strangest of places

Aisle Two, Contentment

Katrani’s commission this monthw as “Emily and Tracer go grocery shopping” I hope this fits the bill! Special thanks to Cass and Jet for checking this for me.

Joy was found in the strangest places, Emily had observed. She had searched for it in college and in her job, and sometimes even found it, for a time, in the smiles of her students and the pictures they drew her, the way they called her Miss Emily. She had not found it as often in the strange uneasiness of the gay bar, where she was barely brave enough to accept a dance, much less approach a girl. She had mostly found disappointment online, but she had comforted herself that most people did the same.

And right now, she was finding a particular spot of playful joy in a grocery store.

“Would it not make more sense, m’love, if we went round the shop in an orderly fashion?” She called down the aisle.

Before it came out of her mouth, Emily knew that there was a certain foolishness to what she had said, imagining that Tracer could ever do anything in any sort of order unless forced by life, the job, or, perhaps, Pharah.

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Do you ever make up a scenario in your head and think “no this is so past reality I need to stop” and then you realize it’s your own mind you can create whatever scenario you fucking want

the signs as places

Aries: Land used for battle since man’s primitive years. An archaeologist’s dream. The soil is embedded with countless weapons and soaked in blood.

Taurus: An opera house, covered in flowering vines. Aging wine sits in it’s most vital rooms and singing flows through the halls endlessly.

Gemini: A colorful marketplace, bustling, busy, and diverse. Millions visit it each year despite the thieves and tricksters lurking in the alleys.

Cancer: A temple at the bottom of the ocean. Over thousands of years it has become the parent of an entire ecosystem. Some say sirens call it their home.

Leo: An archaic theatre renowned all around the world. Competition, drama, and festivals honoring gods reign here. This is where people become famous.

Virgo: A grand library with sunlight streaming through a glass ceiling. Silence is only broken by the flipping of pages. Dust never collects on the books.

Libra: A rose garden enchanted with the gift of making people fall in love. Thousands have found their soulmates in the oasis.

Scorpio: A castle overlooking the sea, blackened by arson and battered by war. It’s first layers are protected by curses, but deep within the walls are adorned in gold and ancient script.

Sagittarius: A crossroads. The paths lead to distinct, beautiful locations. Not only man travels down these paths. Creatures of all kinds follow them for reasons unknown.

Capricorn: A private manor upon a mountain, full of leaves changing color. It’s a picture perfect scene molded by sheer ambition and hard work. Those who dwell there are envied by all.

Aquarius: An observatory with unknown origins. It is the strangest place on earth where paranormal activity never ceases.
For centuries sightings of otherworldly beings are reported in its walls.

Pisces: A misty sea-side fair. Pastels emerge from the fog and the rides never stop. Lovers and dreamers go there to cry, laugh, and wander.

Heathen Racist Words/Phrases to Watch Out For

RefDuring my research into Heathenism, I have been discovering undertones of racism in the strangest places. Just today, I picked up a version of the Poetic Edda to find the translation and the author’s explanation to be riddled with supremacist rhetoric. So I wanted to create a hot list, so to speak, of words and phrases to watch out for. If you see them, be wary for you may be reading some racist propaganda mixed in with your Heathenry. 

The Hot List: 

  • “Protect our Heritage”
  • “Preservation of our Heritage”
  • “Universalism” [this is not a bad word, but many racist materials will condemn universalism]
  • “Internationalism”  [this is not a bad word, but many racist materials will condemn universalism] 
  • “Heathenism’s True Followers”
  • “True Heathenism”
  • Overemphasis on our Ancestors or the Ancestors of those Practicing Heathenry
  • References to being “Born with Heathenry in your blood”
  • References to blood purityReferences to anything “running in your blood or heritage”
  • Overemphasis of Heathenism belonging only to Northern European peoples
  • A failure to mention that ANYONE can practice Heathenry, or a failure to use open invitation/welcoming rhetoric for anyone who may be picking up the book. 

Please keep adding more. 

