• Hamilton: Aureus (7deadly)
  • Burr: Lucius (strangesins)
  • Eliza: Kindness
  • Angelica: Avarice
  • Jefferson: Levy (strangesins)
  • Laurens: Ira (strangesins)
  • Maria: Lust

Additionally the parts I didn’t draw:

  • Washington: Justice
  • Lafayette: Chamuel
  • Mulligan: Avok (7deadly)
  • Philip: Simon
  • King George: Confidenvy
  • Madison: Akuji (strangesins)

An Advance Merry Christmas too you all!!
I am sorry if i made everyone’s oc ooc

The Third Tale: Shadows Come

 This wasn’t happening. No, it wasn’t happening it could only be a bad dream, but the screams and the maniacal cackle were too real to be a dream. Avaritia’s golden eyes could only watch as Avarice fought a very injured Ira and a valiant Perseus. She could feel the tears building up. That wasn’t him, that wasn’t him at all. It was someone else.

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