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Welcome to Mythos Pines, a hidden town in the lush green forests of Oregon. Founded by Oswald and Ortensia de Luc many years ago, Mythos seems like a safe haven for the people who call it home. But perhaps there’s more to this little town than meets the eye. With very strange occurrences plaguing the town from time-to-time, Mythos might hold darker secrets than residents realize. Stories have been rewritten, and heroes and villains live side by side.

This is Mythos Pines, the town with a little drop of poison running through its veins.

Poisoned Tales: a Disney/Fairytale Town Roleplay

This group is currently looking for active members who love to write, value character development, and want to create interesting storylines.

But most importantly, we want people willing to participate and have fun bringing these characters to life!

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anonymous asked:

6,37,43,58 :D

okay here we go

6: Which episode is the funniest to you?

I think it’s ‘the french mistake’ because in every other funny episode there is also something really sad, but the french mistake is just really funny to me.

37: Do you think Sam should have completed the demon trials?

kind of yeah, but just because i know they would find a way to bring him back. i really love sam and i wouldn’t want him to die permanently.

43: Have you ever made a Supernatural reference out loud and received strange looks from some of the people surrounding you?

not really haha, i live in germany so it’s hard to make references to an american show

58: Have you ever participated in GISHWHES?

no, but i really, really want to. but i have social anxiety and i’m really scared my team mates wouldn’t like me

zeliklindemann asked:

Consider school AU for monochrome factor, Shirogane is class rep and Ryuuko is probably in some strange club and keeps trying to sneak his dog into the school. Shisui spends a lot of time in the library and one day Homurabi finally works up the courage to ask what he's reading. Shisui looks at him and just "I have no idea, this school doesn't have books in braille"





dennisparryghosthunter asked:

fuckin nerd

send me ❛ fuckin’ nerd ❜ for this.

how my muse clicked with yours : immediately┆almost right away┆slowly┆after several interactions┆they haven’t
a thought my muse has about yours“So no broken glass. That could be a problem, especially if Chester pops by for a visit… Hm…”
a strange thought my muse has about yours : “What color ball gag would he like, I wonder? Standard red…? Blue…? Should I ask…?”
a thread/plot i’d like for our muses : When I finally type out the info for my maffia au that could be kinda cool.

Now that the Korra hype has (somewhat) died down, I’ll be mixing in Korra with Makoto for Nick’s female FC. I just have to, minus the hair she’s perfect and has a LOT more fighting scenes! Just… ignore the bending.

Not to mention her avatar state is perfect for when the Plant inside him activates…

Grace is out with her Gran and Gigi today! They drove up to six flags and are taking her to see the animals and walk around, and she fell asleep just as they got there! It feels very strange to be in the house without her here… I’ve been trying to nap for almost three hours now but just can’t fall asleep! I’m going to keep trying though… Hopefully it will happen. Can’t wait to kiss my sweet baby when she gets home!

Elle gasps loudly. “Ludger! What are you doing here?! Glasses Guy, Ludger’s home!”

Julius had aleready emerged from the refridgerator with a metal bowl of something strangely wet and bubbling somehow. “And so he is. I guess the cat’s out of the bag, huh Elle?”

Elle wilts, pouting. “No fair. We were gonna surprise you, Ludger…”

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anonymous asked:

Love, your account is literally flawless. Everything about it is just fantastic, same with your writing skills. I love all of your fics by the way. :)

I wouldn’t say flawless but thank you! 😚 all these compliments are making me squeal and go all weird. My boyfriend’s looking at me strangely…

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Episode 2, How is Lady Pole?


