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My dear and talented friends Anna Rose and Jenny Zych are putting together a doujin-style zine called Strange Paradise, based on Asian horror movies.  

I love Junji Ito’s comics, including of course his classic Uzumaki (about a town that becomes fatefully obsessed with the spiral form) so I did a piece based upon the movie adaptation.  Wow, that is a bad movie.  

Paradise Place – Red

  1. Espiritu Estate

  2. Newlow House

  3. Dente House

  4. Rossum House

  5. Beaker House

  6. The Strangetown Community Pool

Deadtree – Blue

  1. Old Library

  2. The Meeting House

  3. Nightowl Saloon

  4. Florica’s Market

  5. The Kine Dairy

Division 47/West Strangetown – Green

  1. Barracks

  2. Medical Barracks

  3. Hogg’s Trailer

  4. Labs

  5. Fusilli House

  6. Player’s House

  7. 51 Colonel Drive (Grunt House)

Strangetown – Yellow

  1. 1 Tesla Court (former Beaker House)

  2. Warehouse

  3. 101 Road to Nowhere (Smith House)

  4. 2 Cover Up Road (Curious House)

  5. 13 Dead End Lane (Specter House)

  6. Strange County Fire Department

  7. Local Shopping Center

  8. Re-Spawn Pawn Shop

  9. Strange County Sheriff’s Department

  10. County Hall

  11. Saloon & Casino

  12. Optimum’s Tech Factory

  13. The Strange Zoological Garden

  14. The Gothic Gardens

  15. Nuclear Power Plant

Outskirts of Strangetown - Orange

  1. Silver Rocket Service Station

  2. The Strangetown Billboard

  3. The Monument

Fantine was sure this had to be some kind of hell. A false paradise of strange objects, and more painful than that, it seemed her daughter was nowhere to be found. This… America was far from France, for one, and no one she spoke to seemed to know who she was looking for.

S'il vous plaît… i-if you do not know where my Cosette is then please… please spare a sou où a… a dollar? That is it, oui? Just a little for food…”

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A Talent a Day

Charlie Rubin (1986, US) submitted his series Strange Paradise back in 2013. There is little time left to submit this year. Will you be the next Foam Talent? Send in your work until Monday 28 March at

Image from the series Strange Paradise © Charlie Rubin


Artsy Draw Unusual and Creepy

gothsummer: strangeparadisezine: honeyhammer: A piece for illustrators Anna Rose & Jenny Zych’s Strange Paradise asian-horror zine coming out this spring! “Tomie” (Junji Ito) was my first real introduction into j-horror and a stepping stone into the eroguro stuff I’m really fond of now.  check this awesome submission from naomibutterfield! love all those eyes watchin ya~ TOMIE——!!