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I just read 'loyalty to newt' and I just have to say that I LOVED the line 'I mustered up a smile. Or a grimace. Whatever.' It cracked me up! But seriously you're an amazing writer I love your blog 😊 Also did you know there's a potato emoji?and is anyone else as excited by this as I am?

AGHH YOUR KINDNESS IS LEGIT KILLING ME! You’re too sweet, cinnamon baby!!!

As for the potato emoji 🍠🍠 is that like a weird potato? I’ve got an older phone, iPhone 4s. I know. How old tech. Grandpa.

Night everyone, the doctor is (actually and finally) out and won’t be in the house until tomorrow after work! :)

Bought myself an xbox one on Black Friday, because that’s exactly what I needed in my life. I’m spending most of my free time playing Fallout 4, so if you want any OP/Fallout xover headcanons now is a great time for that.

The ask box is empty though and has been for a while, so some xover asks, headcanons, pairing hcs, OC matches, anything… would be cool. 

I’m debating making my main thing these OC matches because I love seeing all your OCs! They’re all perfect.



Hello darlings, so some of you know this, not everyone does, but I am an active soldier in the Marine Corps. And that means deployment was always a real possibility.
Well, its happening. As of Wednesday of next week (January 18) I will be in Iraq for 8 months. This means, tumblr will not be a thing for 8 months. Even when I get time on a computer, it will be spent contacting family and friends, not being here.
I will be here when I’m back, however, so this hiatus isn’t forever. It has an end date.
Just posting this now that way I can reblog it a few times throughout the week and everyone can know what’s up.

I will be doing replies and such when I get the time throughout the week.


Sometimes I honestly can’t understand why people hate James Heller. The man is a true poet.

The Search is on!

So as you can see we’ve been dead for a while again. And that’s not really fair to you guys. I know that I’m very busy - I’m taking 5 classes, working a job and looking for another. I do not have time to do a lot on the blog and might not for a while. I can’t speak for Miny but I think it’s fairly obvious that things are slow.

In light of that news, we’ve decided to look for a new mod. Someone with more time than us. We’re gonna close the boxes for requests and open them for mod submissions. So if you’re interested in being a mod here, send us an ask off-anon and we will send you a short match up (for one of us). We’re gonna cap it around 10 for the sake of simplicity, so be quick!

I don’t want to say I’m leaving the blog - I don’t want to at all! It’s fun and rewarding. I just don’t have the time or energy at this moment and don’t want to abandon everyone for months again.

Miny here with additional info. Like Opossum, I’ve been majorly busy with my job (first year teaching, man…) I also don’t want to be leaving the blog abandoned for extended periods of time anymore, so finding a mod or two to join us seems like the best way to prevent that. Applicants will go through the same vetting process we did, as Opossum said. We’ll send you a matchup like one that we have done many times in the past, as well as a scenario request to see what sort of writing style you have. I look forward to seeing who responds!

Miny’s Back (Kinda)

Hi all! I wanted to give a little update. I’m tentatively back. I’ve been very busy with my job (I finally started my grown-up job of being a high school English teacher!) and still need to get caught up on One Piece. I haven’t read probably since we went on hiatus. So it’ll take a little while, but I am coming back a little bit at a time.

I look forward to reading all your submissions and answering matchups again.


Guess who got his ass in the hospital because he’s a fucktard and got into a fight while drunk…
I don’t make the best decisions. And now I have a concussion and a cracked rib, SO I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands when I get home tonight.
So starters I owe will be posted then.