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listening to podcasts is my favorite thing to do. I listen to a lot of podcasts that range from education, drama, to horror. I listen to them when I’m on the bus ride home, cleaning, or doing homework. since I love podcasts, I decided that I would share some of them with you guys today. without further ado…


Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional series that follows a truck driver who’s searching for her wife across America. During her search, she encounters things that aren’t so human, a huge conspiracy, and mysterious towns. 


Limetown is a podcast that focuses on the disappearance of over three hundred men, women, and children from a small town in Tennessee over ten years ago. The podcast follows a reporter named Lia Haddock who’s inquisitive nature leads her to find the answer to this question: “What happened to the people of Limetown?”


Spines is the story of a girl named Wren who wakes up covered in blood, surrounded by the remains of a strange cult ritual,and suffering from meory loss. 


The Bright Sessions is a podcast that focuses on therapy sessions for atypicals. 


Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast told through a radio show thaat gives community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale. It has everything you would ever need: local weather, news, announcements from the Sherrif’s Secret Police, warnings to stay away from the dog park (because there’s no humans allowed, duh), angels, dark hodded figures with unknown powers, mysterious lights in the sky and cultural events.


On Being is a podcast that asks the big questions of meaning to scientists, artists, teachers, etc.


MarsCorp is podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp. MarsCorp is a colony established on Mars in 2070.


Within the Wires is a podcast set in an alternate reality. This podcast tells stories under the persona of instructional audio programs that guide the listener through different audio experiences that later reveal a more personal story.

from the many podcasts I listen to, these are my top 8 at the moment. check them out (i need someone to fangirl too) and let me know what you think. I wouldn’t mind talking to someone about this. like always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know! stay tuned for the next post.


Context - The players are on the search for a vandal who’s been painting letters in blood around the place. The players discover that it’s cat blood, and make various rolls to discover any rituals or strange customs involved, but to no avail.

Rogue: This feels ridiculous to say, but can I roll to see if anyone in the crowd is missing a cat? *succeeds*

Me: Okay yeah, you overhear one of the old ladies in the crowd mention the stray cat she’s been feeding didn’t come today.

Rogue (loudly): ‘Somebody killed that woman’s cat.’

Old Woman goes pale white, and the bard tries to assuage the situation by saying Rogue meant someone ELSE’s cat.

Bard: Pfft, uhh, nat 1

Me, Rogue and Cleric simultaneously: …Oh my god

Monk: :Dc


Bard: ‘Not… not YOUR cat! S-strays die all the time! It probably just got eaten by a rabid dog, or died valiantly fighting off another stray trying to drink her… milk…’

Rogue: ‘Maybe there was a bear?’

Me: Roll a d6 for me?

Bard: 4

Me: The lady takes 4 non-lethal damage from emotional pain and collapses to the ground, unconscious. Her friend starts strutting towards you, rolling up her sleeves and yelling obscenities.

Me as NPC: 'Alright, let’s get out of here. Brisk walking pace, let’s go.’

The Karlus Urbanus [noun]

An endangered species living in New Zealand

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Observe it in it’s natural environment

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Watch as it stares down an apex predator

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Are known to have issues with cats

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They have a strange mating ritual

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And you must approach slowly from the side to avoid startling them

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When my grandfather came home from World War II he had nightmares. He dreamed he was still fighting the Japanese, but in the trees behind our farmhouse. He was only 17 when he enlisted and had never been out of the county. Six weeks later in was in the middle of the wild blue Pacific on a destroyer in the Battle of Midway. He fought on through Okinawa and the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Years later, my father woke us up screaming. I ran into my parents’ room. My dad was twisted up in the bedsheets, on the floor, sobbing wildly like a lost child. He was gone by breakfast time. Mom said he was sick. That’s when she told us about Vietnam and how dad dreamed, just like his father had, of fighting the enemy in the woods behind our house. I remember walking in those trees later, clutching my BB gun. I eyed the old rusted farm equipment and wondered. We visited dad in the VA until he eventually came back home. Only to awaken us again and again.

I never had to go fight in a war. I went to college, moved to the city and got a decent job. A few years ago dad had a stroke and passed away. Last summer mom broke her hip and we moved her into an assisted living facility. We sold the farm so there was plenty of money to see that mom had her own little apartment and was well taken care of.

