stranger one

broken glass | steve harrington

pairing: steve harrington x female reader

synopsis: y/n is having trouble moving on after being unexpectedly dumped by steve.

warnings: angst

word count: 910

The wooden picture frame stared back at her.

She paced the length of her bedroom, gazing at the photo with such anger. She had spent the last six hours cleaning out her room, ridding it of anything that sparked a memory of him.

She wanted to forget him and move on. She wanted to pretend their relationship never existed; like she hadn’t spent the past two years of her life falling deeper and deeper in love with some guy.

She packed all of his things into a box, labeling it “Steve.” She thought about throwing it all out, or burning it in her backyard, but she decided to just let the box sit there. Maybe one day she’d build up enough confidence to drive the box over to his house and dump it on his front porch. 

She walked over to her mirror, chuckling as she gazed at her reflection. There was mascara running down her cheeks from crying so hard and red lipstick smudged across her chin. But she wasn’t paying attention to those things, more so intrigued by the necklace hanging around her neck.

She ran her fingers over the gold-plated pendant and shook her head. The pendant was simply a letter “S”, another one of the many gifts he had given her.

The day he gave it to her was one she wouldn’t forget. February 14th; how cliché of him.

“Thanks for tonight, I had a great time.” Y/N felt her cheeks heat up as Steve spoke. This was her first real date and she knew her parents were probably watching them from the front window, making sure Steve brought her home by curfew. She had told her parents that they were going to dinner and a movie, but Steve actually parked his car a few doors down and took her virginity in the back seat. 

“Yeah, me too.” She nodded, awkwardly looking down at her shoes.

“Shit, I almost forgot.” Suddenly Steve reached into the pocket of his jacket, fishing around for something and pulling out the necklace. Y/N smiled to herself as Steve motioned for her to spin around. He latched the gold necklace around her neck and pressed a kiss right below her ear before asking her to spin back around and face him.

“I love it.” She whispered, fingers grazing over the pendant.

“I love you.” Steve blurted out of nowhere. This was the first time he was saying those three words and the smile on his face let her know he was being genuine.

“I love you, too.” She nodded, gently cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek, remembering that her parents were definitely still watching.

“Forever and always, I promise.”


Steve always said that forever and always crap and she now knew he was lying. When she said I love you, she meant it. But turns out Steve wasn’t as honest because he had no problem dumping her over the phone and walking out of her life forever.

Maybe she was being over dramatic. Maybe she wasn’t. She was just hung up on the fact that Steve knew exactly what heartbreak felt like, but still decided to put her through this. She thought their relationship was going well, never expecting him to end it all so suddenly and without a reason.

Y/N grabbed a hold of the necklace, forcefully yanking it from her neck. The clasp broke and she stared down at the now destroyed necklace. She hadn’t taken it off in over a year and surprisingly felt no remorse. She walked over to the box of Steve’s things and threw the broken necklace inside.

All of the pain she once felt was slowly disappearing. Almost as if with every item she got rid of, she was healing a bruise that Steve left behind.

She took a deep breath, turning back to her nightstand and the goddamn picture frame perched on it. This was the millionth time that she was trying to get rid of the picture frame and the last memory of Steve she had left.

She paced over to the picture frame, glancing at the photo inside. She just wanted to delete the memories of that night, forget them forever.

The photo was just a photo. A simple snapshot of her and Steve on prom night. But for some reason it triggered a collection of emotions. It made her angry, sad, frustrated and confused. The people in the photo were so happy. They had the world. The smile on Steve’s face was so genuine. How could he have been so in love with her then, and so over her now.

Y/N hadn’t even noticed the hot tears that were streaming down her cheeks. She didn’t realize that her hands were shaking or that her lip was bleeding from biting down on it so hard.

And then out of nowhere, she cracked. She let out a loud high pitched scream, throwing the picture frame across the room and watching it bounce of the wall and shatter into a million pieces. She tried to catch her breath, running a hand through her hair as she calmed down. She was in a trance, and the voice coming from the doorway was the only thing that snapped her out of it.

“Y/N, what did you do?”

As she spun around she came face to face with Steve Harrington himself, staring at her and the mess of broken glass.

A Sad Sandwich

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Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested from the ‘I want the K’ list:
10. Neck Kiss
21. Then there’s tongue

*This is set in the ‘Not in Front of the Baby’ timeline, but is also a standalone piece.*


To be honest, Y/N couldn’t even remember what had started the argument. All she knew was that it had spiraled out of control at an alarming speed. She sat on the sofa, sniffling with her head in her hands, feeling lower than low.

Y/N and Steve had arguments, not often, but they did have them. Though, it scared Y/N that this had been their worst yet. Hurtful things were said on both sides, and blinded by anger, she told Steve to get out.

And he did. He left. And he took Scooter with him.

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lucas: do you know where he is? DO YOU KNOW WHERE WILL IS

mike: stop it you’re scaring her!

lucas: good! she should be scared! if you know where he is, tell us.

eleven: hey whats up you guys im eleven im 12 years old and i never fucking learned how to read

Mike and max in season 3

Max: listen mike I would really like to be in the party and I don’t want these hard feelings between us-

Mike: that’s interesting. but what is also interesting is that I don’t give a shit

Someone To Lean On Pt.2

continuation of part one! I’ll be reblogging it soon bc mobile isn’t letting me link to it?? anyways here you go!

