So, I’ve decided to create this sister blog to Strange As Anjles to serve as an aggregate catalog of all my sewing, crafting and jewelry-making projects.

It’ll also be a place for you to receive updates on additions to my Etsy shop, so look for new jewelry to be added within the coming week.

In order to get this blog started, I’m going to go ahead and post some pictures of the items I’ll be listing this week as well as some older projects so everyone can get a feel for my aesthetic.

keep in mind that I love doing custom work, so feel free to message me if you have an idea for an accesory that you think I can help you realize!

Follow this blog and tell your friends to follow if they like weird pretty shit!

Thanks a bunch for looking.


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I was talking to my white Co worker about weenie supremacy and being terrified to leave my house and she told me, “well I’ve been called a dumb blonde before”. I am not joking when I say I’ve never had a harder time stopping myself from throwing han

it’s historically and socially proven that white people are giant, selfcentered assbabies who make up facts to make themselves feel good about themselves. 

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Re: the anon asking about terms. I prefer POC. I think 'non-white people' makes it sounds like white people are the standard and POCs are the 'other'. Just sounds a little condescending to me, even if that's not the intention. [remember, intent is not magic]. Those are my two cents.

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aghhh, I had a gray Radiohead shirt like this one years ago and have since made it into a backpatch for my vest. I JUST GOT A RADIOHEAD BEAR TATTOO, CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS NOW??

My little brother went on a school trip once and brought this shirt home to me and it is probably the best thing anybody has ever given me without prompt. HE KNEW.


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That would be too close to appropriation for my comfort. Not necessary.

yes ok, definitely appropriation. i can just imagine a bunch of little white girls running around flashing faux gang signs thinking it’s fun, but not facing any repercussions of actually being in a gang.