Heathens against Racism

The signs as: their places in the modern world
  • Aries: You're not sure how you feel about most sports, but you can't help but to watch them when they run. They kick off so hard that they seem to almost fly through the beginning of the race. They're always wearing some form of red. Their hair is a curly mess and when you try to smooth it down you feel something sharp break the skin on your hand. They look at you. Their eyes are glinting gold.
  • Taurus: You catch sight of them sometimes, lounging outside small bakeries and cafes. The air seems to move a little slower around them, thick and cloying like honey. Your watch has stopped. Everything is calm and warm, but when you leave the sun is already setting. You only stopped by for a pastry.
  • Gemini: You notice them sometimes at the entrances of side streets and tiny alleys, standing side by side. Their hair is dyed outrageous colours and spiked like a hedgehog. The one who is grinning at you beckons you closer, but behind them the one who is frowning desperately shoos you away.
  • Cancer: You go to the library early one morning,sleep deprived,half dead and yet absurdly over stimulated from coffee. All the reference books have been loaned out. A librarian, a little smaller than the rest, emerges from nowhere and hands you a copy. There are indents in the cover and for a second you think you see claws hidden in the sleeves of their sweater. Their eyes glisten. You're too intimidated to ask how they got this book.
  • Leo: They seem to show up in the strangest of places. On rooftops, in trees, curled up in a shopping trolley that has been abandoned in the street. Cats follow them everywhere. Your cat has been missing for the past week. You think it has joined the crowd that follows them. They flash you a smile that speaks of war. You know then that you would follow them too. Their smile says that you might have to.
  • Virgo: You've lost your friend at a party. Your head pounds to the beat of the music. The creepy 40 something year old that nobody invited has been tracking your movements. As you start to panic a cool hand slips into yours. A silky voice tells you to look away from him. You dance and everything seems more intense somehow. On your way home you find a slip of paper in your pocket. On it is written a telephone number. It disintegrates as you add it into your contacts.
  • Libra: You're feeding pigeons on the boardwalk when you see them. They're crawling low to the ground and you're not sure why anyone would want to do that among the mess of fish hooks and tangled lines. A group of boys are throwing their rubbish into the river. You catch a glimpse of them pouring mud and fish heads into the boys socks. The boys don't seem to notice. When you take your shoes off you find a five dollar bill scrunched up in the bottom.
  • Scorpio: You're pretty sure that job interviews aren't supposed to be this terrifying, especially not for part time work at a fast food venue. You earn only ice cold stares from them until they see your references. Then they give you a strange smile that sends your heart soaring and plummeting simultaneously. They tell you that you'll fit in here. You just wonder whether you'll be able to get out. When you pull away from a handshake they leave the impression of claws on your palm.
  • Sagittarius: You're on a bus and the sun is going down when you sit next to them. They ask you where you're going and you tell them. They ask you why. You give a much more honest answer than you had expected to. You find yourself trying to justify the actions that have led you to this point. They hum along thoughtfully. You're already at your stop. The bus is empty except for the two of you. You could have sworn that it was full when you boarded, but yours has been the only stop. You turn to wave as you leave but now the seat is bare.
  • Capricorn: You're grocery shopping and you don't usually make a habit of talking to anyone when you do so, but your eyes lock over the frozen produce. You realise that you're crying. The two of you sit down in the isle. No one tells you not to. The store is strangely quiet, the hum of the lights and refrigerator behind you the only constant factors. You leave with several dubious pieces of life advice and an excellent recipe for fried chicken. as you turn your key in the lock of your door you realise that they know your life story, but you don't even know their name.
  • Aquarius: You're at a target late at night looking for something that you can't quite name. Nothing seems right. A shop attendant behind you agrees. They lead you through the racks into an area that you have never been in before. Dark things dart between the shelves. They point to an item on the shelf. It is slowly growing. It's perfect. As you leave you glance behind you but the lights are off inside. You check the open hours. It closed hours ago. You check your receipt. It's a plain piece of paper covered only by a shaky drawing of an eye and a price.
  • Pisces: You have a foggy memory of a summer camp attended years ago. They were attending too. They always stood a little away from the other kids, the counselors never spoke to them. They showed you secret places hidden behind brambles and stinging nettles. You weren't quite sure how they got through spaces that were so much smaller than their body. On your final day they pressed a tiny golden pendant into your hand. The rest of the memory has faded. You ask your parents about it but they tell you that you have never been to summer camp. The pendant is still in your top drawer. It feels warm to the touch.


