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Hey, I'm the nonnie who sent the myrtle beach birthday message, i want to tell you about some strange things that happened. Number 1 I got unknown birthday presents from the mail, a leather jacket and a skull T shirt. Then when i went to myrtle beach, 4 motorcycles kept popping up every place i went. And last a guy with a trench coat and a bleach blonde mullet walked past me while I was there. I only had one through in my head, and it was " holy crap the lost boys are stalking me! "

Well that IS a very special birthday indeed!! Thank you for sharing. You just never know when they’re going to pop up. ;-)

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DUDE YOU STARTED STRANGE THINGS I AM SO HAPPY! Please pleaseeee tell me you'll think about drawing the other character's too? I love your style so much and El looks so cute in your style wow ok love your art <3

YES MY GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW A LOT… LIKE A LOT A LOT. & AHHH YES ofc I plan on drawing all the adorable little boys too & possibly Jonathan & Nancy as well!
Changeling - Selkie_de_Suzie - Strange Magic (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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For Strange Magic Week Day 6: Babies/Next Generation! Not gonna lie, this just so happens to be one of my absolute favorites of my fanfics…

I know I don’t post much about them, but I have a whole slew of kids and head canons concerning both Butterfly Bog and Potionless babies. I’m talking whole notebooks dedicated to them…

The reason why I keep mum about them is to keep their names and personalities a surprise for when you finally meet them in Strange Hearts & Wild Things. There has been so many times that I would love to tell you all about them (this day being one of them) but I just have to tell myself it will be worth the wait…! 

That being said, there’s a reason why this fanfic is so dear to me - I feel like I was able to keep some important things hidden (like the name of Bog and Marianne’s child and their complete physical description), but still really capture their personality. I love them dearly, and I cannot wait for the day when I can properly introduce all of you to them…

Man, now I know how JK Rowling felt about not being able to give away spoilers for her books…

Until that day comes, I hope you’ll be satisfied with this offering!