Remember when Camila and Lauren always running to sit together? 💕💕  We were so happy and we didn’t know… Sorry guys, but I’m very nostalgic 💔

(credits to: /analisiscamren)

y'all strangers is a song where 2 gay girls sing abt being in love and use she/her pronouns in the song, AND those two women are a member of the worlds biggest girl group rn and a rising alt artist whose first album went platinum. it’s no3 on the itunes charts and it’s a single. this song is gonna get radio time + lots of young girls r gonna get to hear a song about a f/f relationship on the radio sung by 2 v famous ppl and tbh I cannot stress th he importance of that enough.


She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore ‘cause it’s more intimate, than she thinks we should get. She doesn’t look me in the eyes anymore, too scared of what she’ll see, somebody holding me. When I wake up all alone and I’m thinking of your skin, I remember, I remember what you told me. Said that we’re not lovers, we’re just strangers with the same damn hunger to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all…