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girl from sev' elev' -- michael x reader

omg OK here this finally is i’m on mobile & therefore do not know how to normally do these intros lmao so bear with me

summary: locking urself in the bathroom to hide from a Gross Fuckboi seemed dreadful………until u locked yourself in there with someone else

warnings: swears! no proof reading ! weed , alcohol , Sinful teens !!! Michael being super out of character!!!! y'all know i’m bad @ this 

You remembered that the moment he walked in, you knew you recognized him. School, probably? You couldn’t imagine where else. You might have had a class with him freshman year, but you weren’t sure. It was your first day of your junior year and your boss had somehow scheduled you for a morning shift again. You wiped the sleep out of your eyes and quietly watched as the boy bopped about the 7/11 aisles, clearly awake and happy despite the early morning.

He set his cherry slushie on the counter, pulling his headphones down to his neck as he looked up at you – his eyes widened slightly behind his glasses when he saw you.

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Halloween is weird. It’s like a remnant of some sort of ritual of passage or certification of adulthood, or straight up militaristic training. Like, it’s a ritualistic traumatization (haunted houses), practice in disguise and active on the spot lying (costume and character application/acting) and mandatory distribution of rations.

“Z'glan: You’re telling me you disguise your offspring as mutants or dangerous criminals, send them out into the night to be traumatized, harassed, and buffeted by strangers in exchange for high caloric rations?”

Human Joseph: “I mean…yeah? But also no…”

Followed by someone shouting from another room of the ship

Human Sharon: “Z'glan don’t be so judgmental! Your species sends members to fight to the death on every major seasonal fluctuation!”

Z'glan: “yes, but they are mature members, not infant offspring”

Friend Request 

by phdmama (11k)

Published : 2017-08-07

Prompt : “ Louis is bored on Facebook and in the “People you may know” suggestions, he sees the name Harry Styles. The profile picture doesn’t show the person. He thinks it’s an old family friend who he misses – maybe a middle-aged or elderly former neighbor or babysitter who he was fond of as a child - and sends a friend request. Turns out it’s not old man Harry from their old neighborhood, it’s hot young Harry (who he’s never met before) who accepts his friend request…”

ID #58799

Name: Alice
Age: 17
Country: France

Hi ! I’m Alice. So i’ve wanted to have a penpal for a long time now and here seems the right place to find one.
I live in Brittany, in France. I can speak english and a little bit of spanish. I’m very open minded, accept all sexualities and gender. I love to discover new cultures and see how people live in other parts of the world ! I would be thrilled if you wanted to learn French, and i would gladly help you if you do. I like dramas (It’s Okay It’s Love is my all-time favorite ♥) & tv shows, especially Shadowhunters, Sherlock, Doctor Who and i plan on looking at Stranger Things. I absolutely love listening to music, and i can listen to pretty much everything : Kpop, pop, classic, oriental, jazz… If fanfics count as books, then i’m reading A LOT. I also read books of course, but i really have to be interested in it. I love photography, especially landscapes and my friend’s beautiful smiles.

Preferences: Any nationality, gender, sexuality, skin color, hair color… Whatever ! Just maybe someone around my age ;)

When you get into an argument because you followed them when you weren't supposed to

Hello! can you please do one where you get into an argument because you followed him when you weren’t supposed to ( if it’s too complicated you dont need to do it thx!)

-Request from anon
(sorry, I wasn’t sure if you wanted reactions or a scenario…)


“Jagi? Why are you here?”

You tried to hide behind a wall, to no avail, because he had already caught your scent.

As he rounded the corner and found you there with your back to the wall, intimidated by the way he was towering over you, he said, “I told you not to follow me.”

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Take Me To A Dream 

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate) (28k)

Published : 2017-07-17

“Hiya,” Harry said, beaming up at him. “These sandwiches any good?”
Words failed Louis, and he felt his shoulders shrug. “They’re fine for, like, eating.”
Harry paused, mid-swipe of Louis’ staff discount card. “I don’t use my sandwiches for much else, personally.”
Louis sighed to himself, embarrassed. A small smile was playing on Harry’s lips, dimple denting his cheek. God, Louis felt like a bloody idiot.

There’s just something about the new checkout boy that makes Louis lose his cool and act like a complete idiot, which doesn’t escape the attention of Liam or Niall. As much as Louis hates embarrassing himself, there’s something about Harry that keeps Louis coming back for more.


