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imagine. iwaizumi and daichi are those people that bump into each other at the gym more often than they see other ppl. they don't rly say anything but they just know how hot the other is and can't help to watch them work out sometimes. then one day, daichi walks in on iwaizumi taking off his shirt, and the rest of their work out is awk bc daichi cant stop thinking about iwaizumi and iwaizumi can't stop feeling stupid for wishing he was the one walking in on daichi changing 😂😂😂😂


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#2 for Jancy?

On a Saturday in 1985, Karen and Ted Wheeler leave Hawkins for the city; Ted has a conference, and it’s been ages since they’ve been out together, so they decide to spend the night at a fancy hotel, killing two birds with one stone.

Nancy doesn’t want to think about what they’ll do in that hotel. Neither, agrees, does Mike. And so for the first hour they spend their time building a gigantic fort in the living room to distract themselves. But it’s too big for just the three of them.

“I’ll call the rest,” Mike announces. He runs off, leaving his sisters alone to add finishing touches.

An hour or so later, the house is full of kids, but they’re over so often Nancy isn’t remotely fazed.

Will and El are the last to arrive, with Jonathan in tow. Nancy opens the door, heart pounding in her ears. The two boys are dressed in contrast shirts and jeans, while Eleven wears a striped shirt and a pair of overalls. Will breezes past her, as per usual, dragging El along. Jonathan lingers.

“I should—”

“Stay,” Nancy says, more forceful than she means to be. Her voice softens. “You should stay. Please. I… I’ve got a houseful of kids, and dinner to make—”

Jonathan steps forward, hands in his pockets and a small smile on his face. “You’re telling me that you, Nancy the monster slayer, can’t handle a bunch of thirteen year-olds?”

Nancy leans against the doorframe, smirking. “I can handle one monster,” she says. “Six of them? Not so much.”

Jonathan nods, still smiling. The air between them seems to buzz. “Come on.” She grabs his hand and pulls him inside, past the loud kids playing D&D in the fort; past the laughter and the lingering looks.

The kitchen smells of cookies her mother baked before she left. Nancy begins to rifle through the cupboards.

“So…” Jonathan circles the island. “What’re we making?”

“Pizza,” Nancy announces, pulling out tomato sauce. She holds it out, and Jonathan’s eyes brim with disbelief.

That’s how, fifteen minutes later, they end up covered in speckles of flour and laughing until they cry. Nancy has a stripe of sauce under her eye, and they’ve spilled the cheese everywhere.

It’s a mess. An absolute mess, and her mom is totally going to kill her, but Jesus Christ in this light Jonathan Byers is beautiful and she can’t help but stare.

“Jon,” she whispers, laughter dying on her lips. “Thanks.”

“For what?” He chuckles, still not getting it — not understanding that she can’t even breathe. “Totally trashing your dinner?”

“It’s your dinner too,” she replies automatically.

That’s when he looks. Something in her tone must have conveyed it. His eyes are wide, and their faces are inches apart. “Nancy,” he whispers, voice sort of heavy, sort of light, like the night the demogorgon came. When she held his hand in her own and decided that she loved him.

She kisses him. She makes the move, because he never would. Of course he wouldn’t. Her arms slip around his waist, and his (floury and calloused and warm) tangle through her hair. Her whole body feels like it’s on fire, and her knees are weak.


At the sound of Dustin’s voice, they spring apart.

“Oh my god,” Will is standing just behind him, eyes wide.

Jonathan’s face is on fire, and suddenly Nancy is laughing more than she has in a while.

“Let’s order pizza,” she says, after she’s caught her breath. Under the counter, her hand is still in Jonathan’s; laced together, and throbbing.

Love Struck - 1/3

Summary: Felicity Smoak is supposed to get married smoothly in a week, but when she meets Oliver Queen at her bachelorette party, her whole life changes. Complications arise, however, as Oliver is there for his own bachelor party. AU of two people meeting at their bachelor parties and falling in love.
Rating: T
Words: 1378
Notes: Hi :) I hope you enjoy this small story. It was inspired by real life events. ;) Don’t forget to let me know what you think at the end! <3

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“Excuse me….Miss?” he called out walking towards her. “I’m sorry but I couldn’t help noticing that you were looking at me from across the courtyard.. have I done something to offend you?” he asked.

“Oh.. no you did not. I’m sorry sir, if I made you feel that way you did not offend me at all. You see, I noticed you walking on the barrier and no one else seemed to take notice of you and I know the water is very deep and I have no idea if you can swim that’s why I was looking at you as you walked back and forth. I just wanted to ensure that you did not fall in and that if you did that I saw you in time to call for help. Please forgive me if I made you uncomfortable” she explained.