·      typography vigilance: the French subtitles look very familiar—is it the same font as the book, some form of Baskerville? the same as the titles? Baskerville, surely. that italicized serif

·      scary ghost ships are so cool. will always be cool. Pirates of the Caribbean cool. zombies pirates and rain sailors gothic

·      the detail of faux-rain on the camera lens in a water scene is also always cool

Insulting the French: one never has a chance against Mr Norrell when Mr Norrell decides to waste someone’s time

·      the fleet of rain ships—the effect of the sailor sliding his hand into the bow and breaking the flow, like a kid at a mall fountain sticking his hand under the waterfall—excellent


·      Lascelles murmuring into Drawlight’s ear amidst all the applause for Mr Norrell was frankly gay

old Parliament guy: who’s our next resurrection eh

another old guy: Admiral Nelson

Sir Walter: Mr Pitt surely

another, third old guy: Raleigh!

another: my mum

Mr Norrell: with my newfound power and respect I will instead choose to eradicate Vinculi


·      Mr Segundus’ chicken noodle soup voice warms cold dead hearts

·      Jonathan Strange summoning Midnight Ball-era Cinderella; is interrupted by plebians

·      OH GOD Jonathan Strange gets stress nosebleeds; in other news, kittens, gooey cookies, flowers, bumblebees, ballerina-pink Kate Spade Italian lacquard basket weave Madison Regina Street Renata shoulder-strap satchel with gold-plated logo and black satin lining

·      contrast between Mr Norrell’s clean, effective, exhausting magic and Jonathan Strange’s exuberant, showy mess magic

Jonathan Strange is a little inclined to think well of himself: the perfect, pitch perfect tantrum he pitches when his OWN DREAM is invaded, as by Vikings; mollified slightly at being called fantastic, the Greatest Magician of the Age’s equal


Non-visual magic: every time a bell rings, an angel gets SLAUGHTERED BY FAIRIES

·      Drawlight still calling him Norr-ELL, his copyrighted pronunciation, a Drawlight prerogative, he will fight you

Someone is sniffy about class: Stephen: Lady Pole’s servants came with her from Hampshire. They are………….…… people

Do they DO IT?: Emma and Sir Walter Pole clearly enjoy a healthy physical relationship so long as Emma inexplicably loves dancing; correspondingly, it would seem to stop when the grandfather clock starts to make her scream and throw things

·      Lady Pole’s descent into imprisonment in T-minus three minutes. creepiness abounds. excellent acting abounds. the scariest, quietest bells in television abound. Emma knows something is happening to her, but she is aware that the way she’s trying to communicate is not working. like in The Serpent and the Rainbow when Bill Pullman is given the Jesus juice and begs the strangers around him not to let them bury him because he’s not dead as he becomes paralyzed. Emma doesn’t make sense, therefore she is mad, therefore she is dismissed

·      Sir Walter is so fond of Emma when she wants to dance—and he leaves the house as soon as she starts acting odd

·      Emma’s lost lamb expression vs. zooming in on Mr Norrell’s dawning comprehension & Sir Walter covering his mouth with his steepled hands

Act, _____!: Act, Alice! “Mr Norrell—Walter…please. Please.”

·      the primevally scary forest sounds of the impending Gentleman

·      “it is entirely mysterious to me…” edge-of-the-knife Gentleman is the best Gentleman

·      “no one will ever know where she is when she sleeps”—relief for Mr Norrell; terror words for ladies

·      Stephen walking down the hallway from The Shining; is in a haunted house

·      the teensiest flick of the Gentleman’s nail across his stubble is as of knives

·      Stephen and the Gentleman’s bargain: he has no option but to say “thank you” to anything the Gentleman offers and the scary blond fuck knows it

·      the Gentleman and personal boundaries: Norrell’s wig, Stephen’s jacket, Jonathan’s nose

·      Stephen opens the Gentleman’s box: I fucked up

·      getting a gig at the Duchess of Devonshire’s would be pretty fabulous under any circs, so props to Geoffrey

·      Jonathan has a walking stick; scientists cite as actual evidence of gods

·      Bertie Carvel being about a head taller than Charlotte Riley is pleasing

·      Strange vs. Lascelles: bitchface vs. bitchface

Strangites and Norrellites: Lascelles: This is cute of you but you’re full of shit

·      Jonathan sliding his eyes back at Lascelles after Mr Norrell says he wants to see his magic bitch

·      oh, Childermass! didn’t see you there. yet there you were

Best Regency put-down: proportionally, Childermass, interrupting: I disagree. Lascelles: I beg your pardon

Best reaction to magic: Mr Norrell’s childlike starry-eyed Backstreet Boys wonderment at Jonathan’s mirror magic; actually laughing/disgusting Drawlight and Lascelles

·      Eddie Marsan’s gorgeous gorgeous expression watching Jonathan—what Arabella means by “eating you up with his eyes”

·      Drawlight and Lascelles KICKED OUT

·      one of the greatest characterization moments in literature KEPT because it’s too good not to, eliciting giddiness, praising of pagan gods, baptisms, dove sacrifices, Wickermen, guilty pleasure at Jonathan saying “then you must give it to me, sir,” etc.

