Stranger Things + The Guide to Troubled Birds

Couldn’t help myself after seeing @eggos-and-promises post about it!

I also noticed @supercomsandeggos did one as well and those were too perfect, so you guys should totally take a look at their post and give it some love as well! <3


UGH I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but I really need your help guys! I’m so mad and frustrated that my hands are literally shaking ☹️ It’s regarding the two pictures I drew of Mileven above. 

 There’s this person on instagram who has stolen two of my pictures and they refuse to give credit or delete them. They’re even accusing ME of faking my signature (although I literally just moved the exact same signature to the middle of the image so it would me more visible. I didn’t even rewrite it, just move it lol). 

 Would you guys mind helping me report them so Instagram will take this seriously? Their instagram is s.things_br

I also doubt that they have permission from all the other artists of the pictures on their account.

@ashy-le-mashy ’s piece is also stolen, but they keep deleting her comments about it. (It’s the most recent picture I reblogged, with Mike and El dancing). 

Ash and I would reeeaaally appreciate your help!! ❤️💕💕 

 (Lol checking instagram now I see they even blocked me wth)

———————————- EDIT: Things have been resolved!

Do you miss Stranger Things? Are you feeling festive? This is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Stick around for the ending!