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There was always a hush and a lot of staring when the Bog King and his retinue of goblins entered a fairy ball. It had gotten briefer as the Fairy Kingdom and Dark Forest got used to one another. This time the hush ended almost immediately, in a flurry of whispers, but the staring intensified. For once, the attention wasn’t focused on Bog – but on his mother, Griselda. 

“What is she wearing?" 

Dawn had seen Griselda’s dress a few weeks before the ball and been politely complimentary, but hadn’t, at the time, thought it was anything special. 

The golden brown oak leaves set off Griselda’s auburn hair. There was a short train to demonstrate the leaves’ natural shape, not so long that it made Griselda appear even shorter and the dress oversized. There were sleeves, in deference to the cooling weather, and a daringly low slit at the front of the neckline, but no raised collar to fan out behind her head. 

It was a fairly plain, respectable dress, for an aging widow and former Head of State to wear while meeting with foreign dignitaries. 

Since she’d seen it last, the dress had been transformed, and now Dawn gushed

"Wow, Griselda, you look so glamourous!" 

She sparkled with dew. Clear, iridescent droplets were scattered artfully over Griselda’s dress, nestled in the branching veins of the oak leaves as though naturally collected. There were even a few on the acorn cap that she wore at a jaunty angle over one of her horn stumps. 

Dewdrops weren’t a trend in fairy fashion, but only because they didn’t last long enough. 

More than one fairy had tried to preserve dew on the petals of a gown or tunic. Water wobbled and soaked in and evaporated. It was hard to keep it ‘just so’, even with magic, especially if the one wearing the clothes wanted to move at all. 

Glass or crystal replicas made fine jewellery, but large glass bubbles weren’t the most durable of embellishments, and solid glass or crystal was heavy, so beadwork could only imitate dewdrops on a miniature scale. 

"Everyone’s going to want to know – how did you do this?" 

"Oh, I didn’t.” Griselda patted Dawn’s shoulder. “Resin working is a closely guarded trade secret. I wouldn’t know where to begin beyond knowing some trees make better resin then others, and I barely know which ones." 

"Resin – like amber?” Sunny asked, working through the crowd and catching up with Dawn. 

“Yes and no. These aren’t nearly as old as that.” Griselda tapped a dewdrop. It didn’t shiver like water would, but with the way the light caught in it, one had to be close to tell. “Some of the guild offered to fancy up this dress for me, see if there might be a market for their work this side of the border." 

"Definitely!” said Dawn. 

“That’s good. They do good work, but I honestly felt a little silly; wearing dewdrops in autumn. They’re really more of a spring look." 


Jack’s faces when he saw two main characters in both LiS games kissing is so adorable

Here’s Jack’s face after seeing Max kissing Chloe in 3rd episode of season 1 of Life is Strange

And here’s Jack’s face when he saw Rachel and Chloe kissing in 2nd episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

He looks so happy 😄

Because I’m as creative as a piece of bread I always end up asking friends for ideas and inspiration. This one is inspired by a scene from the game “Life is strange”. While I personally haven’t played it, I liked the scene a lot and decided to draw it with Star and Marco. 

I always try my best to avoid drawing backgrounds, but sometimes there’s no way around it *shrugs*. At some point I should practice them more.

With that being said, it’s time to disappear again for a while, take care!

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What I kinda maybe wanna see in Life is Strange season two:

- completely different cast but still in the same universe, ie news articles on “devastating storm hits Arcadia Bay” or “Oregon teen shot dead in school bathroom (sorry).” Or maybe even interacting with some minor characters from season 1 (like saving a stranger with purple hair)
- different power instead of time travel.
- still heavily music based (like season 1 was indie) but maybe a different genre like grunge or jazz
- Love path again with the option to be straight, gay, bi, or asexual without the whole plot revolving around the romance.
- complete change of scenery while still keeping the style and charm that it keeps.
- main character is still a teen in/just out of school to make it more relatable
- still revolving around photography or a different form of art.
- aesthetic af parts

Thank u for ur time

Okay so warning about the voltron spoilers!

But I saw plenty of people discuss that this season was not our Shiro but a clone.
And it makes so much sense and I have so much thoughts on it.

But first: Why is he on a galra ship and more important. Why isn’t he more watched? Shiro had escaped on time, it was somehow clear that he could escape a second time and no one really looked at him. He’s the leader of voltron?! He faced a bunch of galra soldiers AND YET HIS ARMS (ESPECIALLY THE RIGHT ONE) WASN’T CUFFED. And If I would be an evil mind I WOULD LET THERE BE A WHOLE ARMY STAND IN THE SAME ROOM WHERE I WOULD HOLD HIM DOWN WITH CHAINS OR SOMETHING? WTF???

And isn’t it funny that Shiro has a flashback on his first imprisonment? And sees himself (or more original!Shiro) in a third person perspective, when he ALWAYS has flashbacks from his point of view? Like in the very beginning of the same episode. Could it be that the long haired Shiro was still on the ship where the original!Shiro was held captive? I’m sure it wasn’t coincidence that fake!Shiro was still there and that we saw this little glimpse. Black wouldn’t transport Shiro to the the ship he was imprisoned the first time.They were too far away. And also Black didn’t “knew” Shiro back then.

