Ok so, I may not be the first to point this out, but after gen 7 has been revealed to be Hawaiian themed, I believe the strange souvenir may finally mean something.

Based off it’s design, it looks like some type of tiki head thing and the description says it is depicting a pokemon.

So I think this could possibly be a small insight to a future pokemon in Sun and Moon.

Rare Item # 7: Strange Souvenir

Several items and trades will require you to visit hotels in the Kalos region over the span of several days. The first such item that we will discuss is the Strange Souvenir.

The Strange Souvenir currently has no known use. The backpacker that gives you the item alludes to a new region as well, causing a lot of speculation/theories. Perhaps a new game/content is on its way soon? Who knows.

To have your very own currently useless item, you will need to run into the backpacker four days in a row. He can be found randomly at Camphrier, Cyllage, Ambrette, Geosenge, Coumarine, or Couriway hotels, always on the second floor. The location will change daily, so fly to each place and check it out. 


Hi guys. Just a post to let you know that you do NOT need to go to see the backpacker within 4 days to receive the Strange Souvenir.

What is a Strange Souvenir?
Its an item in Pokemon X and Y that is given to you by a backpacker that travels from city to city on the second floor of the respecful city’s hotel. Its description: “An ornament depicting a Pokemon that is venerated as a protector in some region far from Kalos”.

Why do I want/need this?
It could possibly be a useful item for the upcoming new region that GF is developing or has currently deveoped for the Pokemon game after Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Possibly before it but highly doubt it. Also, maybe useful for an upcoming event? Who knows!

How do I get it?
Its real easy tbh. Just talk to the backpacker (has a giant yellow backpack and a red shirt). Who appears on the SECOND FLOOR of any Hotel in any city in Kalos (does not include the one in Lumiose). Note that this can be done once a day (talking to the backpacker), however there has been a rumor all over Pokemon websites saying it must be within 4 days. That is a MYTH and you can do this 2 days difference or more. Also note that the backpacker MIGHT not appear in the city you have chosen. Dont fret, just go to another city and keep changing cities until you find him. When he talks to you he will give you a hint about the region hes from (which is the new region in the new pokemon game! ^0^). When you’ve done this 4 times he will appear one last time and give you the Strange Souvenir!

How did you figure this out?
Everytime I play games I always talk to NPCs. Sometimes over and over again. I get as much information as I need possible whenever I play so when I looked up the strange souvenir thing I totally wanted it because mysterious and unusual occurrences in games totally get me excited so when I tried doing the list of things to do to get the item, the guy who posted about it was wrong. So I wanted to let u ppls know as well.

Cheers guys!

If you have anymore questions dont hesitate to ask =)