“lmao ____ people cant pronounce the _____ sound!!” wow ur right……. its almost like… there are thousands of languages other than english….. and they each use a certain set of sounds and dont use others……. and wow its almost like ur making fun of them when if you were 2 try and pronounce a ق or a ح u would sound like a fucking loser wow isnt that strange


kiho shopping in Abu Dhabi 

Shipping amberprice but remembering that she was lying and banging other people

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Going back to pricefield but remembering that Max disappeared whitout a word ignoring and leaving Chloe alone in one of her worst moments

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Giving up and start shipping Chloe x Lisa

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Some sketches I did X3


Hellooo! Sorry this took me so long to post and complete. A while back I asked you guys to send in your rankings for Eurovision 2017 and I’d create a Top 42 list based on your responses. 

After many technical issues, I’m finally here to present the results! Thanks to everyone who contributed and to anyone who bothered to read this. ♥ 

You can either watch the video, or if you just want to get straight to it, click the ‘Read more’ button below for the full list & scores.

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Can I take a few minitues of you’re time please to talk about this?

When Danny(in Tucker’s body) asked Sam out, sam got really excited and said “Let me go put on that stupid dress my mom got me!”

Now, It’s pottible that Sam was lying because she didn’t want to say that SHE bought it because that would mean she actually cared about going to the dance, but for this post, i’m assuming she was telling the truth and her mom actually did get the dress for her.

Samantha’s Parents from the show ae portrayed as a very white picket fence couple that make meatloaf and sing with birds. Their daughter, much to their dismay is a goth. Sam often states that her parents don’t accept her and seen from a freshman P.O.V, they don’t. Their always trying to get her to change the way she dresses and her friends but from an adult P.O.V they actuall are doing their best.

For all we know, Sam used to be their perfect princess lovnig girl who just one day came stomping down the stairs frowning in goth clothing. In a Parents P.O.V, thats bad. They probably think Sam’s miserable 24/7, they’re tryign their best to make her happy. The only time they remember her being happy was when she was that smilling pink princess. So yeah, they’re concern and trying to get her to change back because in their eyes, once she drops the black, she’ll be happy. 

They want her to stop haning out with Danny because in their eyes, he’s hurting her. He gets her in trouble, he has bad grades, he skips school and his parents are a little bit…dangerous if not strange. To someone who isnt around Danny a lot and doesnt know his secret, He is a VERY bad influnce compared to the well liked, positive thinking, outgoing cheerleader Paulina.

Yes, they arn’t that supportive because their worried. They’re scared their daughter is in a bad time in her life and for some reason all their attempts of ‘tough love’ to help her are failing.

Now lets lookat all the supportive things they HAVE done. 

First, the dress. Her mom bought her an elegant gothic style dress ecause her mom was starting to understand that her daughter enjoyed dressing in those types of clothes. She specifically bought her a dress that fit into her daughter’s new wardrobe style

They try to socialise with their daughter, try to be their for her, interact. When they both wake her up in the morning (yes, that’s something most teenagers hate but still) they do it out of love in hopes of positivly effecting their daughter’s life. They talk to her and they don’t really FORCE her to dress how they want (except for that one time in circus gothic because it was ‘the only way to lift the restraining order off of Danny’) mainly they just suggest, and they do it in a way they see as casual and friendly

Along with that, they don’t make (that we’ve seen) any negative comments to the way Sam has decorated her room.

My main point in all of this, is basically, that Sam’s parents aren’t as bad as we thought they were and in fact, their reactions are pretty normal considering the way they seem to see her life.

That’s all, thanks for reading

Your Breathe

your breathe
just a breathe
and yet every part of it is engraved in my head
the way it flows into your lungs and out
i could recognize it in the darkest of rooms
isnt it strange how such a sound can be nothing to someone
and yet everything to you?
your breathe, the murmur in your sleep, the way you turn in bed, the way you snore lightly
i can recognize in a room full of sleeping people
and it would lead me to you
your breathe
just a breathe
forever engraved my head
never again next to me

Happy 1st birthday to an album I hold very very very close to my heart! Honestly a year on and I’ve only fallen more and more in love with every single word and melody of it, and it will always be extra special to me. I’ll always be thankful to Lauren for never giving up and sharing this wonderful masterpiece with us even though the process was so extremely difficult for her, and I’ll always be proud of her for doing that and for everything she’s doing now and will do. This album may not be a #1, its single may not be a chart topper, this album may not have sold a million copies in a week, but in my eyes it will always be one of the best pieces of art ever created, and no amount of sales or streams can ever make it less than what it is: a beautiful, honest, brilliant, unique piece of art. I’ll forever and always love this album, and I will always love Lauren for everything she did for me.