Mr Norrell: you ask excellent questions. allow me to teach you everything

Jonathan: splendid

Mr Norrell: let me tell you how ecstatic I am to have a colleague, someone to talk to, to debate with

Jonathan: I am honored sir

Mr Norrell: to mold into my image, to craft to my exact specifications, to bring up as one would a child to see me off into my later years with glory and honor

Jonathan: ahaha yes indeed

Mr Norrell: to spend long winter nights by the fireside with, to gaze at across flickering candles, to tenderly treasure, to have and to hold

Jonathan: have you met my wife

Mr Norrell: speaking of treasures, here is my killer-diller self-censored mini-library. avail yourself of this very good book first. omg you’ll love it. four and a half stars

Jonathan: oh god yes. I love books. hand it over

Mr Norrell: no

Jonathan: I’m sorry?

Mr Norrell: what?

Jonathan: what did you say?

Mr Norrell: I didn’t say anything. who was talking. now is the time for reading. read this book

Jonathan: I am literally trying to take it from your outstretched hand

Mr Norrell: possibly get away from me for a minute


·      how is Lady Pole? not FUCKING WELL

·      oh my we’re bringing in that nameless slave bit now, are we?

·      Stephen not okay with being kidnapped to Neil Gaiman’s Versailles, having to couch his questions in phrases like “what I have done to deserve such kindness…,” being generally prodded in the chest

·      the dancing—the music—the trees—the dresses—the dead eyes—the skeleton mouths—the poufs—the spinning—that dancing every night can actually be torturous. this is what needs selling hard—that this fate will drive you crazy. it looks scary


Arabella: your occupation has changed you. you usually notice new maids

Jonathan: what…what are you…what does…what are you saying precisely

A lady says something: Arabella: I will eat seedcakes if I WANT TO EAT SEEDCAKES

·      watching after Mad Max: Fury Road, it’s a relief to see Arabella and Emma in the same room and talk to each other. ladies talking to ladies. if nonsensically. the women talk about the men; Sir Walter and Jonathan talk about Emma. heartbreakingly

·      Emma is clearly not well as her hair has not been done

·      lol it’s like she has lost hope and it’s like, she’s surrounded by people tripping over themselves to “” listen to her

The Raven Volant: Jonathan really, really, really wants to talk about John Uskglass; Mr Norrell doesn’t have that book right now

·      Jonathan, Stephen, and the Gentleman in the same room—is—masterful. they make eye contact. it’s fucking—chilling

the Gentleman: …and very nearly as ugly

Jonathan: what?

the Gentleman: -blinks-

Stephen: -blinks-


·      ARABELLA NO??? ???

·      Jonathan DOES summon the Gentleman. he DOES have reason to be smug about his talent—talent but no skill, yet. but he DOES summon the Gentleman. the Gentleman summons Stephen. Jonathan summons Arabella. Childermass is probably in there somewhere

·      Mark Warren somehow getting the hell across his expressionless expression when Jonathan looks right at him and leans forward, and he leans back

Stephen exhibits control: Stephen is the actual epitome of chivalry in this world, surrounded by men who posture court etiquette of protection and self-sacrifice and being what Bertie Wooster calls a preux chevalier—the instant Stephen sees the Gentleman see Arabella, he knows. he Knows. he knows with a capital K and N. and he tries to get the Gentleman’s attention. he tries to get the Gentleman out of the room. all he can do is say “sir.” Lady Pole is being consumed—he himself cannot run his household anymore—but he can’t say anything to the Gentleman’s face because the Gentleman practically has “agency” tattooed across his forehead. Stephen is the only one who knows what is going on and what’s about to happen. Sir Walter doesn’t listen to Lady Pole; the Gentleman doesn’t listen to Stephen—Lady Pole is pretty and Stephen is handsome and kingly, but that currency is valueless the instant they move outside the gentlemen’s comfort zones