“I am touched that you took the time to care for someone you just met.. a stranger.. while others are sitting around you enjoying their drinks and meals, you put aside everything to ensure a stranger was safe. Thank you. I did not mean to worry you I am a coast guard and here on a short vacation. I wanted to experience the island and I assure you that I can swim.” he added with a wink.

“Well.. I am happy to hear it then so you will be safe even if I am not here. I hope you enjoy your walk and it was very nice to meet you, sir” she smiled back at him. He looked at her and then he said “Excuse me if I am being forward but I have to say this to you. In my country, the women are very forward and crass. They are obscene and rude and if I fell into the water in their presence they would most likely ignore me. I know I just met you but I wanted to thank you for being the woman you are. I wanted to thank you for being kind and gentle and loving. The world needs more women like you” he said as he stood up and walked away.


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #253


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bad boy, bad girl(prologue + chapter 1) (jack gilinsky imagine) message me if you want preferences or types of imagines!


He was the type of guy that could cut diamonds with his jawline and make girls fall for him in an instant. He road a motorcycle to school and didn’t remember the names of the girls he kissed. He has the entire school wrapped around his finger, willing to do anything he wanted.  He was athletic, good- looking, rich.  He had his own little crew that followed him around everywhere and went to parties ready to drink, fight, then hookup and leave. He didn’t even try, and everyone knew it. He was Jack Gilinsky, and he couldn’t help him self. But there was one girl. She was different. She was that one girl that went from “goody two shoes” to someone who couldn’t care less about what anyone thought of her in one summer. She was the one girl who mesmerized Jack. She wore stilettos and leather jackets to school. Red lipstick and black ray-bans were her thing, and no one dared copy her. She smoked cigarettes in and out of school and could dance like there was no tomorrow. She had an exclusive group and no one dared approach unless they were asked to. But she was also the one girl who didn’t care about Jack. Maybe that’s why she was so fascinating. No one really knew why. Maybe it was the way she walked down the hallway looking strait, not bothering to acknowledge anyone except her friends. Or the way her ponytail always swung perfectly when she played volley-ball in gym class. Or the way her lipstick never faded. She didn’t try, and everyone knew it. She was Erica Baird, and she couldn’t help herself. They we’re badasses, and they couldn’t help themselves. This is the story of how these two strangers met, fell in love, and everything else in between.  Chapter 1  *erica pov*  I re-applied my matte red lipstick in the bathroom. I rarely made appearances at parties in our actual town, but tonight was feeling like an adventurous night, so my best friend, jeanne, and I decided to head out to this exclusive party about 10 minutes away from where we lived. Not many people we’re invited, only the best of the best from our school. Plus there we’re drinks and apparently a real bartender, so it was bound to be a good night. Jeanne had already disappeared with Cameron Dallas, one of Jack Gilinsky’s groupies. Don’t get me wrong, they we’re all gorgeous. But they we’re also so superficial. I didn’t hate them or anything, i just preferred to stay away. I sighed and lit up my cigarette, hoping tonight would be one for the books. I made my way out of the bathroom and walked towards the bar that had actual seats and everything. I wasn’t quite sure whose house we we’re in, but i knew it was one of the richer boys in town. As i made my way over to get a drink, i heard someone howl at me. I have to admit, i knew i looked good tonight. I was wearing skin tight leather pants, a loose white tee that i had made a knot on the side to show a bit of stomach and my classic black stilettos. I was wearing a bit of mascara which made my bright blue eyes pop and my hair was pin strait and it was tied in a ponytail with a few pieces sticking out messily at the front.  And Of course, my signature ray-bans were on my head. I turned around to see what douche was hollering at my ass. I should have known, it was Jack. I rolled my eyes. “ Nice to see that you have class Gilinsky” i said, taking a drag from my cigarette.  They all just stared at me and Jack stuttered a few things that i could barely hear. I knew the boys we’re intimidated. Usually i wouldn’t have actually said anything, and simply walked away. I stared at them while smirking. “ Hello boys” i said while winking at his groupies. I slowly walked over to where Jack was sitting. I leaned over and put my hands on both of his legs, my face inches away from his.  “ Next time, you might wanna keep with just staring. Works better for ya don’t you think?” i said with attitude. His eyes kept darting downwards. I knew that my whole shirt was hanging down and my whole chest was exposed. It was so fun to tease him. I started walking away when i heard something. “Sure thing babe” he said in his rough sexy voice. i turned on my heel, took a smoke and stared at him. “ Don’t call me that” i said while smirking at him I heard one of them gulp. I looked over at Nash Grier. His eyes widened.  “ Nervous Grier?” i asked him, while blowing a kiss and walking away.  I laughed to myself as i sat down at the bar.  “Want something to drink?” asks the bartender i looked up and saw that it was Bryan Irwin, one of the few boys out of my group of friends that i actually didn’t mind. i smiled at him. “Irwin! Hm, i don’t know. Surpirse me.” i said. Incase you haven’t noticed, i call most people by their last name. A few seconds later, Bryan brought me a martini.  “On the house” he said while winking at me. I smiled gratefully and listened to the typical party music that was playing.  God they have no taste in music, i thought to myself. *jack pov*  I watched as Erica walked away, her ass swinging from side to side. i looked at the other boys who looked just as surprised as i felt. She was so fascinating. And she was smoking hot. God, she would be the perfect girl for me, i thought to myself. I stood up, fixed my hair and started to walk off before my best friend, Jack Johnson called my name. I turned around. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? She’ll cut you to pieces even if you just go near her!” he said with a worried look on his face. “ I don’t know man. She’s different then these bimbos.And i like that.” i said nudging towards the other girls here. I walked away and made my way towards the bar. i sat down next to her and stared at her until she said something. “ What the fuck do you want Gilinsky?” she said puffing smoke into my face. “ A chance to talk to the magnificent Erica” i answered putting my hand on her thigh. She didn’t even acknowledge it. She took a sip of her drink and turned to me.  “ Okay. Shoot"  ” Why are you like this? You’re so different from all these other sluts. You’re sassy and don’t let anything get to you. I’m not sure i’ve seen you with emotions since sophomore year. “ i said staring into her eyes. God they we’re pretty. They looked like the sky right after a big storm. Shiny and bright with a little darkness around the edges. She gave me a half-smile and cocked her head. ” I just don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks. I do what i want, when i want. It’s fun to kinda scare people every once and a while.“ she said while scrunching her nose. God that was adorable. How did i not notice any of this about her before? We have talked many times before but this time it was different. I wanted to know every single little detail about her. I saw a smile creep up her face and she tried to hide it.  "What?” i said while laughing a bit.  She broke into a huge smile and looked at me. God her teeth looked like pearls. “They’re actually playing good music. This is my favourite song"   I listened to the song.  It was Do i wanna know? by the arctic monkeys. I smiled at her.  "This is my favourite song too. C'mon. Let’s dance.” i said standing up and grabbing her cigarette. I put it in the ashtray and put out my hand for her to grab.  “Now why should dance with you Jack?”  she said while raising her eyebrows. That was the first time i ever heard her say my first name. I smirked.  “Well considering you’re at my party, in my house, listening to my playlist, while drinking my vodka, i think you should thank me.” i said. Her eyes widened. Of course she hadn’t known it was my house. She wouldn’t bother with details like that. And she probably didn’t remember since last time she was here was for my birthday in 7th grade.  “Fair enough.” she said. She finished her drink and grabbed my hand as i pulled her onto the dance space in my living room. I grabbed both of her hands and she grinded her hips against mine. She did a few moves that i didn’t even know what to call, i had never seen them before. But god, they we’re sexy. she turned so that her body was against mine and we were face to face. She kept dancing but never breaking our stare. Before i realized what was happening, i wrapped my arms around her waist and started to lean in and she followed. We were so close, then the song ended and she pulled away. She smirked at me. I probably looked so flabbergasted.  “ That was fun Gilinsky. Let’s do it again sometime.” she said while grabbing a piece of paper from her inside her bra. She put it seductively in my pocket and i knew immediately it was her number.  “Any time babe” i answered her. She winked at me, put on her sunglasses and walked out the door, meeting up with her best friend Jeanne Grant. That was it. No goodbye. No nothing. She was so intriguing. I knew i would call her first thing tomorrow morning.
Sir, do I know you?

Summary: (inspired by this gorgeous work of art by llster). Phil met stranger he once loved. Dan met stranger who was nothing more than stranger.

Genre: Angst(??)

Warnings: major character death, signs of depression, swearing

Words: 949

A/N: this is my first fic so please be nice to me:( also im sorry in advance

And he still loved talking to him. Even though it was kindof one-sided conversation, Phil could still imagine sarcastic comments Danwould have, how his dimple would show up when he smiled on his wrinkled cheekthat used to be soft and glowy. Phil would get up every morning excited to talkto him again. He got out of their house and stopped at a flower shop to get a fresh bouquet of flowers. He didn’t mind a rain, he didn’t mind his aching joints, he just wanted to be with Dan. He wanted to walk through the familiar gate and straight to the place. The place where his husband was sleeping under the cold ground.


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