Note : References to Past Underage

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Do you have a Deputy!Derek sterek tag??

We don’t have a Sterek Deputy!Derek tag. Just a plain old Deputy!Derek tag. But it’s been a while since we updated it. So here’s a list! - Anastasia

Originally posted by obriengif

Baby You’re Beautiful by supernaynay

(1/1 I 1,089 I General I Sterek)

“God you’re beautiful.”

Derek hadn’t even realized that the words had left his mouth until the whole room went silent, including Stiles, who until about five seconds earlier was busy yelling at him for putting himself in danger yet again.

Lock Me Up by FairydustOnRoses

(1/1 I 3,410 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is home for Thanksgiving break. He traveled across the country from Columbia University and is looking forward to spending time with Scott and his dad and stuffing his face on Thursday. He is not looking forward to running into a certain broody werewolf that he may or may not have left in bed after a hookup only hours before he got on the plane to New York back in August.

the wilderness gave it to me by ceserabeau

(1/1 I 6,940 I Mature I Sterek)

When Stiles pictured Derek’s return to Beacon Hills, he never imagined this: late night in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, Stiles in sweatpants and a shirt long overdue a wash, glancing left from the Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms to find Derek Hale, four feet away, pulling a box of muesli off the shelf.

My Life is not a Horror Movie, Derek by DiscontentedWinter

(12/12 I 38,993 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles keeps dreaming of people in robes with knives.
With chanting. In Latin.
And he mentioned the knives, right?
That can’t be good.

Gravidity by readridinghood

(8/8 I 47,309 I Explicit I Sterek)

Before Stiles can get settled back in Beacon Hills, and in the new business he’s invested in, and before Derek allows his decade-long on and off again girlfriend back into his life, barring she agree to some specific ultimatums, Stiles and Derek meet at Cora’s wedding and decide to have a one-night fling. Their lives get a lot more complicated than either of them imagined because of the night they spent together and neither of them is ready for the journey, but they’ll learn that it’s important they make it together and by doing so Stiles may find the muse he’s been missing, and Derek will have a chance to build what he’s longed to have in his life.

Ain’t Nothing so Good as the Cake and Eating it by sofonisba_found

(15/15 I 51,001 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek thinks he’s doing alright in life, with his family at his side and a job he loves. Despite his family’s concerns he remains adamant that he doesn’t need a mate, afraid to take the risk of letting anyone close enough to try to hurt his family again. That is until he realizes that his true mate has been right under his nose for years, and that now through his inaction he may lose him

When you Trust but Verify by hellbells

(26/26 I 54,175 I Explicit I Sterek)

Plans are afoot to wipe out the Hale Pack.
Can the Hales’ deal with outside packs, the Hunter’s Council and Deadpool lists all at the same time?

You’ve Got Mail by Shinhia

(18/18 I 56,532 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski is one of the few people left who still likes to write letters, no matter what advanced technology has given us in 2014.

For Stiles, there’s nothing like receiving a letter or writing one. Feeling the paper under your hand, letting the ball of your pen glide along the surface, the sound of them both when they make contact with each other. There’s a romanticism, a beauty in it that texting or emailing won’t ever be able to recreate.

It’s with these thoughts in mind, after another very bad and hurtful break-up, and another restless night, that Stiles decides to pick a random place on the map of the United States, and find someone to write to. That’s how he ends up finding Derek Hale.


The story where Stiles and Derek are strangers who exchanging letters, fall in love, and wonder if they’ll ever meet in real life.

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun

(16/16 I 67,901 I Explicit I Sterek)

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

Just Act Normal by zosofi

(10/10 I 78,677 I Explicit I Sterek)

If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right.

Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward.

Past, Present, and Future by Code_Zackary

(24/60 I 182,513 I Mature I Sterek)

Deputy Derek Hale has just become a single parent, after adopting abandoned five-year-old Isaac Lahey, and drowning in his new responsibilities as a father, and Alpha. Add the babysitting of his new rookie partner, Jackson Whittemore, and the weight of his past bubbling to the surface, Derek isn’t sure how he’s going to keep his head straight.

