strangely really proud of this

things about Max fucking Caulfield

note: contains most major spoilers. refers to ‘bay’ choice post game

- Chloe brings out her sass. as she spends more time with her, Max becomes more outspoken, rebellious, scornful of authority. as is natural after hanging out with such a punk

- but Max has an extremely hard time expressing herself or standing up; especially before then. she can’t convey her own opinions and feelings well. think about how many times she’s just stood there as people mercilessly railed on her? 

- she does have strong opinions though, that can’t be denied. the time she argues back against David? or more canonly, the time she argues with herself

- but people mistake her poor communication skills for unfriendliness, aloofness, even as being stuck up, rather than what it actually is: loneliness 

- that being said, Max is now great at reading people, after so many rewinds and repeated/altered conversations with varied results. especially those she commonly spoke to and rewound for like Joyce, Nathan, ect (it freaks them out because, obviously, they don’t remember any of it)

- which brings me to my next point. if people didn’t know how to approach Max before, they certainly don’t know how to now. she is a changed person, and anyone with eyes can see that. plus, she lost her best friend, and we all know how bad people are at handling someone who’s loved one died.

- she’s wiser, she’s sadder, disaster doesn’t phase her as much.. or maybe it triggers her.

- i don’t say that in a memey way (honestly fuck the idiots who abuse that term). i say that in a ‘Max Caulfield has severe PTSD’ way. i feel like this is more than obvious but often times overlooked by the fandom (as well as Max’s character as a whole, but you know.. that’s why I’m doing this.)

- think about it!! the entire dark room/mark jefferson incident, finding Rachel Amber’s fucking buried body in the junkyard, seeing her best friend shot repeatedly, seeing said best friend almost get run over by a tRAIN, the visions she gets of the storm and her tormenters hunting her… 

- do i really have to continue?

- after all that utter shit, Max can’t even go to a fucking counselor. maybe for finding out her teacher is a murDERER- as well as her friend dying- but she can’t go into detail!! she has to hide everything, and any psychiatrist would be able to see it and yet, she can never explain herself. her seeded distrust in authority doesn’t help things

- her parents made her go to an appointment. she never went again

- her nightmares seem as though they will never leave, and although as the years pass her panic attacks occur less often, she has no way to truly relieve herself.

- chloe keeps her alive. no matter what, she won’t let her sacrifice be in vain

- …..

- for a long time, Max isolates herself because she feels a dangerous burden on others, as if somehow all the bad things that happened are her fault..

- so it takes her a while to open up to people once again, but when she does start making friends (Kate, Victoria, ect) she cares about them intensely. she will do anything within her abilities to keep them safe. Kate never gets to the point where she wants to jump, no way in hell, not on Max’s watch

- Max busies herself in fixing that godawful school that almost killed her friend. principal? bye bitch. dorm security = exists now (including changing those weird ass outside locks on the doors.. what even x’D )

- although, she doesn’t go there herself now. she can’t leave this town, she’s never belonged any where else but.. there are simply no good memories for her at Blackwell (except the pool, really)

- so anyway, yeah. dont underestimate Max, just because she isnt as loud about her personality as some of her fellow characters are.


Make Me Choose:

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“Miles has been promoted to the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth, so congratulations to Miles, who will now be doing a victory lap here in a moment.” - RT Podcast #349

BTS reactions to you getting married to another man

(they were/are in love with you)


He’d smile all the time during your wedding. Tae would try to hide his sadness. but during one of their concerts he’d just start crying.

“I was too late…”


Jin just took a photo of you in wedding dress and started crying. You smiled at him and asked what’s the reason. He’d hide his feelings behind the words

“You just look beautiful in wedding dress.”


He’d come to you husband and tell him “If you hurt her, I’ll take her away from you” and then he would just smile at you.


First of all he’d want to show you what you lost but when he saw you smiling he’d be happy because you’re happy.

“You know there was a time when I loved you”


He’d come to you when he noticed you are all alone because you were tired of dancing. Jimin would give you a drink and raise one’s glass to you.

You asked him what’s with his face and he’d say

“It’s strange. I was set on stealing you away one day. I always thought I would marry you. It’s really strange.“


He’d just be happy for you. “I’m so proud of you!” Suga would not show you how sad he is but he’d compose a sad song that would be about you.


J-Hope would stand in front of you, give you bunch of flowers and look at you with warm and glaring smile.

“If we’re even reborn, let’s get married.”

BTS Reaction × Savage Girlfriend × Fluff🍡


Rap Monster

He would be intimidated for a second then remembers your completely harmless but oh what the mouth can do ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻


Would be taken aback slightly and then proceed to make a random dad joke.


Would act like it was bad but you’d roasted him hard and he strangely would really like it secretly and gets so proud of his successful savageness lessons he’d often show you.


He would actually get hurt 😂😂😂😂 but would show that he’s impressed.


You would remind him so much of Suga that he sometimes thinks you’re him. He would also tease you about being small out of nowhere because he doesn’t wanna seem weak and defendless after being roasted.


Would be so confused. “How do you even come up with that?”


This man would roast you back the entire day feeling so hurt that you’re almost good at it as he is, we all know how competitive he can get.

“we finally found something you can actually do right”


1. The Characters

Clannad honestly has one of the greatest cast of characters from any anime I’ve ever seen ever. It doesn’t matter if they’re a main character, a supporting character or a character who only showed up in one episode, I’ve grown attached to every single person in this show in one way or another and that’s amazing if you ask me.

