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Isabella = Five = Clones created by Hugo Strange for the Court of Owls?

I was rewatching 3x06 and something Isabella said really stood out to me.

That’s really weird, assuming she is telling the truth. At first I assumed she was just shy, but as a shy person myself, I’d never start a conversation with a stranger AND spend an entire night with them when I don’t even know them. So what if the case isn’t that she is shy but that she hasn’t been given an opportunity to talk to people? What if she was only recently ‘made’ and has been locked up ever since, like Five, and Ed was the first person she ever talked with?

It would give this line a whole other meaning:

I also found her obsession with books to be really interesting. It could have a whole other meaning as well. Maybe her sole purpose was to be created to make Ed fall in love with her so she could work as a spy/double agent, and all those romance novels she read might have been given to her on purpose by her 'creator’, whoever that is, so she could learn about love and be believable in her act with Ed?

There hasn’t been one scene she was in where she didn’t mention books. That must be for a reason. 

BUT there is something else! You know who else mentioned that he was given books by the people locking him up?

Yep! Five. A clue maybe?

Remember when Strange was brainwashing the people he brought back from the dead to think that they’re fairy tale characters? Characters from BOOKS?!

Now, look at this paper drawings stuff she made of her and Ed,

And look at these caps from next week’s promo,

Now what if she is actually starting to fall in love with Ed like FOR REAL, so much that she is making herself look like Kristen, aka his first love? I am not really sure why she’d do it but I think it is a parallel of when Five cut his hair and made himself look like Bruce so he’d make Selina like him!

Just look at these two scenes:

…a parallel?

I think they were both created to be spies, but the difference is Five escaped before he was assigned with a ‘mission’ and Isabella only got created recently.

Maybe they created him, he escaped with the 'monsters’, went missing for a while (when we saw him), now gets found again and then they will use him in whatever grand scheme they have? I think it won’t be featured until the second half of this season, but all I know is that Isabella won’t last that long. I think she will take her obsession with Ed too far and either he will end up killing her or Court of Owls will, so she won’t expose them. I don’t think Oswald will have anything to do with it, Ed might accuse him though.

I know this is so far fetched, and that Oswald only became mayor/made Ed chief of staff very recently and for Isabella to be created in such short amount of time would make  no sense but this is something that I just thought of and thought I’d share. I really find Isabella being a clone so interesting and her similarities to Five are so obvious!


This photograph accompanied an article in a local Thai newspaper (Thairath) and shows a very large monitor lizard scratching at the door of a local families house.

The mother told the local news that she had seen the monitor lizard since it was small, and that it would often wander up to the window and challenge its own reflection.

Her daughter named the creature Selena, after her favorite singer Selena Gomez.

The zoomed in photograph highlights what one reader believes to be a lucky number, the number 84 they say, which many presumably used when playing the lottery that day.

Edit: people often try to spot lucky numbers in things they consider sacred or rare.


Shell Grotto at Margate - made of 4.6 million shells, 2000 square feet of mosaic and one big mystery.

In 1835, James Newlove lowered his young son Joshua into a hole in the ground that had appeared during the digging of a duck pond. Joshua emerged describing tunnels covered with shells. He had discovered the Shell Grotto; 70ft of winding underground passages leading to an oblong chamber, its walls decorated with strange symbols mosaiced in millions of shells. Nobody can explain who built this amazing place, or why.