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im sorry i don’t know if someone has said this before but do you guys mind if i just-

PSA to non-black fans of stranger things. lucas sinclair\caleb mclaughlin is a beautiful dark-skinned black boy. he is not light-skinned. nor is he in between or medium. he is a dark. skinned. black. boy. you got that? 

so when you make your moodboards or castings or art of lucas or whatever please keep in mind that whatever celeb you pick isn’t light and bright because lucas is DARK and LOVELY. for instance reece king and keith powers I’ve seen them be used one too many times.

do you ever look at caleb’s instagram stories or posts? if you do, you’d notice that he uses the last skintone for any people/hand emojis he uses. he uses the darkest skintone because he knows he is DARK. also? not all black people look alike. we generally have ’like’ FEATURES (noses, lips, hair etc.) but we do not. look. the. same.

so any celebrity you pull out of your ass that only looks like Lucas in terms of skintone? nah. you can keep that shit.

ignoring these blatant and obvious facts is pushing aside lucas’/caleb’s validity as a dark skinned black boy. also guess what? it’s an ugly form of racism as well. if you don’t care enough to try and take these things into consideration? then just leave lucas sinclair alone. just leave him be.

and it doesn’t matter if you do this/have done this intentionally or unintentionally. just don’t. learn and change. or don’t learn, don’t change and be a dick.

I’m very certain caleb looks at anything fanmade, and appreciates those that do not forget he is black and he is a dark-skinned boy. y'all would do well to remember.


tom & steve | monster hunting duo 🕶

“am i dreaming, or is that holland and harrington?”

“yeah, it’s us. don’t cream your pants”


Stranger Things Appreciation Month

DAY THREE, december 3rd :
favorite character:
Steve Harrington

“I’m stealthy, like a ninja”

Richie and Mike Twins AU

~ Richie acts as the “Big brother” twin and is always standing up for Mike.

~ He’s allowed to make fun of Mike all he wants but the moment anyone else does he goes big brother mode real quick.

~Mike is the same way. He tells Richie how annoying he is about 50 times everyday but when he hears someone else say it he loses it.

~ “You can’t talk to my brother like that you asshole!”

~ They drive Nancy C R A Z Y but at the same time she loves her little “bothers” more than anything in the world

~ Richie will be all “I am definitely the better looking twin” and Mike will say “We literally have the same face” “Yeah but it looks better on me”

~The party and the losers are constantly hanging out in there basement together they are squad goals AF

~Richie will copy everything Mike says to piss him off

~ “Stop it Richie!” “Stop it Richie” “I’m serious its not funny!!” “I’m serious it’s not funny” “God I hate you” “God I love you you’re the best brother ever!” “That’s not what I said!!” “That’s not what I said”

~Sometimes they dress up as the other one and freak people out and the only ones that can ever tell are El and Eddie.

~Eddie calls them “Tweedle Dee” and “Tweedle dumb” and he sometimes calls Richie Tweedle Trashmouth


~ So many reddie and Mileven double dates.

~They try and have competitions on who’s the better boyfriend and El and Eddie will hang out and talk about the stupid stuff that there boyfriends will do.

~ “Today Richie climbed into my window at 7 a.m. because ‘ he wanted to be the first person I saw this morning’” “That’s nothing. Mike spelled ‘I love you El’ on my lawn using just Eggo Waffles”

~Mike will be in the basement and Richie will be in there room and they will Super Comm each other because they’re adorable.

~ Mike will copy Richie’s math homework and Richie will copy Mike’s science homework.

~Mike gets pissed at Richie for leaving his clothes thrown all over there room.

~ Richie invented the term “Chill bro”

~ When Mike gets really pissed at Richie he will hide his glasses from him,

~ They’re basically just the cutest brothers that the world has ever seen and no one can tell me different.

Shoutout to my girl @are-you-reddie-for-it for helping me make this!!

“I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter”

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