My dudes ( and dudettes) … what. The . Fuck…

Today I had an exceptionally strange

Gun store encounter

Guy walks into the shop and asks if we buy firearms, when I say yes, he hits me with “Good! Because I want to sell all my assault rifles!”


I say I’d be more than happy to help and he presents me with this beautifully arranged and thorough excel spreadsheet of his entire collection including ammo. Obviously I asked if he had anything with him I could see and of course he didn’t, but whatever, it’s a good collection and he has good taste and a very healthy supply of ammo for your average guy. Has a nice Colt M4 with an EOTech , a slide fire stock, AK, shotguns, handguns so on and so forth. I even recognized him from my old job at the gay nightclub, so I’m kinda lost at this point.

Here’s the kicker, so I ask him why he wants to sell this stuff and he becomes very passionate and states…

“I am just so literally disgusted with the shooting in Vegas I just cannot be apart of these guns. It disgusts me so much, I can’t stand that these are on the streets”

Obviously he had a lot more to say but anyways, So I literally ask the guy, if he feels so strongly about them why he’s bringing them here to be put back into circulation instead of having them destroyed. Of course his selfish response was how much he paid for all of it…

He kept going on and on about how disgusting of an act it was and how wants nothing to do with “assault rifles” I even said to the guy, “you do know that you’re not paddock right? You wouldn’t do something like that ever would you?”

Seriously so dramatic… what the fuck… this happening to anyone else?

@muppetz540 @gunnyryan @rtf-j @coffeeandspentbrass and anyone else working in the industry.