2. The Animation

Kyoto Animation really outdid themselves with this one. Most of the scenery is so beautiful and atmospheric that’s it’s left me gaping on more than one occasion, plus the animation is so smooth and really well done, with special mention going to the girl and robot scenes.

3. After Story

Yep, this is a whole reason. Like, Clannad’s first season was amazing and even if it didn’t have a 2nd season it’d probably still end up somewhere on my top 10 favorite anime list, but After Story took what made the first season great, and made it better. We got to see the characters develop and see their lives after high school which is something we don’t usually get to see in most anime, and it really did a great job of teaching the importance of family relationships.

4. Every Episode is Avaliable on Youtube

Subbed and dubbed.

Now that’s just plain convenient.

5. Tomoya and Nagisa’s Relationship

If you ask me, the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa is one of the best and most realistic relationships from any anime I’ve ever seen. These two probably couldn’t be more different and yet their relationship works so well. Their lives are full of ups and downs (mainly downs) but they’re both always willing to stay with each other through everything which is just a tiny part of what makes their relationship so beautiful.

6. The Soundtrack

Clannad’s soundtrack has to be my favorite anime soundtrack of all time. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep listening to Dango Daikazoku, Nagisa or any of the other songs from this magnificent soundtrack. The first season had a decent opening theme but After Story’s opening was beyond beautiful. The only track I didn’t particularly like would be After Story’s ending theme but that’s mainly because it ruined the emotional value of some episodes.

7. The Funny Moments

People make Clannad out to be a depressing anime (which is true to some extent) but this show has sent me into so many fits of laughter that just remembering it makes my gut hurt.

8. The Sad Moments

Clannad is definitely an emotional anime, there’s no doubt about that. It’s made me cry on more than one occasion which I’ll admit I’m strangely proud of. It really makes you think and realize the importance of friendships and family values which is partly why it leaves leaves such a huge impact.

9. The Voice Acting and Dialogue

If you ask me, it doesn’t matter if you prefer anime subbed or dubbed because both versions of Clannad were done marvelously. I’m personally a dub fan and I found no problems with it. Some of the lines and monologues from this anime have left me choked up because they’re so meaningful and often symbolic in some way.

10. The Message

Clannad is not only limited to one message but if you ask me, it’s all about family. It teaches you that your family isn’t only limited to the people you share blood with. Family can be anyone you feel safe and happy around, no matter how messed up and broken it may be.

In Conclusion

Watch this damn anime

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This might be a strange thing to say but... I'm really proud of you for starting a YT channel and expanding your tumblr to other platforms etc. because you've been my fave builder for ages and I'm happy others will be able to see your talent and/or learn a thing or two from you.

Thank you so much, dear Anon. This is really sweet. :-D

In The Dark
In The Dark

Here’s another song I wrote for the “Save Chloe” ending of Life is Strange. This time I tried something different in terms of music direction and focused on Max’s guilt.

I know something you don’t
Keeping it under so you stay afloat
Tidal waves threaten the mast
You pull on the ropes but its gone too fast
Where did your chances go
You can try harder but you’re sinking the boat
say goodbye to the ocean blue
You hold out your hand, but you’re losing her too

Choose the path less taken
to find your way
The secrets, the choices you’re making
Tossed into the fray
You little girl
You’re thrown to a world
Fed to the sharks
Who’s friend and who’s foe
no one really knows
When you’re in the dark

Bodies swept to the shore
Looking them over you’re crying ‘no more’
Tick tock, you’ve reach the end
Was it all worth it for the life of a friend
Can you hear all the sounds
From the ghosts of the people who can’t leave these grounds
Here now, the debt has been paid
Cleaning your hands from the mess that you made

Choose the path less taken
to find your way
The secrets, the choices you’re making
Tossed into the fray
You little girl
You’re thrown to a world
Fed to the sharks
Who’s friend and who’s foe
no one really knows
When you’re in the dark


to know her is to love her: an amberprice mix (part 1 of 2) [listen]

candlelight - relient k // can you keep a secret? - the cab // laura palmer - bastille // oleander - mother mother // we will commit wolf murder - of montreal // waste of paint - peace // superstar - broods // tennis court - lorde // when i’m gone - simple plan // say you don’t want it - one night only

hymn for the missing: an amberprice mix (part 2 of 2) [listen]

oceans - the format // obsessions - marina and the diamonds // but i do - now, now // haunt - bastille // atlantis - ellie goulding // dead man’s will - iron & wine // hymn for the missing - red // when she loved me - jordan pruitt // lovers’ eyes - mumford & sons // i’m still here - vertical horizon // world spins madly on - the weepies

in SMS roulette when Mikael has to message Even, notice how Yousef says ‘yeah but’ and his face falls -
he knows that something happened in the past and he doesn’t think they should mess about with Even any further, and that the game should stop there and I think that’s really important
i feel strangely proud of him for that??


i wanted to kiss her again;  — “i’ve never been so happy to see chloe in my life”

listen hereart by torifalls

i. miracle - paramore | ii. i know places - taylor swift | iii. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko | iv. come home - tonight alive | v. photograph - ed sheeran | vi. peace sign - lights | vii. kiss me again - we are the in crowd (feat. alex gaskarth) | viii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade (death cab for cutie cover) | ix. girlfriend - icona pop | x. sweater weather - kina grannis (the neighbourhood cover)