Best costume bit: Arabella’s red & purple gowns; the Gentleman’s cravats


Mr Norrell hates parties, needs supervision: Mr Norrell: I will protect England, land that I love, under the stipulation that I no longer have to go to parts of it

·      Jonathan’s second-hand embarrassment at Mr Norrell’s lack of fashionable panache with the sea defenses

·      lifelong viewers of period dramas, I Love Lucy, etc., exceedingly gratified seeing a married couple actually sleeping next to each other, ignoring loud noises together, wanting the other to get the door, couple-things

·      it’s not just bedhead; Jonathan’s hair apparently always looks like that

Best use of magic for selfish means: Jonathan’s I-don’t-know-how-to-get-it-back disposal of The Friends of English Magic; his sleep-deprived impatient brio unnecessary magnificence of the sand horses

affected Naval officer: fix our ship. I hate magicians already

Jonathan: what is the boat stuck on

affected Naval officer: it’s a ship

Jonathan: I mean the thing it’s standing on

affected Naval officer: it doesn’t stand. it’s a ship

Jonathan: I can push it back up

affected Naval officer: do you have the sense God gave a fucking osprey

Jonathan: I can use the air

affected Naval officer: who even brought you here you fucking dandy

Jonathan: I can use the water

affected Naval officer: literally forget I asked you to help

Jonathan: what is the name of the FUCKING…WATER FLOOR…

affected Naval officer: YOU ARE A WASTE OF SPACE


·      the sand horses are utterly fabulous. like Arwen’s river horses. or the rhino in James and the Giant Peach

·      Jonathan brushing Lascelles’ cloak as he walks past bitch

·      Arabella has to sit next to Mr Norrell in the carriage. has she not suffered enough


·      oh Childermass! there you are again. one forgets you’re there

·      go Slytherins go!! machinate! everyone in this world is Slytherin. …Drawlight and Lascelles must be. Mr Norrell must be. Jonathan might be. The Gentleman certainly is. Childermass even. ah the desire to have all protagonists in one’s favorite house—a sharp, keening one felt deep in the breast

Childersass: oh Jesus that eye roll. oh Jesus. I think I actually felt a breeze come off his eyelashes. I believe he may have actually hurt himself playing that hard. while facing Lascelles and Drawlight. this is a man at the top of his game. who pulls no punches. who does not fear death. who looked into the void and saw himself. who bites his thumb at you sir. if a servant at Downton Abbey rolled their eyes this hard, they would have been executed. Lord Crawley would have done it himself. taken them out back and shot. it probably would have been Thomas

·      Mr Norrell genuinely sorry to see Jonathan go; Jonathan’s sweet, loving maneuverings for the books

Jonathan: I hope I have not insulted you in some way

Mr Norrell: no I love you no worries no worries at all

Jonathan: I am pleased to hear it

Mr Norrell: come back to me you hear

Jonathan: oh I, certainly

Mr Norrell: my baby all grown up, so tall, so beautiful, so respectable, so English

Jonathan: I’m taking forty books

Childermass: nice

·      Sir Walter hauling Emma into her room and locking her in is physically distressing

·      Sir Walter snapping at a dazed Stephen is physically distressing

·      Arabella sticking up for Emma to Jonathan is physically distressing

·      Arabella bidding for the magic book, like the OG life partner that she is, #1 book supplier to Jonathan Strange, a National Treasure ie Stephen Fry, and losing is physically distressing


·      how much is 800 guineas????

·      Mr Norrell is freaking out—

·      the Gentleman is polite and so dangerous—

·      Arabella is crying—

·      Drawlight and Lascelles are smug—

·      Childermass is still out there—somewhere—rolling his eyes—

A Bog Panic Appreciation Post

What the-

!@#$!@#!@#@#$ THE-

N-nobody saw that, right?

Fools in-






But when OTHERS flee for their lives, all of a sudden it’s great fun.

And a height comparison: