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PSA for everyone about Article/Paper searching:

One of the things I find very annoying is finding a free or relatively cheap PDF of an article to download for my course. Sometimes it’s easy enough - I just search the university’s own online library and there it is, free and simple to download. Sometimes it’s not that simple.

Just now I’ve been looking for a particular article on Freud (my favourite guy… not) and through the university’s online library I couldn’t access it. Not for free. And no offense, but I am not going to pay £12+ on anything to do with Freud. Just no. So that meant I had to find it somewhere else.

But how?

Easiest trick is to copy the name of the article and stick it in Google. If you’re lucky, then it’ll show up as a [pdf] and you’re all set. If you’re not so lucky you might have to hunt around.

As it’s been said on tumblr before, Google doesn’t always show you the best results on the first page, only the most popular. Google isn’t a conscious person, it’s an algorithm and, whilst I love that search algorithm like it’s my own child, I’m also aware of how easily it can fuck up.

Basically, always check the other pages to see if your article/paper is lurking around for free on page 4 instead of page 1.

What if that doesn’t work, though?

Well… if you can’t find it yourself, either using Google Scholar to narrow down what results you’ll get (newspaper articles tend not to count in academia oddly enough) or Google in general, then that’s where I step in.

I, personally, am one of those people who just hates giving up when trying to find something - especially if that something will make my studying easier. And this is good for you personally, because that means you can tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll do my hardest to find it.

How do I do that though?

Okay, first things first, couple of things to lay out for you:

1. If you message me, anon isn’t going to work, be off anon and I’ll help you out. I won’t publish your ask if you don’t want me to, but if you want me to find something for you, please. message. me. OFF. anon!

2. Give me some sort of deadline for when you need the stuff. If you’ve got months, tell me. If you’ve got days, tell me. I might panic a little myself, but if I don’t know how long I have to find the stuff for you, I could end up not finding it for you in time and then that becomes a waste of my time and your time. So please, deadlines.

3. If you’re looking for something on a topic then you can tell me. Give me some keywords/phrases to look for and I’ll work with them. Not just one word asks, please. If you have a specific paper/article/thing you’re looking for and can’t find, tell me.

4. For anything I can’t find that provides free access then I’ll need a way of sending a copy of the paper/article/whatever to you. This means an email address. If you’re uncomfortable with that then I’ll try and find a way around it, but I personally prefer email attachments since they’re more secure than some things. 

I got all that, so can I message you right now?

Yeah sure, go for it. I may not respond immediately, but I will respond. I have my own life and studies to focus on but I’ll certainly help in any way I can.

Wait, you mean you’ll help with more than just finding research for me?

Big, fat yes! If you need someone to proof-read your work, I can do it. I may not be able to offer up many tips on the material, but the presentation… that I can do. 

Or if you need someone to explain something to you and it’s something I happen to know or understand: I’ll do my best.

But what if you steal my work?

A good point and a valid concern. It does happen. I can’t do anything other than promise that I won’t, and I know that won’t be enough for many, but it’s all I can do. My field of study is Disability Studies and before that it was Psychology. Naturally however, I’m interested in a lot of things, so caution is wise. 

I may not be of the mind to steal another person’s work, but I’m still a stranger on the internet and it’s better to be wise than it is to be foolish. If you send me your work to proof-read, then cover your own arse! Copies of your work, PDF file messages only, contact a lecturer/professor/friend and make sure they can corroborate your story if anything untoward occurs. Keep a record of what you send and when. A visual log can be wise, more so than just a photograph. 

Okay, got it. Now what?

Now? Now I’m going to go to sleep because it’s 12:35am for me and I’ve come back from a three hour session and decided not to sleep immediately afterwards because I’m a fool.

Staff for new forum needed

We’re going to be opening a new forum called “Spoiling Things” which will focus on the show Stranger Things and a couple of others. That show also films around the Atlanta area.  We are looking for a small staff to help grow that site, particularly an experienced admin a couple of moderators, and a graphics person.  This would be a group of people to help build this from square one. If you are interested, please send me a message.

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