It's been a week since Wondercon....

This year was amazing and I was able to finally piece together my Rule 63 Hellboy just in time. My partner in crime, Strange Like That Cosplay joined me as Liz Sherman, Saturday of the con. Sunday we also debuted our Mad Max: Road Warrior Rule 63 cosplay again featuring myself, Strange Like That Cosplay and Jessica V! We cannot wait till San Diego Comicon, and hope to see you there. 

Photo below by Mike Rollerson.

Makeup by Angela Sutton!

Photo Below by Shawn Lebert

Right Hand of Doom constructed by Early Bird Costumes.

Photo below by Mike Rollerson.

Below, creator of my horns, costume and prop guru Reevz!

 Photo below by Ted Bracewell


this is just a small sample of the amazing otto and victoria cosplay that i have come across or have had emailed to me…I can’t think of a better compliment. it really is special when i take a moment and realize that my work has reached so many places and inspired many to share their art with me.  i will be forever grateful for this and it serves as a wonderful inspiration to keep drawing. thank you to shay gilbert, dina kampmeyer, oakmonster cosplay, strangelikethat, it’s raining neon, lady ember sparks, lauren heckman, caitlyn cady, star-gazer, DuertenSchreiber,
Abigaïl Pickleton, Shaily Pasi, sarah willick, Melissa Maganuco, heather dawson,
arya leona,
regina, jen and madelyn, and all the photographers who took these great shots! feel free to send in your submissions here! cheers!