Before I left, I went back to the farm and buried my father’s and my grandfather’s guns in the grove. A few were probably worth some real money, but I wanted to put them to rest. I was tired of guns.

Burying them became a strange comforting ritual. There is a rhythm in digging a grave. I dug the hole deep and began to imagine and slipped into a dream. I was planting a new kind of crop for a new kind of world. We’d found an alien machine and used it the wrong way. The technology wasn’t for destruction and killing, but for creation. It was all one big mistake. It was well after midnight when I finally covered the hole and lay on top of it, exhausted. I was overcome as I looked up at the silent giant trees and imagined my father’s and grandfather’s fear and horror. It was so peaceful now. I hoped they’d found peace. And perhaps that something wild and new would grow.

The farm’s new owners cut down most of the trees. They built a giant orange storage facility for people to hoard all their excess junk in.

Last week mom fell again and had to have surgery on her hip. I drove out to the old farm. The house is still there but covered with shitty looking vinyl siding. There are two long rows of storage units. It looks like a factory farm. All but a small bunch of trees in the very back corner had been cut down.

I parked and walked around the back. There was a young mom with her child. She was trying unsuccessfully to squeeze a large cardboard box into her little Toyota while wrangling her 3 yr old. “Here, let me help,” I said and grabbed the box. The child made its escape into the underbrush of leftover trees.

“Jacob!” the mom yelled, chasing after him. I folded the flaps of the box and slid it snugly into the back seat.

“Oh put that down,” the woman said. I turned around. The child emerging from the bush, holding an odd large red flower. It was probably the wind but the petals seemed to flutter like wings and for a second I thought it was a bird trying to fly away.

The Regent - Hand carved and bound in ink to wood by Drew Meger in Salem, MA. Part of the SECRET CHIEFS sequence.

The Regent is authority, the system, the cold impersonal bureaucracy that keeps reality moving. We know it as Metatron, Greyface, the Lesser YHVH, and so on. Unlike the other Secret Chiefs who began as ambitious individuals who clutched at godhood or impersonal forces given personality through mass belief, the Regent was created. The Chiefs of the time gave up a portion of their power to create the Regent as an adjudicator of their various struggles. That small seed planted in the skull of Enoch grew over time to be an all encompassing force, for the act of giving up some of your own power, your own determination feeds into the Regent and gives it strength.

Some say the Regent’s power is accelerating, that its phantom bureaucracy of blind scribes and muttering functionaries have ascended beyond its original scope. Others say this is as it should be, that the Regent’s aim is to take control of all the functional details of rulership, leaving the pomp and the glory to others.

Butterfly Wings


Coran had become accustomed to the strange ways of humans.
He no longer questioned their strange rituals such as pranks and dabbing after a successful mission.
So when he found Lance sitting in the control room in the middle of the night wearing his blanket like a cape and covering his face, Coran didn’t think twice about it.
“Ah Lance my boy, how are you this fine evening?”
Lance looked up in surprise tears streaming down his face and his makeup running.
Coran felt his heart skip a beat as he stared at the crying paladin.
“Coran?” Lance asked sounding so utterly defeated that the older Altean didn’t hesitate to cross the room and pull him into a strong hug.
“Oh Lance…” he whispered as Lance buried his face into Corans white shirt sobbing.
The two say their for almost an hour, Lance crying and Coran whispering quiet words of comfort and gently rocking him back and forth.
Eventually Lance’s sobs died down to the occasional sniff.
“Feeling better?” Coran asked running his fingers through his hair out of fatherly instinct.
Lance didn’t say anything only nodded.
“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”
“I had a nightmare… that when I got back to earth my home and family were gone.” Lance mumbled almost sounding guilty for admitting his weakness.
“It’s ok, everyone gets nightmares… you Paladins though… too many for children.” Coran sighed as he tilted lance’s face up.
His makeup was pretty much gone at this point and the pale patches across his face were now visible.
Lance looked away as Coran brushed his thumb across Lance’s cheek wiping away his tears.
“I can’t promise that that your family will be waiting for you, but I can promise that we will always live and support you no matter what. Strange human markings and all.”
Lance’s eyes widened before he spotted the makeup now covering Coran’s front.
He laughed rubbing his eye “sorry about your shirt.”
Coran smiled glad that the weight of the universe was off the boy’s shoulders even if it was just for a moment.
“Oh this is nothing, you should of seen the state my garments got in after I got into a skirmish with a Gottelwat.”
Lance raised an eyebrow “Gottelwat?”
Coran gasped “see me and Alfie were investigating a planet when we came across them. Dirtiest creatures I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course the kind who was the prince at the time decided to provoke them and well long story short we were trampled.”
Lance laughed long and hard “wow…” he was quiet for a moment looking embarrassed before throwing his arms around Coran’s neck and hugging him.
“Thanks Coran… really thanks.”
Coran smiled returning the hug “your welcome my boy.”

