Blackfeet Braves - Strange Lovers


Blackfeet Braves - Strange Lovers (by babyfacehawk)

Beyond being great musicians these are some radical guys to hang out with.

MBTI as Florence + the Machine songs
  • ISFJ:Shake It Out
  • ESFJ:Delilah
  • ISFP:How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
  • ESFP:You've Got the Love
  • INTJ:Seven Devils
  • ENTJ:What Kind of Man
  • INTP:Strangeness and Charm
  • ENTP:Lover to Lover
  • ISTJ:Dog Days Are Over
  • ESTJ:Make Up Your Mind
  • ISTP:My Boy Builds Coffins
  • ESTP:Kiss With a Fist
  • INFJ:Queen of Peace
  • ENFJ:No Light, No Light
  • INFP:Cosmic Love
  • ENFP:Spectrum
The End of Day 3 or 4 (Part 4)

The deadly weapon it falls,
but you are neither dead nor wounded.
Am I?
I don’t know.
I can’t even see my thoughts.
Good riddance.

I can’t even see you.
Your weapon.
Cool, take me on.
Make me yours against this man.
My words, you won’t ever understand
or choose.

Who are you?
Do you know who’s sleeping in your bed?
There’s a stranger in my house. Maybe two. 

Are our bladders connected?
Did you manage to fuck me into you?
Or is it the other way around?

Your clothes are half on. Mine are half off.
This relationship is not equal. 

Why are you hiding from my light
When you are open to my body?

Blue. I’ve got the blues. In my veins. 
In my name.
Say my name.
Say my fucking name!

This should be the end of the game.
But it’s just the end of day 3 (or is it 4?). 


Strange Magic: Only Lovers Left Alive idea

I have watch this and I was like these two made me think of Marianne and Bog, I mean Bog would look epic as a vampire who loves to play with his music and Marianne love to travel and see new things and they’re married which is also cool.  Here’s an idea to throw to the crowd to see what they think.

Boggart King is living in LA, working on his music and feeling depressed due to his mate, Marianne Fairfield being so far away and exploring new things while he sits by and works on his stuff.  He has a young man name Sunny who comes to bring him things he needs and takes care of himself by heading to the hospital and getting blood for himself.  He’s eccentric and has all these old things while Marianne knows how to work an iphone and can work with what’s going on in this time and age while her husband is living in the past.  She also has an issue as she has this stalker, Roland who thinks she some rich man’s daughter and trying to get into her pants and wallet.  Marianne then recieve word from Bog’s mother Griselda who’s worried for her son, especially when she see that he got a wooden bullet and thinks he going to commit suicide.  Marianne decides to head back and see him and also take care of him, Dawn her sister also tags along and is there to meet Sunny who she likes and wants to turn into one of them against Bog’s wish.  Now they have to deal with stalker who winds up trying to uncover their secret and also what can they do for their love lives.

Eventually, we always go back to Love.
—  Armaan

terribly late #latergram of the pigeon I rescued from an evil seagull at the beach. The poor thing was so scared! But within a day or two, Pooh was ready to be released (called her pooh cuz my bro said she had poo on her head lol 💩). She stuck around for a bit before flying away to a flock of pigeons nearby. Stay strong pooh~ 🐦#pigeon #late #strange #summer #imcrazy #animal #lover #beach #birb #birds