What leads us to another question. Why wasn’t Shiro held captive in the main ship then? Allura was and I am sure Shiro, if he would be the original, would be as precious as Allura since (I know I repeat myself) he is the leader. He is important for the team and every other would knew that.

And okay, another though. If original!Shiro really was the captive why didn’t Lotor know? I know Hagger doesn’t trust Lotor, but honestly Lotor would know. And Lotor didn’t know Shiro was held captive. Because Lotor knew that the paladins weren’t the same one because he studied them - he studied which lion where was last seen and realized that the black lion wasn’t somewhere. And he assumed that it would be the same paladins that attacked his father when they attacked him, till he saw that they were fully out of order. So it couldn’t be original!Shiro, cause Lotor would know it. Like Allura said: “He is always a step further.”

Back to Hagger. Honestly if original!Shiro would be somewhere where she could reach him. Shiro would be dead for hurting Zarkon that much ._. 

Okay but also back to fake!Shiro. The hair is too long? Shiro had to be imprisoned for more than a year to get such long hair - he didn’t had so long hair after he escaped the first time … after a year. And now his hair should have grown 30 cm in pfff let it be two weeks? Cause there is some time that flew by. But not a year… maybe some weeks or even less. 

But okay there would also be no way that his undercut wouldn’t outgrown after a year. Except the galra’s have cut it… 
So if we assume the galra has cut it, so original!Shiro can fight as champion, cause hair isn’t good in a fight… why cut the clone’s hair? They didn’t need the clone right now. The hair would grow. 

Also it feels wrong. An episode before “Shiro” returns to the paladins we got the parallel universe with Sven and for me, I wasn’t sure half the next episode if this long haired Shiro is our Shiro. It felt wrong and strange right from the start of this episode and I am sure the writers knew what they would do. They gave us three different Shiro’s in three episodes. It’s strange and rushed. And it was on purpose. Because now Keith has to struggle with a Shiro that wants to lead Voltron again and with commands Keith can’t really get behind. 

The thing is where is original!Shiro then? Is he really with Matt? Like we saw them together on the screenshot some months ago? Maybe. Because we saw Matt again in the first episode the same episode Shiro was freshly missing and both Pidge and Keith searched for them. Maybe it is foreshadowing. We all know the writers love it. Give us little hints and then smash all at us.

Or will they just reunited later?

Or is Shiro really dead? WHAT NO ONE WANTS!! THEY SHOOT SVEN WHO LOOKS LIKE 80!Shiro and a younger version of Keith’s dad THAT’S ENOUGH!

Also why should Shiro wear a new outfit? He went missing in his suit.. his normal outfit probably lays around somewhere? AND WHERE IS HIS SUIT?! And why is his prisoner outfit again so used. Are all prisoner outfits that used?

But it’s also strange that fake!Shiro has memories between his first captive and the second. Like if he had some kind of connection with the original!Shiro and woke up after original!Shiro disappeared. Maybe the connection has broke up after the battle with Zarkon? So now he doesn’t know he is a clone?

And again. Isn’t it strange that fake!Shiro had only memories of the other paladins, Allura and Coran all after the first escape. But not a single one before he got captured the first time? There was no Matt in his memories or maybe how he meet Keith really? It was the first interaction with Keith after his first escape. But we know from season 2 that Shiro and KEith knew each other before. Why didn’t he had a flashback back there? It wouldn’t be strange since we got a whole lot of flashbacks from Allura when she was a child. Why not this time witH Shiro then? Also the flashbacks where again in the third person perspective with original!Shiro. Fake!Shiro didn’t saw them in first perspective like he didn with Ulaz right in the beginning of this episode.

I mean it could be our Shiro. And the memory thing could just be a thing the writers didn’t think of. BUT A CLONE or something that isn’t right with the current (fake)Shiro makes sense and would perhaps explain a bit.

And I won’t start with the part where fake!Shiro tried to pilot black again and couldn’t.

Shiro is either really back but it is very strange or he is a clone and feels like our Shiro but on the same hand doesn’t feel like our Shiro.





Life is Strange Season 2 - CONFIRMED!!

Oh. My. God.

I almost lost hope that I would EVER be able to write a post with THIS kind of headline. A season 2. That all I ever wanted. Thank you so so much!!!

Now what do you guys think will go down in it? I personally think that they are going to make a complete new game with a complete new cast (and maybe setting). The story of season 1 (damn, that wired to say) is told, but I am 110% sure that Dontnod will hind at it or even hide Easter eggs (after all Michel was on the plane with Max, remember?). 

I do hope that they maybe now have the financial resources they need to make the game like they want to (and maybe not leave as many open question as they did with S1, pretty please?)

So what do you guys think will go down in season 2? Fell free to Ask/IM me :) 

-Love, Lena :)