Meanwhile, Stiles Stilinksi returns home to Beacon Hills to give his son, Scott Stilinksi, a better quality of life. However, raising a werewolf pup, as a human, is something he struggles handling on a daily basis. Stiles wishes nothing more than to find a werewolf willing to show his son “the ropes”, so Scott can fit in with all the other pups come the first day of Kindergarten. But where would he ever find a werewolf willing to help a human?

When the two meet, their struggles in life will come to the forefront, as the loners become an invaluable support system for each other, and build a unique Pack all their own.

How To Welcome Guests, The Inuit Way

Before Inuit tribes in southeastern Alaska would offer hospitality, a stranger would have to exchange blows to the head with a tribesman until one combatant was “vanquished,” according to anthropologist Franz Boas. In other areas, men would take their clothes off and wrestle, sometimes to the death. Boas said this was because “the two men in meeting wish to know which of them is the better man.”

Nobody (Part 1)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: mentions of past torture/imprisonment

Words: 1539

A/N: thoughts and Russian words/phonetics are in italics

Reader’s POV

They’re coming.

Muffled boot-falls sounded outside of the heavy metal fire-door that enclosed your cell. Some sort of ruckus had been going on outside.  You’d heard the steady pap-pap-pap of machine-gun fire not long ago, but it had since died down.  Maybe another one of the test subjects had escaped (they’d been trying more often lately; at least two a year) or it could be just another training session.

I bet they’ll start hunting us again.  When it gets cold.  Your thoughts often floated in and out, sometimes you couldn’t even be sure if you were thinking things or talking out loud to nobody at all. Though, you did prefer to talk to nobody.  Nobody whipped you or hit you or spit on you.  Nobody experimented on you with fire or electricity.  Nobody cut you open to see what made you tick.  Nobody sewed you back together again and left you lying on the cold, hard floor, twitching in agony.  You liked nobody.  

Somebody’s out there.  The big one? 

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if you're still on this thing but you were the reason I got into photography and I have my first shoot with a stranger this Saturday and nerves are killing me. Any words of wisdom? Advice? I'll take anything you can give I swear even if it's just a 'chill'.

  • Keep your camera in your hand this week if you have little gaps of free time. Your first shoot is a big deal, you want to feel as acquainted with it as possible.
  • Practice on friends and family if they’re willing. Doesn’t have to be anything special but it’ll help immensely if you can shoot around casually with them in a setting similar to or identical your shoot this weekend.
  • Clean your gear Friday night. Before big shoots, I like to lay all of my stuff out, look at it, touch it, clean it, just kind of re-acclimate myself with my camera and lenses. Take your time with it, this should be the calm before Saturday. 
  • Go through the camera menus, make sure your settings are locked in. Make sure your batteries are charged, memory card(s) packed.
  • Use your camera the way you’re most comfortable doing so. If you want to shoot auto, shoot auto. If you want to go manual, aperture priority, whatever, make sure its what you’re most familiar with. I’m not sure if you’re charging them, but in either case, when you shoot with someone be it a friend or stranger, it’s an exchange of effort and time, two very valuable resources. Your job when you show up is to perform to your best ability, and having your camera play to your strengths is a good way to ensure you do that. 
  • Message the person Friday morning/afternoon to confirm the shoot. Even if they’ve said that things are all set on their end, double check. I’ve had countless shoots cancelled on me last minute for a variety of reasons, so make sure things are set in stone beforehand.

Reach out to them some time tomorrow and try to spark some light conversation. The reason you feel kind of distant from them is because quite frankly, you don’t know them. The idea isn’t to find out everything there is to know about them before the shoot, but to kind of have a virtual ice breaker talk. You want the pleasantries and introductions out the way before you actually meet. What this does is it allows you both to relax and jump right into things as opposed to meeting, shaking hands, the “nice to see you” exchanges, maybe a couple awkward seconds here or there while you decide where to start shooting, and things like that. Be causal, start it off like “hey! how’s it going?” and take it from there. 

Everything above is how I began and continue to develop my approach to shooting. I’ve always maintained that while this is a large part of my well being and ability to maintain the quality of life I strive for, it’s also not just business to me. I’m far to emotional, naturally invested, and passionate to treat an art form that I’m in love with, as just a business. Not knocking others that do, that’s just my way of going about it, which is just an extension of my personality. I’m as good as I am because I gave a shit about aspects of photography many people don’t bother to care about. Whether it be the actual shoot or the editing, my growth is a direct result of me caring. 

