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Steve adopting the entire crew is not something I wanted but it’s something I NEEDED

the signs as things from stranger things season 2
  • aries: hopper paying a kid for their halloween candy
  • taurus: max dropping the note in the trash
  • gemini: murray asking jonathan how the pullout (couch) was
  • cancer: dustin running outside while yelling shit
  • leo: mrs. wheeler's bubble bath
  • virgo: steve's hair care routine
  • libra: max driving illegally
  • scorpio: eleven's punk makeover
  • sagittarius: ted not knowing where his kids are
  • capricorn: the entire kfc dinner scene
  • aquarius: joyce walking in on will trying to pee
  • pisces: keith's cheeto bag

Stranger Things | 2.06

No one is around. Why do you think I’m with Steve Harrington?

I know everyone says this but I really love the Jonathan wearing all black in this scene. It truly emphasises how Jonathan doesn’t belong in her world. Her room being light pink, he sticks out very evidently. Just as he sort of does in her life. Besides what everyone hopes, Nancy and Jonathan don’t seem to be friends after finding Will. They’re kind and acquaintanced but there’s not strong friendship, and I think the reason behind that is their two different worlds they just can’t combine.  

That’s all.

~Addison B

why does no one talk about the fact that the kids put bandaids on steve’s cuts after his fight with billy

raise your hand if you’ve been personally attacked by the Stranger Things cast serving looks at the Golden Globes