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“You Got It.” // Nerve 2016


the world is turning upside down

stranger things, season 2


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you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day or an okay day but then someone does something nice for you and you just smile for a long time?? i want to be someone who makes other smile like that

stranger things needs to run for at least 5 seasons, because i need to see:

1. eleven get her period and have a major freakout like vada in my girl (yes i know that’s from ‘91 shut up i don’t care)

2. the boys getting their driving licenses and transitioning from bikes to cars

3. someone straight-up calling eleven “jean grey.” why has this not happened yet.

4. LATE 80’S MUSIC Y'ALL, i need me some rick astley, the cure, whitney houston, debbie gibson, paula abdul (bonus points if one of the boys has posters of her in their room, i mean COME ON), bon jovi, george michael, old-school REM, belinda carlisle, guns 'n roses, madonna, the bangles… i’m just gonna stop now because otherwise it’s just going to turn into a huge list of 80’s bands and it would never end

5. someone to mention the breakfast club. and back to the future.
and stand by me. seriously, just go all-out with the meta and outright mention stand by me and the goonies. i need this like i need oxygen.

6. 1985, because i just want to be able to point at my tv and scream “LOOK, I HAVE ACTUALLY ALREADY BEEN BORN AT THIS POINT. I AM ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME AS THESE CHARACTERS.” why yes, i am a nerd.

7. a simple, old-fashioned, low-drama, straightforward “they fell in love at age 12 and loved each other more each day for the rest of their lives” story (seriously, quit it with the unnecessary love triangles and misunderstanding-induced cheating and wangsty breakups i mean how long has it been since cory and topanga??? we need more of that shit dude, i just want something pure and permanent to make me feel better about the state of the world)

…………..i just need to see my precious sons (and daughter) grow up together and develop through the 80’s and be happy forever, okay???


Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 

It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it.

– Stranger Things, Chapter Five: The Flea and The Acrobat