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honestly im just really happy we got to see a different side of lucas this season?? like last season everyone hated on him bc he was skeptical of eleven (imo the only realistic one but that’s a whole other post) but tbh we only really ever saw a lot of him complaining or freaking out and not too much of his softer side,,, and this season he’s got the romance with max and he’s fiercly protective of his friends (including eleven!!) and I just honestly?? love?? lucas sinclair??

I’m glad Nick Robinson made a public apology and stepped down, but I think the apology largely and maybe even deliberately misses the point in several ways:

  1. He describes his actions as flirting, not harassment. 
  2. He does not acknowledge that he turned benign, non-sexual conversations into sexual conversations, without an indication that his conversation partners wanted that. 
  3. He does not acknowledge the age difference at play in many of the messages the public is aware of. 
  4. He does not acknowledge that initiating unasked-for sexual conversations with strangers, fans, and colleagues would be a problem no matter how famous or not-famous he was
  5. He instead suggests that his behavior is a problem because he had some power/status, not because the behavior was intrusive no matter how much power he had. 
  6. He also deliberately frames his misbehavior as involving a blending of his public and professional lives, when it’s harassment that the public is concerned about rather than professionalism 
  7. He outright states that he has been engaging in this behavior for over a decade, but suggests that this behavior is only a problem now because he is/was a public figure, not because it was always annoying
  8. He does not apologize to the women he harassed, he apologizes to the public that is disappointed in him 

All of this sends a very clear message to me: Nick wants to slowly rebuild his public brand, nothing more. 

stay in the dark (a mileven fic)

hey there mileven readers, it’s me, ya girl savannah. the lovely @thecakegoesmeow requested Mike and Eleven hanging out in the cabin and Mike seeing El’s amazing curls for the first time. I hope it’s everything you wanted! (ao3 link) 

“What’s going on in there?” Chief Jim Hopper shouted, for the fifth time- and yes, he was counting. He stood outside the bathroom door, conveniently locked, knocking again. “Come on, kiddo it’s been like an hour.”

“20 minutes!” she yelled from behind the locked door.

Hopper looked around to show the empty room the confusion on his face. “What?” he shouted back.

“You said an hour!” he heard her yell again, “it’s only be twenty minutes.”

“It’s called an exaggeration, El. Wasn’t that your word of the day, what, like a week ago? I’d have thought you would have that one down, you sure seem to like ‘em.” he mused, laughing at his own joke. When the teenager behind the door didn’t respond, Hopper let out a sigh of exasperation. Guess it was still too early to start using Dad Jokes on her.  “Listen, he’s gonna be here any minute. You gonna stay in there the whole time he’s here?”

El’s reflection in the mirror frowned at her, and she untangled her goopy hands from her head. “Stupid hair,” she grumbled, her shoulders falling.

“What’d you say?” she heard her Hopper’s muffled voice ask. El’s forehead collided with the mirror as she let it drop, giving up altogether and letting her hands hang down by her sides.

“My hair.” El half whispered. Her eyes trained in on the the other girl in the mirror, her mind focused on the curls that stuck up way behind her head, willing them to obey and lay flat. They began to fall back in slow motion, El finally smiling. Stay, she prayed.

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being shy and having resting bitch face is the worst combination because i look like a disinterested bitch but in reality i really want to socialize but i just dont know how to initiate conversation with strangers and also this is just my face

i’m ready to break, you’re ready to bend

for @eggo-my-leggo, thanks for motivating me ely :)

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tw: implied/referenced child abuse

Steve walked down the road quickly.  His eyes were burning, but he wasn’t sure how much of that was from the cold.  It was freezing, and he tucked his hands under his armpits before the fell off.  Winter in Indiana was always shitty, but in the evening it was even worse.

“Why the hell couldn’t you have grabbed your jacket, Harrington?” he muttered angrily at himself under his breath.

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