he’d strike his victim over the head for a second time with a crowbar (if she had regained consciousness) and then strangle her with a ligature while raping her. He would know exactly when to loosen the ligature, so death wouldn’t be immediate and it would take several minute for her to die of asphyxia. Bundy told detectives that in his first murder, he strangled his victim manually, but later he most often used a ligature he had prepared solely for that purpose. Being voyeuristic, it was important to Bundy that he could see what he was doing. so he selected “murder sites” where either the moon shone brightly, or if there was no moon, he would carry out the brutal murder in front of the bright headlights of his car.