• jaehyun? no.
• baehyun.
• honestly he’s really sweet and knows how to take care of you
• he’s always concerned about your health
• he shares everything with you
• from food to secrets
• he’s the type to give you his shirts and not care if he ever gets them back
• he loves it when you wear them
• he loves it when you wear your bonnet to bed
• he thinks it’s cute that you care about your hair so much
• he buys you anything you want when he’s able
• soft kisses
• playing with his dimples
• sitting on his lap while he sings
• you’re always staring at his pretty fayc
• “baby you’re so cute”
• ^ he loves saying this to you
• he doesn’t care who’s around, if he wants to show you love, then he’s gonna show you love
• thigh rubs
• he stares at your butt all di time
• but fr tho
• he’s a lip biter
• he bites your lips just as much as he bites his own ㅋ
• he gets jealous a lot when you give the members more attention but never shows it
• picking out clothes for him cause he likes it when you dress him
• y'all fall asleep in the strangest places/positions
• weird couple that nobody gets
• he’s always so bubbly when he’s around you
• you can change his whole mood
• going out on lunch dates
• walks in the park
• y'all can never stay needs at eachother
• *argued for an hour straight, he goes to sleep on the couch*
• *wakes up in eachother’s arms the next morning*
• lowkey a bipolar relationship
• “y/n why are you staring at the food truck? if you want something ask.”
• he’s your daddy/he spoils you
• all you gotta do is give him that look and it’s a wrap
• 🌚
• hmm, sex with jaehyun..
• he’s soft and slow majority of the time
• unless you dirty talk him (especially directly in his ear)
• then you’re getting drilled tbh
• that’s just that baeb
• you don’t really have to worry about limping, unless you want to
• he actually doesn’t try to hold in groans or moans
• he WANTS you to know that you got that good ting
• 💀
• alright so..
• he’s really in love with you and he loves tickling you/feeding you/making you laugh/cuddling etc.
• aside from family and friends
• you’re all that he has
• so he cherishes tf out of you
• seriously you’re lucky

Will in strange places

I’m listening to Sia’s “Alive.” One line just struck me while reading the name Will Solace. 

“I find Solace the strangest place.”

Cue to the strangest place to find Will Solace.

“Will, what are you doing in the fridge?”

“Will, the underwear drawer is too small for you to be in.”

“I thought you were out of the closet already?”

“I swear, Will, if you’re hiding in the hamper, I will end you.”

“Damnit, Will, get out of my bag!”

the newsies halloween au no one asked for

i haven’t seen one of these yet so here we go!!!

- crutchie is a pirate every single year and nobody can stop him
- jack is a cowboy (duh) but it’s super half assed. like 2 baseball caps on top of each other half assed
- davey doesn’t dress up but he makes damn well sure that the house is decorated to the max and that all the trick or treaters get 5 pieces of candy min
- he also tried giving healthy snacks one year but jack threw all of the apples away and then drove to the store in a rage
- the one time davey did do a costume he convinced jack to wear a couples costume and it just didn’t work very well
- spot only eats candy with peanut butter in it
- romeo likes to wear super elaborate face paint but can’t sit still for very long so jack (who, naturally, is doing the face paint) has him take candy breaks
- specs wears musical theatre costumes and he desperately wants SOMEONE to be the heathers with him
- “i’ll even be JD if someone can do veronica!!!!! please????!?!?!!!!”
- albert likes to dress up as inanimate objects?? his favorite costume so far was when he was a chair but no one else likes to talk about that year
- they all decided they were too old to go trick or treating their sophomore year in high school and crutchie cried for two hours until jack gave him all the sour patch kids in his bag
- katherine and sarah are always determined to outdo one another costume wise???????? and they both go super detailed and extreme but in the end they both laugh it off because they know the costumes won’t be on them later tonight ;))))
- they made this joke out loud once and davey almost threw up in the candy bowl
- and then jack made the same comment about them whilst winking at davey so sarah almost threw up in the candy bowl
- basically how the night really ends is everyone gets really drunk on hard cider except davey n crutchie but they get rly sleepy so everyone just ends up in a huge pile on the floor


- davey complains about finding candy wrappers in the strangest places for weeks
- “honestly. who put an almond joy in the back of this picture frame???”

anonymous asked:

What's the very specific fic?

Lena is a 19 year old pop star raised in a very famous family. The Luthors adopted her after seeing her on some viral video as a little five year old orphan singing and since her adoption its been nothing but gigs and concerts and shows and Lena’s basically got no authenticity in her life whatsoever outside of this one friend she made in the strangest place. She was looking up videos of something she had watched when she was a kid and she saw some girl had left a long-winded rant on it that just captivated her for some reason. She clicked on the girl’s comment and saw she made videos a lot, actually, and she’s actually a really cute college student who has a lot of ridiculous thoughts and opinions and Lena can’t help herself - she sends her a message letting her know how ridiculous she is.

This turns into a back and forth yelling exchange that turns into camaraderie and friendship until she realizes she’s texting her hourly and calling her every night and when did this Kara Danvers become her best and only friend? 