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Headcannon or drabble on the chocobros seeing a girl that they are like "love at first sight" for, but she speaks a different language and hardly knows any English or whatever language they know? Thanks ❤❤❤

I’m gonna be honest with you anon, that is the CUTEST effin thing I have ever heard! My heart is just WOW. I legit had to hold my heart and stop from crying. o(≧∇≦o)

I’m gonna make you proud! (I hope :P) This went a little longer than I thought it would…that’s why it took so long. ❤❤❤



“An escort mission, seems simple enough.” Ignis stated, holding a piece of paper.

“Iggy’s right Noct, with that money we won’t have to worry about anything from here to Tranbene.” Prompto added, looking into the backseat. “Please it’s on the way, so we can technically kill two birds with one stone.”

“It would add a little excitement to this 2 week bachelor party you wanted to go on.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“If I recall correctly, I didn’t want a party at all.” Noctis groaned.

Now here they all sat in the Regalia, a young woman squeezed between Future King and Shield, a long veil over your face. You never responded to any of the banter, making the car ride rather uncomfortable.

The mission was simple, drive 2 days east, and drop you off to your future husband.  About an hour out of your old city, you shocked the entire car as you uttered your first words.

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In honor of the Olympics…


  • Shiro is a beach volleyball player.
  • Lance is a swimmer.
  • Keith is a gymnast.
  • Hunk doing weight-lifting
  • Pidge is an archer and one of the youngest in the games.
  • Allura competing in the women’s all-around gymnastics, and Coran is her coach.
  • Keith hanging out at the practice pool because he’s thirsty and watching Lance swim and oh no he’s hot
  • He feels really un-patriotic for rooting for the hot guy and not his own country, but he does it anyway (in his head, of course).
  • No one expects Pidge to win any of their events because they’re a child, but, surprisingly, they come in first place.
  • Allura is very flexible and is best at the balance beam.
  • Keith doing parallel bars and asking Allura to practice with him because she’s pretty much the best out there.
  • She does it, since she’s super nice (and they aren’t competing against each other) and she cheers for him at his competition.
  • He tries hard to make her proud
  • Hunk just completely annihilating the competition
  • Lance nick-naming Pidge “Katniss Everdeen”
  • Shiro getting a bloody nose from getting hit in the face at full force with a volleyball, but finishing the game anyway.
  • Lance having a really strange pre-game ritual of eating an orange slice 45 minute before the game, talking to a picture of his mom and saying that he’ll make her proud, complimenting himself in the mirror, and putting/taking off his goggles 3 times.
  • Allura’s team’s leotards are super sparkly and she looks like a beautiful goddess
  • “You can’t date someone from a different country’s team.”
  • “Fucking witness me”
  • Asexual Shiro “They don’t call me an ace for nothing” (get it??? like… like a good serve-)
  • Lance hits his head on the side of the pool often when he doesn’t pay attention

A/N: Hi, it’s savvy!dean here! This is for @revwinchester ‘s Rewriting Rev Challenge, and just a little something spooky for the month of October!

“It’s not going to happen,” Sam says to you. He shoves a hand through his hair and paces across the room. “Who in the world would want to sit in a dark room for two hours watching creepy ass clowns terrify people?”

“Just one creepy ass clown,” you say. “And I want that. It’s fun.”

