My dear and talented friends Anna Rose and Jenny Zych are putting together a doujin-style zine called Strange Paradise, based on Asian horror movies.  

I love Junji Ito’s comics, including of course his classic Uzumaki (about a town that becomes fatefully obsessed with the spiral form) so I did a piece based upon the movie adaptation.  Wow, that is a bad movie.  

Satan Rising from the Burning Lake
William Strang (British; 1859–1921)
In: Paradise Lost by John Milton: A Series of Twelve Illustrations Etched by William Strang (London: John C. Nimmo)
The New York Public Library, Print Collection

So stretched out huge in length the Arch-fiend lay,
Chained on the burning lake; nor ever thence
Had risen, or heaved his head, but that the will
And high permission of all-ruling Heaven
Left him at large to his own dark designs,
That with reiterated crimes he might
Heap on himself damnation, while he sought
Evil to others, and enraged might see
How all his malice served but to bring forth
Infinite goodness, grace, and mercy, shewn
On Man by him seduced, but on himself
Treble confusion, wrath, and vengeance poured.
   Forthwith upright he rears from off the pool
His mighty stature; on each hand the flames
Driven backward slope their pointing spires, and rolled
In billows, leave i’ th’ midst a horrid vale.
Then with expanded wings he steers his flight
Aloft, incumbent on the dusky air,
That felt unusual weight; till on dry land
He lights—if it were land that ever burned
With solid, as the lake with liquid fire.

(John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I)


April 19th - 7 pm - $7/9 (n.o.t.a.f.l.o.f.)
Tough Stuff
La Bella
Strange Wilds (WA)
Slow Paradise

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Original poster art by charleskinbote (Jenny Yu).


the bargain is complete and jean-paul, for all his wishing, has no idea what it is like to be dead, to be frozen and still for months. and so he ignores the way erica moves - the slow, shaky steps she takes, the way she convulses when she reaches, the spasms of her neck when she turns her head. movement must take some getting accustomed to, and he puts it out of his mind to concentrate on the black hair tumbling over her shoulders rather than the crack of her bones, rather than the midnights he knows he can hear her, raspy and choked, calling for jacques when she thinks he’s asleep.