Adventures with gckaf!

During my visit with friend gckaf this past weekend, I also got to explore gckaf’s yard.  First order of business:  Finding and nomming the big beautiful dandies!  After my dandie snack, we investigated a tree that is growing funny purple pinecones.  I was so focused on investigating that I fell right off–into gckaf’s hand, thankfully!

Next, I showed off my running skills by running down an entire half of a tennis court.  I tried to nom some mystery grass at the side of the tennis court, but Mommy said no.  So I sat on a hammer with my dandies instead!

Away beyond the Jarboe house

I saw a different kind of tree.

Its trunk was old and large and bent,

And I could feel it look at me.

The road was going on and on

Beyond to reach some other place.

I saw a tree that looked at me,

And yet it did not have a face.

It looked at me with all its limbs;

It looked at me with all its bark.

The yellow wrinkles on its sides

Were bent and dark.

And then I ran to get away,

But when I stopped to turn and see,

The tree was bending to the side

And leaning out to look at me.

-Elizabeth Madox Roberts


Backstage at The Strange Tree Group’s The War Plays with Skip Wilkes (Marty Scanlon) and Lee Farley (Patrick Cannon)

When I read the Life of Pi, the part that gave me sleepless nights is when Pi got stuck in a floating green island with fresh water and trees, and which he thought he could live in forever. Until he found that the island is carnivorous and had digested a human before. Proof? A human, undigested tooth inside a balled up leaf in the tree.

I park my car every morning under this tree and look, balled up leaves. I shudder to think what it holds inside.