Kara hints that she’d really like to meet Lena or see a picture of her or something (she doesn’t know who Lena is. Lena is terrified to tell her) and then one day Lena sees they have a concert booked in National City which is where Kara’s university is, and she decides to say screw it and meet her.

Cue her sneaking away from her security after the show and running around having a crazy weekend of shenanigans with Kara running from the paparazzi, trying to escape Maggie (her personal bodyguard) and Kara’s disapproving sister (and oh hey, Sanvers team up in their hunt for the girls), and trying to figure out how to tell Kara that ‘hey I’m actually a world famous superstar and that’s why I keep dragging you all over the place and wearing giant oversized hats and sunglasses in hopes that no one recognizes me’. Kara is very dense and knows nothing of celebrities, so she doesn’t catch on. She just knows Lena has slipped her tightly controlling mother and they get one weekend of fun. Bonus points for them having their first kiss outside and then making out in her dorm, only for her to come out later to a swarm of paparazzi and pictures of them kissing trending online. 

I’ve written exactly one genuine sentence of this fic, which is the first one:

“Their love began, as so many great love stories do, with an angry Youtube comment.”

anonymous asked:

Alex is constantly losing things. His phone, his computer, his notebook, everything. It's because he's always trying to do multiple things at once, and so he often gets distracted and sets them down somewhere without realizing it, and by the time he does he has no idea where they are. The others are constantly finding his stuff in the strangest places, like his keys inside the fridge or his computer in the sock drawer. When they ask Alex why it's there, he almost never has an explanation.

What being autistic means to me

For me, being autistic means being extreme. There is no way to explain it differently.

I am extremely human.

In many ways, I’m very rational. I rely a lot on my thinking and well, I think a lot. I am extremely interested in getting knew knowledge and in discussions about almost anything I can get extremely opinionated. I am very direct and honest. I speak my mind. I love solving problems which is why I often get extremely involved in them. I can spend hours studying for college – because I love everything I learn so much. Because I like to understand things. I have an extreme eye for details, patterns and logical connections. I am very analytical and I love analyzing – I can focus so perfectly on it that it almost feels like I never think anything else. I am philosophical, I like taking many and different approaches. I rather collect and connect the details myself than see the whole picture. I think extremely often about myself and analyze me and my behavior a lot. I talk to others about it and take their opinions into account. I try to learn about myself and improve through that. I am dedicated to take as many details as possible into account and connect them with each other. And it feels like I’m making progress every day, even if it’s just a little and even though it sometimes might need a few setbacks.

But I can be extremely emotional as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about the things that mean something to me. I can see beauty everywhere, in the strangest places. I can feel deeply. Sometimes, I like people so much because they approach me in the right way. Because of how I can speak to them. I enjoy their presence. But I can get extremely overwhelmed, too. I stress easily and worry a lot – about myself, others and just life in general. Sometimes I feel so strongly that I can’t describe it or even become numb. I love deeply and I love a lot of things. With all my heart. In my honesty, there is often a lot of kindness as well. I can get really involved in music, stories, art and people, even to a point of dedication.

I am extremely sensitive. I hear too many sounds and they are way too loud. Some of them even hurt – like a police siren, or the sound of chairs moving across the floor. And all these noises are tiring. Light blinds me extremely. You can easily scare me or make me jump. I am extremely ticklish. I can be sooo picky about my food, you wouldn’t believe it. And I am very aware of every aspect of my body, even though I can be extremely insensitive to pain. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming – then I often need to either sleep or cry.

For me, being autistic means being extreme. Extremely human.

Nonsexual Pet Play Starters

“Bad kitten, get down from there!” 

“Don’t make me spray you with water!” 

“Come here kitten, let me brush you.” 

“Such a good girl.”

“Stay still so I can put your leash on, pup.” 

“You look so cute in the new collar I got you.”

“Ah-ah, drink out of the bowl without using your hands.” 

“Did you just scratch me? Bad!” 

“You’re so soft.” 

“I love petting you.” 

“You find the strangest places to sleep, pet…” 

“What’s the matter, why’re you whining?” 

“This collar has a bell on it Now you can’t get into trouble without me hearing!”

“Look what I have, your favorite treats.” 

“Can you roll over for me?” 

“Hey, looks like someone needs some attention. C’mere.” 

“Stop headbutting me, silly kitty.”

littlefoxylove  asked:

36. Scully. (:

36. “That’s so gross.”

