Massive alien ships came down from the sky, guns blazing… but totally ignoring us. Instead, they attacked the trees and forests. If that weren’t strange enough, the trees started fighting back.


Adventure Time - High Strangeness (Sneak Peek)

Tree Trunks sniffs out a conspiracy in the Candy Kingdom.

It airs Wednesday, January 25th at 7:45/6:45C on Cartoon Network.

shiro, attempting to bond with hunk and lance: hi there fellow paladins! so, what’s the 411? what’s the hot goss in teenville? haha i love you wild kids!

lance, terrified, whispering to hunk: what’s he doing? what’s wrong with him? is he okay?

hunk, talking through his teeth: just smile and nod, man. smile and nod.

Okay, but could we talk about this? Did we just get a poly relationship in mass media? In a childrens cartoon?

2017, I had a feeling from the beginning that you’re gonna be a good year and you surprise me everyday with great things. Thank you and thanks AT crew. ;3;