I’m not on Tumblr much these days. I’ve lost almost all desire to be on the site itself. I do have email notifications enabled for asks and mentions and if I see one that’s important or time sensitive, I try to take care of it as soon as I can with the care and attention it deserves. I’m still shooting for now, albeit a lot less than before, but if there’s anything else you need feel free to email me at That email is also my iMessage so you can text me there if you’re on an Apple device. 

No amount of guidance I give you or advice you can find elsewhere will measure up to what you’ll gain from simply shooting. Shoot whenever you can, how much ever you can until you reach the point where what once seemed unattainable is the new definition of settling. Do not give up. Don’t let last minute cancellations, no shows, or greedy and unappreciative people you work with to deter you from continuing to improve. This one shoot could be the beginning of the rest of your life. 

Thank you for allowing me to play such a instrumental part in you getting into photography. I’ve never really been able to put into words what that feels like but I’m extremely grateful.

Good luck

Lewis Redman Imagine- Grateful

Originally posted by redmxnn

Summary: You and Lewis meet at the after party from the Sidemen Charity match. 

A/N: Okay so this is my first imagine so please don’t roast me because I already know it’s bad.  

The music was pumping far too loud for your liking and your skin-tight jeans had become almost uncomfortable but your mind was buzzing, maybe because of the great game played earlier or maybe because of the alcohol flowing through your body. You were invited to the after-after party to continue celebrating the success of the Sidemen FC vs YT Allstars charity match of 2017, even if the team you were rooting for did not win. You were not directly friends with the Sidemen but knew them close enough to spark up a conversation, Josh being the closest out of the boys. That being said, you did not know most of the other people at the party. Some you could recognise from earlier in the day running around the pitch but did not know any names.

You started up a conversation with Josh to speak about how nice it was of him to help Joel when he dislocated his shoulder. “Really it’s not a big deal, anybody would have done it,” Josh spoke, “Yeah but still, it was a really nice thing for you to do and proves that you are the dad of the group” you told. Josh began to reply however; a young, attractive man coming up to Josh handing him another drink interrupted it. “Thanks man, oh this is Y/N by the way,” Josh introduced you. “Nice to meet you,” you spoke timidly as you were admiring the man who had almost astounded you. “Hi, I’m Lewis,” his words left his mouth like honey and you felt your knees weaken. Josh noticed the pair of not so strangers exchanging blushed smiles and decided to leave them alone, “I’m going to go find Freya,” He spoke with a cheeky smile on his face.

“So what did you think of the game,” You said trying to keep the conversation going even if you were nervous. “I thought it was a great game although would have loved for the Sidemen Fc team to win, but there is always next year,” Lewis joked to lighten the heavy atmosphere between the two of you which you were grateful for.  

The pair spent the rest of the evening and early hours of the morning glued to each other, forgetting about everyone else that was around them. Exchanging jokes, stories, bad pick-up lines and everything they wanted to learn about each other passed the time much quicker than the pair would have liked. They learnt interesting things about each other as well as a list of things they had in common.

The night/morning ended when the pounding music had finally been shut down and the levels of alcohol in everyone had reached too high that it was no longer fun, because everyone felt tired. The room had started to clear of people as they retired to their beds. The sunlight creeping in the windows shined on those that were still awake at such an hour.

“I better go,” you whispered to Lewis, as you no longer needed to shout. “Wait,” Lewis spoke softly, “Can I have your number? So I can see you again?” “Sure,” you smiled while entering it into his phone. “Thank you for a great night Lewis, I really enjoyed myself,” you said just loud enough for him to hear. As you stood up to hug him goodbye he offered you a soft kiss on the cheek. His heavenly lips grazed your cheek sending a shiver down your spine and causing your heart to skip a beat. Once again staring into each other’s eyes for the last longest second, wishing you could stay like that forever, you smiled to yourself and walked towards the door. Turning back to wave to Lewis you could not help but grin from ear to ear. Lewis looked back at you smiling. There was no one at that party who mattered more to him then you, and he was forever grateful to Josh for introducing you.

“Portraits: Chapter Four, VERACITY”

Blog #218  8/15/17

Colin Firth responded like this when I asked him to not communicate anything for the camera.

Any facial expression results from the contraction or relaxation of the many muscles (43 to be exact) under the skin in the face. This flexing and relaxing of the facial muscles, and the resulting “face” that is made, allows feelings to be expressed. The intricate facial musculature has the potential to project thousand’s of feelings, emotional messages. The changes that can occur in one’s face can be infinitely subtle yet at the same time inexpressibly powerful.

That active contraction or relaxation of any combination of facial musculature results in any one person’s desire, conscious or subconscious, to communicate something, an attitude, a feeling, a defense, a message. In the making of a serious portrait, any such effort on the part of the subject to influence the result creates a barrier to truth; a lie is made.

When we make facial expressions, we’re essentially transmitting a packet of information that can be received, read and interpreted by others. We can produce a myriad of variable messages that provide cues to our overall emotional state, our short-term feelings, about our immediate environment, our mental well-being, our personality and mood, our physical health, our credibility and whether or not we view others as being credible.

Often a photographer, with camera and lights at the ready, directs the subject to do something. “Say cheese,” or any one of a thousand possible directions. The subject responds but this response is shaped by the subject’s interpretation of what the photographer meant or by the subject’s determination to project what he wants regardless of the photographer’s direction.

In our contemporary world this response is usually a smile or something similar. The photographer wishes to heighten the energy, brighten up the subject and create something entertaining or fun. The result is a fairy tale, a falsehood; it is anything but the truth.

For the purpose of most “snaps,” that’s OK.  People want to “look good” or happy or something that may well be far from what they are actually feeling at the time. The photograph becomes the proverbial “spoonful of sugar” or frosting on a cake, or a perfect tuxedo or beautiful gown. But it does not convey anything significant beyond that.

It is my opinion that if a portrait is to communicate something real, human, truthful, powerful, compelling, if it is to become an image that draws one in to study, wonder and virtually interact, it needs veracity as well as many other things (e,g, pose, lighting, composition, perspective, etc) that work together in a kind of magical harmony.

This entire note regards the making of any portrait for the photographer, for the artist who has something to say, to share with the world. The making of such an image is not for the subject, or anyone else. There is no one else to please with vanity, "looking good,” “fits the message” or for any other purpose. I made the images in this Blog for me.

How to achieve veracity? How to relieve the subject of any responsibility to look or appear a certain way? How to help the subject let go of his normal defensive manner of interest with the world, to let go of his guard? How to do THAT!?!?

One way is to live with the subject for a sufficient amount of time so that he or she is so completely comfortable and trusting that you, the portraitist can become invisible, can be ignored. A number of photographer’s have done just that. Sally Mann with her own family, Diane Arbus with her family of unusuals, Annie Liebovitz, early in her career hanging out and traveling with her musician subjects.

Short of that, what can a photographer do in the limited time allotted for making a portrait? I will discuss a few things that seem to have worked for me: none works every time but one or another does at least most of the time.

A relaxed conversation prior to a photo-shoot helps a lot especially if it is a gentle (not aggressively probing) interview about the subject. The subject might get the idea that I am not about to make them look awful, that I am interested sincerely in learning about them and that I am gentle and easy, not nervous, in a hurry, domineering or unkind.

I tell most subjects that I plan to make a lot of photographs and, like a treasure hunt, am looking  for something wonderful. I inform them that there are no mistakes…anything goes, it just may work or not and won’t matter for the single image selected. I explain that no image matters, that except for one all will be thrown out. They are all “rough drafts.”

I avoid using the word “no,” as in “no, don’t do that, or turn to the right not the left, or no, not your hand there,” etc. I try to guide gently in a positive way or say something like, “excellent. Let’s try this….” I want the subject to be free, not frozen.

I sometimes suggest a scenario where the subject is not the center of attention, where they are just one of many in a room and where someone one else is speaking and the subject, just one of many, is just listening.

I might explain that what the person is talking about holds their interest, but the subject matter is neither happy or sad, nor difficult to understand, i.e. no facial response is called for. I will ask the subject to either look at the camera as if that is where the person talking is located or look away. There are many scenarios like this that help the subject imagine himself elsewhere, and away from the world of people for whom they need to be “on guard.”

I fully realize that with busy and very important people there may be hardly any time to do these things. A president or multimillion dollar athlete might “sit” for a minute and then get up and walk out. It is self-defeating of course not to give the portraitist time to do something wonderful and I find it remarkable that occasionally, some actually have made ample time.

