My dear and talented friends Anna Rose and Jenny Zych are putting together a doujin-style zine called Strange Paradise, based on Asian horror movies.  

I love Junji Ito’s comics, including of course his classic Uzumaki (about a town that becomes fatefully obsessed with the spiral form) so I did a piece based upon the movie adaptation.  Wow, that is a bad movie.  



This is my submission for Jenny and Anna’s ‘Strange Paradise’ zine, a zine dedicated to asian horror films!! It was super hard for me to pick a film because there are so many I loved. But I decided to go with a lesser seen film called Exte or Hair Extensions. It’s a really fun, creepy movie. It’s the best Junji Ito movie that isn’t a Junji Ito movie. See it if you have the opportunity!

Thanks to Jenny and Anna for putting together such a cool book, you can follow the book here!


the bargain is complete and jean-paul, for all his wishing, has no idea what it is like to be dead, to be frozen and still for months. and so he ignores the way erica moves - the slow, shaky steps she takes, the way she convulses when she reaches, the spasms of her neck when she turns her head. movement must take some getting accustomed to, and he puts it out of his mind to concentrate on the black hair tumbling over her shoulders rather than the crack of her bones, rather than the midnights he knows he can hear her, raspy and choked, calling for jacques when she thinks he’s asleep.