The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I made it! Just, uh, don’t expect anything else out of me for at least two weeks. XD


    Loki was up and about when Frigga came to see him, but she said nothing of it, knowing it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Instead she informed him that Odin would be going to Jötunheim to meet with Laufey later in the day and inquired as to whether there was anything he might feel the need to share before the king departed.

    “I should be going with him,” Loki said as he leaned against the windowsill, tired but not wanting to admit that everyone who’d voiced it was right in that he really shouldn’t be up yet.

    “You’re still recovering and we’re meant to give the appearance that the enemy’s plan is working,” Frigga reminded gently, “Odin would never risk taking you with him until the negotiations were completed were it true, and so he won’t.”

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Az élet nem tökéletes. Az emberek, akikről azt hitted ismered, idegenek lesznek. Azt, akiről azt hitted szereted, talán egy nap őt fogod utálni legjobban. Boldog leszel, s zuhanni is fogsz. De az élet nem tökéletes, s ez teszi olyan nagyszerűvé