When I can manage to guide the subject to let go of every attempt to control and communicate, veracity will permeate the space. Many other things need to work perfectly together, but at least there is a chance of making an original meaningful piece of art.

The following are some successes as well as failures.

The Late Morley Safer: A famous journalist, he understood about “listening.”

Nancy Pelosi (a photo taken 20 years ago) trusted me to make an image that was not about vanity.

John Stamos; eyes off the camera–in his own place–allows the viewer to wonder about him. It is always worth asking the subject to look away from the camera–you never know what might happen.

John Slattery, as himself, out of his “Mad Men” character.

Amy Poehler; She came to the studio for a Vanity Fair “IN CHARACTER" photo shoot. She was delightful, a dream to work with. When it was time to make her portrait I could not get her to stop “performing.” She understood fully about veracity but refused to let me really see……This image was my default. It happens, sometimes. I know it is sweet, pretty and delightful. But I was after truth.

With this prisoner, I couldn’t find a way to get him to shed his attitude which almost certainly comes from his need to survive the life he’s living. I have no idea what is under this facial projection, who he really is. He let me know with certainty that he was not someone to be taken lightly.  Subjects will often use a gesture, but a gesture is a singular communication. Sometimes there is a minuscule of truth, often not. Gesture (the subject of an upcoming Blog) is NOT veracity.

Another prisoner, determined to pose. Is this the “truth"?  Sometimes it’s tough to know, especially when the photo session is short and the circumstances are hard to control.

Whereas for this young prisoner, far less guarded, this portrait seems to bring so many questions and ideas to mind–which is one of the “goals” of attempting to make an image that has veracity.

Homeless, vulnerable—there has been so much living and life that have made this person who he is, clearly shown for the camera.

This homeless couple makes one look, wonder and think, “What have they lived? How do they survive?” I happen to know from the interview that he offered her to strangers in exchange for drug money.

The actor Sean Hayes, shedding his comic persona.

Ricky Gervais, not as we are accustomed to see him.

Mario Cantone, again, out of character; himself.

Michael Cerveris, a transformation brought by asking the subject to look away from the camera and imagine an “out of studio” scenario where he is not the center of attention.

Michael Emerson

Ian McShane: I think each image has veracity, i.e. is “truthful.” The difference
among them is simply the lighting. There is much to “read” in his wonderful face.

James Remar; not acting – a lifetime of experience becomes manifest in his face.

Michael Imperioli, leaving his Sopranos persona behind.

Michael McKean, also dropping his usual comedic characters.

Ruben. I will discuss children in another Blog but suffice it to say—
they have not lived much of a life, yet, so, there is only a little to “read” on their faces.

Models do not make their livings by showing a lot of information about their inner lives, so finding any particular truth about them can be rather difficult.

And finally, Melissa Leo, one of the great actresses of our time, allowing me to really see.


by casuallyhl (51k)

Published : 2017-07-29

“It wasn’t an easy decision, if I’m honest,” Harry admits, shoulders sagging in on himself. “Moving is really difficult. My whole life was in Manchester. But Manchester didn’t want me. Leeds did.”

“Well, Leeds is happy to have you,” Louis says, giving Harry a kind smile.

Harry brightens a bit at that, undeniably pleased. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Louis replies, expression soft and lips curved.

Or, a gardening AU where Harry is new to town and the newest volunteer at the local gardening club, Louis is the attractive grandson of one of the members, and the nosy volunteers hatch a plan to get them together.

Explicit, Chaptered

Note : Minor Panic Attack

Journey To Remember- Chapter 5

Journey To Remember- Chapter 5

@itsallavengers - It’s time for a few legends and mysteries ;)

“It’s mathematically impossible,” Stephen said without looking up from the book he was reading, climbing the stairs without looking, “You can’t calculate the pattern of every staircase and the probability of slipping is far higher than hitting the target. At best you’ll fall head-first onto the banister of a set and suffer from cranial injuries.”

“Wow,” Hope said dryly, eyeing the Slytherin boy’s back with a look, “You’re a barrel of fun and not strange at all.”

“Simply pointing out the facts,” Stephen shrugged, slipping onto the next set of stairs without a pause as he flipped onto the next page, “And the pun about my name was a poor attempt at wit than -”

There was a thud and everybody paused to look down to see Clint grinning up at them from the lower set of stairs.

[Watch out for read more]

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