Written from Richie’s point of view!

Jesus Christ I cannot believe how blessed I am. Why does she care about me anyways? I can see why the losers do, they always have and now we’re “bonded for life” as Bill says. She wasn’t there for that though, thank god. It took a lot of stress off of me during the whole ordeal, knowing she was okay.

Let me backtrack, (Y/N) and I met in sixth grade when she moved to Derry. That Greta chick tried to make fun of her for wearing “boys clothes” (she was wearing some jeans and a flannel over a black t-shirt, I’ll never forget it) and she walked right up to Greta and pointed out every single thing she found rude about Greta that she had found in just one day.

It was basically the first real roast I ever saw someone other than Stan and I make. It was amazing.

After that she laid low, or as low as she could. She got used to the Derry atmosphere pretty quickly, and made plenty of friends. I don’t even know why she became friends with me, we weren’t in any of the same classes and we definitely didn’t hang out in the same circle, but I’ll never forget what she said to me when we became friends.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m tired of kicking ass at every game at the arcade. I want a challenge, and you seem perfect for that. Wanna come with me after school?”

I don’t think she even remembers that now, but I hope she does. It’ll make the way I asked her out a lot more meaningful than I meant it to be in the moment.

She’s waiting by the bike racks, she doesn’t even own a bike so I know she’s there for me. She’s chatting with Stan about something and they’re both laughing. I admire her for that, it takes a lot of my jokes to make Stanley laugh, yet she always does it with a few words.

That might just be because they both like to make fun of me though.

I walk up to her with what’s probably been my happiest smile ever, and she says her goodbyes with Stan and turns to me,

“Let’s go!”

I get on my bike and wave for her to get on, “how was your day today? Any good fights in the ‘enriched’ math class?” I ask, trying to poke fun while also inquiring about her day.

She giggled a little, which made me smile, and then started talking about what some kid in her class said. She talked basically the whole way to the arcade, with me sneaking some jokes every now and then. It was cool, it was literally like every time we hung out, but now there was a different feeling in the air.

We pulled up to the arcade and she basically shot off my bike before we even pulled to a full stop. She was so excited! I went to chain my bike to the racks and we walked in, ready to kick each other’s asses.

Reader’s Point Of View now!

Jesus, I have never been more thankful in my life. I was having my daily conversation with Stan the Man, I made a mental note to talk to him later too, he obviously had something on his mind, but our conversation was cut short by Richie.

Jesus, Richie looked like he was breathing for the first time in months. He was smiling a real smile again and finally looked like everything was back out in the open. Ever since he asked me out I noticed more and more things about him, how his hair is curly yet not tangled without him brushing it and how his glasses bring out his beautiful brown eyes. As Ben put it, I was “head over heels” for the trashmouth.

If this is what being head over heels feels like, then I hope I feel like this forever. Rich and I went to the arcade and spent basically my summer’s savings on Street Fighter, which ended with me finally taking over his top spot on the leaderboard! The look on his face was priceless, I was a bit worried he was gonna flip out or something, but he just looked at me and then the board and then me and then the board and then me and then he kissed me.

I remember being shocked yet so..ready for it I guess? I immediately kissed back and it seemed like forever but it was probably just a few seconds. We were both smiling like idiots after as we went to go buy pizza. He kissed me again when he dropped me off at my house.

Maybe kicking ass at Street Fighter wasn’t a burden.

Maybe sometimes you just gotta push through.

Sometimes you just need someone to lean on.

My Top 10 Female Characters (From TV Shows)

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  1. Clarke Griffin (The 100) - My favorite, forever and always
  2. Raven Reyes (The 100)
  3. Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)
  4. Eleanor Henstridge (The Royals)
  5. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
  6. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
  7. Eleven/El (Stranger Things)
  8. Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead)
  9. Melinda May (Agents of Shield)
  10. Erin Lindsay (Chicago PD)

A very honorable mention: Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Miraculous Ladybug). This show was literally created on the basis of showing young girls that they’re strong and capable of doing anything they put their minds to. Plus, it has a freaking AMAZING plot, children’s show or not. Highly recommend- especially with the 2nd season coming out on Netflix next month!

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Stranger Things Crossover: Jason and Cassie Hopper


Jason Hopper never really got over his sister Sara’s death, so it wasn’t really a surprise to anyone that when Cassie Hopper came to Hawkins he became the most protective older brother one could imagine. While she was reckless, he was cautious, they balanced one another, and even if the siblings would give each other hell, in the end of the day everyone knew that the Hopper’s loved one another. So when they find themselves caught up in Hawkins Lab’s messes, there isn’t anyone else they’d rather face this threat with.


some dudes like to talk a big game about how comedy suffers when people are afraid to offend but man, Mitch Hedberg was a white dude working in the era of peak offensive edgelord and his shit holds the fuck up so while most comedians will never come up with anything as timeless as “if carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be fucked up” they could at least make an effort


it’s been only a week and I’m already in painful need of season three  

Stranger Things 2 + textposts pt 1/?

their love is the purest thing there is, it clears my soul