In the middle of South America there is a strange and almost perfectly spherical island that moves on its own axis. The landmass in the middle “called the Eye” floats on a pond of clear and cold water which is extremely strange in contrast to its surrounding area. The bottom appears to be solid in comparison to the marsh around it.

In this unexplored and swampy area, you will find this mysterious spherical island that is 130 meters in diameter and moves seemingly on its own from side to side ‘floating’ in the water channel that surrounds it. It’s discoverer is an Argentine filmmaker who investigates paranormal phenomenon, UFO cases and alien sightings. How is such an island even possible? Is it the result of an unknown natural phenomenon that we have rarely seen on Earth? How has it lasted so long without deforming? And what caused its initial formation?

Is it possible that the nearly perfect spherical island is connected to UFO activity in the area? Or is there something underneath it that causes the mysterious island to move erratically? The truth is that if we look back at the historical records of Google Earth we will find that ‘The Eye’ has been visible on satellite images for over a decade and has apparently always moved in a mysterious way as if it were seeking attention from anyone looking from above.

To check out the enigmatic island for yourself, head on to Google Earth and visit the following coordinates: 34°15´07.8″S 58°49´47.4″W