Scully learned very early on that her partner had strange eating habits.  Like a toddler, everything he touched seemed to end up in his mouth.  It was bad enough to watch him inhale a chili cheese dog, but to stick his finger in a pool of residue and take a taste on the mere suspicion it was maple syrup, was something else.

“That’s so gross,” Scully would chastise, her face twisted in disgust.

“What?” Mulder would ask, innocent question marks in his eyes as though he had no idea why she was disturbed.

Sure, he’d turn his nose up at tofu and unbuttered popcorn, but over the years she’d seen him eat frito pie, poutine, rocky mountain oysters, pickled pigs feet, tripe, fried Spam, deep fried Oreos, curried goat, and probably at least 100 other things she couldn’t even remember.  Wherever they were, he always managed to find the strangest places to eat at.  She was more than happy to stick with pizza and Chinese take-out just so she didn’t have to watch him dig into a plate of chitlins or cheese curds.

Anytime she brought it up to him that what he was eating was in fact, so disgusting she couldn’t bare to look at it, he would remind her that she ate a cricket.  And it was alive when she ate it.  She would never live that one down.

Something began to happen over the years, though.  While he used to be able to wash down atomic hot wings with a Slurpee from 7-11, eventually, he’d show up in Scully’s room in the middle of the night begging for an antacid or for her to just kill him and put him out of his misery.  Even milder fare as simple as French fries started to get to him.

“Poor Mulder,” she would say, retrieving a packet of Rolaids that she always kept at the ready for him.  “You could always have a salad.”

“Never,” he would answer, defiantly.  

In one moment of indigestion of such spectacular proportions, he lay curled into a fetal position on her bed and vowed never again to eat anything fried ever again and declared horseradish to be secretly manufactured by the devil himself.  Scully couldn’t do much besides offer him a bottle of Pepto Bismol, which she also started carrying regularly, and rub his head for him until he fell asleep.  And in the morning, it was biscuits and gravy for him at the all night truck stop across from the hotel before they were on the road to their next investigation.

And when they’d finally crossed that line from friends to lovers, it came as no surprise to her that in less than a week he’d have licked and tasted just about every square inch of her body.  In a sleepy afterglow as she lay on her stomach, he mouthed the sweat from her spine from her neck to her tailbone.  All she could think is that everything he touched really did end up in his mouth…eventually.

“That’s so gross,” she murmured, looking back at him over her shoulder with her head pillowed on her arms.

“What?” he asked.  “I happen to like the way you taste.”

“You also like the taste of liverwurst so you’re an unreliable judge.”

“You know, you ate-”

“A live cricket once.  Yes, Mulder, I know.  I also never claimed to like the taste.”

Several passes of his tongue later, he was beside her, a mirror of her own position with his head turned towards her and pillowed on folded arms.

“You know what the best part is, Scully?” he asked.


“You taste like sunflower seeds and you’re never going to give me heartburn.”

She laughed.

The End

infawrit10  asked:

Hi, hope you're having a good day. I was just wondering, since sometimes writers think of dialogue or another aspect of the story in very weird situations/places, what do you think the strangest place/situation you've come up with dialogue for W2H has been?

Oh!  Huh… interesting question!  I can’t recall any particularly strange situations or places where I’ve come up with ideas/dialogue for W2H, but I think that’s partly because I only tend to think about it really intently when I have a lot of time on my hands and nothing else to occupy my thoughts… and I feel like that has gotten harder to do as I’ve gotten older.  Like working at a boring 9-5 job or sitting in a class zoning out is pretty much PRIME daydreaming/brainstorming time, right?  Haha.  

But I suppose to name a few notable ones, over the years:

  • driving back and forth on I-70 from Kansas City to St. Louis. (I put that opening song on repeat and tried to picture the timing in my head the whole way)
  • lying awake in bed at night.  Sometimes jumping up to write notes on a giant dry erase board on the back of my door.  (this is probably where it happened most frequently, early on)
  • during shifts working at a movie theatre
  • during shifts working at a mexican restaurant
  • during shifts working at a Forever21 (at one point furing this time I’d considered for my senior film just doing a side story from someone’s POV, like Mephistopheles.  Weird, right?)
  • during shifts working as a mall cop, specifically driving around in the security vehicle in the parking lot, or hiding in service corridors.
  • on a plane
  • on a train
  • in a box
  • with a fox
  • and pretty recently, I had dialogue come to me in a dream actually.  It wasn’t exactly useful dialogue, but it kinda helped me to rethink/reframe what I was writing!  That was kinda cool.

I guess that’s pretty much it, as far as memorable/notable places, haha.  How about you guys?  What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever come up with story elements?