Dean tosses his arm over your shoulder. “I’ll hold your hand if you get scared.”

“Who’s going to hold Sam’s hand?” you grin and glance at Cas.

“Sounds like a strange ritual to me,” Cas responds, looking at the picture above the movie times on the computer. “Sit in a random building, watch people trying to scare other people. And pay money for it.”

Sam nods. “Thank you, Cas. See? Cas gets it.”

“That’s the American way,” Dean says. “Right?”

You nod. “And you have to pay WAY too much money for popcorn and drinks or else you’re not doing it right.”

“Now you’ve convinced me,” Sam says with a roll of his eyes. “I get to pay money to be terrified. Right on.”

You link arms with him. “I’ll protect you.”

“I’m not scared…It’s just clowns…”

Dean grins. “He’s scared. Which is part of the appeal.”

“I agree,” Cas says. “It does hold a certain appeal. Fear produces endorphins. It’s an adrenaline rush, that sudden release of dopamine.” Cas gives Sam an uncharacteristically playful smile. “And it’s fun.”

Sam frowns. “Oh, good, he does have a personality. Thanks, Cas. I thought you were on my side.”

“There are no sides,” Dean says, “just–dopamine I guess. So let’s go!”

You laugh and tug on Sam’s arm. “Come on, it’ll be fun. And afterward, if you’re a good boy, I’ll get you a balloon.”

Dean laughs. “Yep, a nice big red one that floats.”

Sam groans but follows us out of the door.


#361.51 - Snorunt live in regions with heavy snowfall, and survive by eating only snow and ice while they’re young. As Snorunt evolves, the cloak it wore integrates with its body, and is hardened into an armor from the ice it produces. Inside the cloak, magnetism from its rock-like body is believed to be the source of its budding levitation. To have enough energy to maintain this levitation, maturing Snorunt will begin to hunt and eat small prey. 

Named: Snorunt - Hailghast - Glalie 

#361.52 - During the sunny season, some female Snorunt have been observed to disappear into the deep cave systems of snowy mountains. While there, they mysteriously set up columns of ice to reflect light throughout the caverns, causing the walls deep within to glitter and shine. Completing this strange ritual will trigger Snorunt to evolve, though trainers can attempt to replicate this by frequently exposing their Snorunt to a Dawn Stone. When the Snorunt has completed transiting into a Froslss, they will often keep the cavern as their den, where they are suspected to keep frozen prey on display.

Named: Snorunt - Blizzoul - Froslass

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Another ‘humans are weird‘ post.

I’ve seen a lot of those posts about humans freaking out aliens with our survival capabilities and strange rituals, but what about the mental horrors humans willingly subject ourselves to?

Not just thrilling things like facing a thunderstorm or getting in a screaming metal death trap, I’m talking a good old fashioned horror film.

Humans have a strange obsession with scaring ourselves. We have an entire genre dedicated to giving people nightmares, scenarios to simulate the perfect fight or flight response. We love to scare the shit out of ourselves and each other.

In many areas we’re bored with horror if it’s gone stale. “Ugh, just a jumpscare fest, lame.“

Imagine an alien species seeing these titles and being horrified to learn we just created them to entertain. We’re so bored with reality we make our fantasies even scarier.

Two 50 year old boring arguments

Tumblr pagans are carrying on from the 1960’s to now.

A few people who were in Gardner’s covens and left thought lots of his Wicca was B.S. Several of them left at different times and sought something older and Robert Cochrane called it Traditional Witchcraft to distinguish it from Gardner’s design. Cochrane complaining constantly about Gardner caused Valiente )who Gardner had alienated by insisting HPS be younger women but the HP (himself) could be old) to leave Cochrane’s clan and went solitary. She continued her research into older traditions. And this argument continues to this day as Gardnarian Wiccans demand to be called traditional witches and insist that it not be defined as non-wiccan even though that has been a large part of its meaning since day one. Whatever I don’t care.

In 1962 Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart formed the Church of All Worlds a pagan religion based on Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange World. They replicated rituals, organizational structure, the polyamorous marriage style, and much more based on the book. The cakes and ale ritual language most neo wiccan circles use is from that book. The same founders bred unicorns from goats and toured them in the circus, Oberon dresses like Dumbledore. This is full on life long committed pop culture paganism. And it predates Tumblr by 50 years and the Internet by 30 years. To this day pagans argue over this “brand new form of paganism that was just invented with a particular social media format.” Whatever, I don’t care.


