Here’s my attempt at making the sibling assassin original content :’))

Cervo (Deer) - They/Them; Trope Raise like a boy for their father wanted a male heir. Doesn’t really care about their gender but goes by they/them for less confusion.
Catherine (Cat) - She/Her; Would probably cut your tongue off if you misgender her siblings.
Crevan (Fox)- She/Her/They/Them; the precious pup looking up to her siblings. Uses They/Them on missions.

I’m tagging it ‘VDM’ for now

When in Civillian disguises they use their mother’s maiden name, Vincitore.

The Della Mortes are the professional Assassin side of the family.

Every time I see a post about young Leia that mentions Bail approximately 1500 times and never once mentions Breha, I lose another year of life.

does anyone else find it strange how rose has a very human (apart from her size) figure/ body shape? i mean, she’s the only gem with defined breasts/ cleavage. 

here’s two different pics of her in different positions and drawn in different art styles. in each one, she has a very clearly drawn cleavage line.

but then compared to jasper, amethyst and some members of the famethyst (all other quartz gems, which are canonically similar to rose), they all have the typical, blocky kinda upper body and no cleaverage lines drawn at all.

although, in amethyst’s case, her gem is in the way. 

but for jasper and the famethyst, however ??? 

look at this picture of jasper here- she’s in almost the exact same position as rose has been in greg the baby sitter episode (as in, she’s lying on the ground with her chest pressed to it)

and yet, her chest remains completely solid??? showing no change in style at all???

unlike rose’s chest, which not only flattens (like human breasts do) but creases  and even poofs out slightly???

i am in no way saying that “oh all gems should be drawn with clear breasts and cleavage !!!!’ in fact, i think the opposite and i find the fact rose has been drawn with breasts extremely odd. 

i feel the writers were trying to make her seem more human and have the more completely feminine human look. it’s like how she has pale/ peachy skin and bright hair whilst all the other quartz have dark/ bright skin and pale hair.

i feel like it was just another attempt/ tatic to make rose appear more human. whether intentional or not ?? idk ??? but it just seems strange to me that rebecca states that the gems have no gender or sex and they’re just alien space rocks but then they draw them with breasts- a feature traditionally assosciated with women. 

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