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

A very happy and hot July day to all of you audio drama fanatics out there! There’s so much to look forward to during the summer: the beach, the barbecues, and the bountiful amounts of free audio drama seeking out new listeners to tell their stories to.

Strap on and dive in, saddle up, and stay Scottish if you haven’t already because my selection will keep your summer’s filled with the most delightful sounds available. 

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love. 

1. A Scottish Podcast

When washed up radio DJ Lee finds himself “between jobs” he decides to launch a paranormal investigative podcast series, inspired by the likes of The Black Tapes, The Message, and Limetown. Enter The Terror Files. Aided by his long suffering sidekick, struggling musician Dougie, the pair embark on their first investigation - by heading down into a newly uncovered vault underneath Edinburgh’s old town. 

Comedy and horror is a combination I barely see in audio drama and A Scottish Podcast is the answer to just how well the two can combine. With our host Lee, we get a look into a protagonist that functions his own show, providing some fascinating insight into the woes of audio drama management…albeit with some more supernatural elements sprinkled in.

For those who enjoy more adult humor, A Scottish Podcast is guaranteed to give you your fill of tasteful yet vulgar comedy all wrapped up with some genuine heart and dedication to producing a one of a kind podcast.

2. The Haven Chronicles

The Haven Chronicles follows the mysterious events that have unfolded on Haven.

Step into the Haven and the Haven chimes back with a fascinating sci-fi adventure story. This follows the mission of a group of soldiers responding to a distress beacon from a backwater planet and getting a little more than they bargained for in the process. 

Complete with some excellent acting chops, atmospheric sound editing, and a gripping tale containing an underlying mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of comedy, The Haven Chronicles delivers and is bound to be a fun ride.

3. Wynabego Warrior: The Tale of John Waynnabe

A modern day old west tale, wrought with peril and danger, redemption, and renewal. The tale of a man determined to find the old west that he remembers from the silver screen of his youth. 

A very overdue recommendation on my part though Wynabego Warrior, one of many shows in the works by Audioblivious Productions, is the western podcast you never thought you were missing from your feed.

A unique contender drawing inspiration from old fashion cowboy tales, our lead John Waynnabe pursues a journey of self discovery with some bumps in the road as he finds both friends to stick by his side and foes interrupting his happy trails. 

4. Spines

Two months ago, Wren woke up covered in blood, suffering from memory loss, and surrounded by the remnants of some strange cult ritual. SPINES is the story of her search for answers, and the deadly, powerful people she encounters along the way. 

We’re all due for a summertime scream fest and Spines is here to deliver. With our lead Wren acting as narrator, we follow them through a twisted tale filled with all the icky, eerie details we seek in the best of horror podcasts.

If you’re eager to learn about bloody attics and creepy cults and can’t get enough delightfully gory mysteries, Spines will grant you a very spine tingling listening session.

5. MarsCorp

From the creators of The Bunker podcast - MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070. 

From the same minds behind the audio drama original The Bunker by Definitely Human, we have a sci-fi serial comedy for those looking for stories on Mars beyond The Penumbra

For fans of Wolf 359 dreading the beloved show’s conclusion, MarsCorp is a fresh and intriguing selection that is sure to give you that right fill of comedy and tragedy in a delightfully fun and futuristic setting. 

6. Under Pressure

A near future podcast about life aboard the underwater research station Amphitrite featuring deep sea scholars, love, oblique literature references, and chaotic neutral kraken.

Now diving twenty thousand leagues into a fresh podcast published this year. Those who may like aquatic themed tales such as The Bridge and Passage may find some common sea ground here as Under Pressure dives into the audio logs of Rebecca, a member aboard station Amphitrite alongside crew mates seeking information about the deep mysteries of oceanic life. 

One part survival story of both the dark depths of the ocean and survival boredom from being in said position, Under Pressure promises light comedy and sea creatures that will hopefully make listening something more sweet than salty.

now, get to listening.