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Famous Last Words! I had to learn some parts by my ear and my timing is offin some parts but i dont give a flying fuck.

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For as much as you all complain about no PoC batfam members you all sure ignore all the existing ones. It’s not like it’s just Damian and Dick, there is literally a plethora that you all just choose to ignore.

Even Cass, she’s slightly more popular than the others but she’s Asian. I never even noticed how much she was ignored until I saw a bunch of posts telling people not to ignore her.

But recently I noticed something else… Don’t ignore this, I’m calling ya’ll out.

Barbara Gordon is a strong, independent cripple, the fandom prefers her as a modern White Girl™. Not a white girl, not even a White™ girl, a White Girl™, (if Babs picked up one of those batgirl comics she would literally cringe). Pretty sure she was ignored before the new 52.

Dick Grayson is a quick-thinking Romani player (seriously, the majority of the nightwing series was spent in his bed) who honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about everyone else (depending on their situation) because his own life is a trash fire. Makes a bunch of mistakes. The fandom sees him as a dumb innocent white guy who wants nothing more than everyone to get along, has no life of his own, he is perfect.

Cassandra Cain is an Asian assassin, strong in every way,she can’t speak properly because she was never taught, she overcame literal hell! Butch af! Female batman! Literally! A tiny Bruce! More likely to be related to him than Damian! Fandom: hmm… IGNORED.

Stephanie Brown is a clumsy lil baby who screws up but manages to fix it anyway. She’s not as independent as the others, she needs help a lot but that’s ok. She overcame so much. She’s headstrong, she is a TRICKSTER, she isn’t perfect but she doesn’t need to be. Had a baby that she lost, faked her own death (she didn’t really die, it was faked w/ Leslie’s help.) she is so strong and amazing. Fandom: WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! EGGPLANT!

Damian Wayne is an intelligent mixed boy, raised by the LoA, but treated like a prince so he turned up a brat. He never had a normal childhood, he ended up being awkward around people like his dad, but instead of adopting orphans he adopts animals.
Fandom likes him, actually, constantly draws him white and says his mom abused him when maybe in some comics she did but in reality she would do anything for that boy. Sometimes they make him more sociable, more of an animal-hog than a rescuer, and don’t really show his struggles to make friends or fit in. Eh, he’s way better than the others.

Tim Drake and Jason Todd are smart, Jason is dumbed down and Tim is thought to be a coffee addict. Tim obviously has depression, I’m not sure what Jason has (need to check that superhero mental illness blog) but he’s not that bad. Jason doesn’t have as much of a temper as you all say he does, he was a good lil boy but, y'know, any reason to blame his own death on him. Tim has suffered so much loss, its ridiculous, he’s stressing himself with work and distraction, trying to solve every little problem by himself.
Also the fandom literally hopped onto the black hair train as soon as it landed. I haven’t seen a pic with his white hair in so long R.I.P. 😔 no diversity in Wayne Manor sorry, pal. All black hair only.

BRUCE. Bruce Wayne. The actual batman, the star of the show, is the world’s greatest detective who gets his wires crossed emotionally, he’s obviously mentally ill, complex in every way. He never sees himself as Bruce, more as Batman, Bruce is the mask while Batman is who he really is. He isn’t the best with his kids but he tries his best, fucks up a lot but has undying love for them. Would literally do anything for them. What say you, fandom? Rich playboy who is completely fine in the head. Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same uwu completely dumbass, knows nothing. Worst father.

Duke Thomas, Gavin King, Luke Fox, Lucius Fox (and his entire family), Onyx Adams, all black, all ignored. Doesn’t matter if some are dead, when Bruce is long gone we’re still going to love him. Duke is more popular than the others, probably because the fandom keeps telling people they’ll punch them in the face if they don’t like him. (Lucius was the first black member, Gavin was the first black Gotham vigilante was the first one, actually, not Duke. It should be obvious he isn’t the first, too, because Luke Fox is literally in so many issue of the current Detective Comics 🙃)

Harper Row? Bisexual! Colored hair! Honestly don’t know her that well but I love her anyway and want to give her the official Bi jacket. Fandom?

Jean-Paul Valley. He’s still there, too, btw, literal cinnamon roll, Cass’s bff (you guys always pair her with the girls for some reason?), catholic, fights demons (internal and external) everyday. Ignored.

Kate Kane, gay woman, from the army, overall badass, Jewish from a (guessing) Christian or atheist family. Fandom? Ignored. Renee Montoya is her cop gf. Ignored as well. So is Maggie Sawyer (in the comics, that is, supergirl boosted her).
And Bette? Honestly I don’t know anything about her but from what I hear and saw she would probably be the perfect candidate for you’re parade. Strange, she must have a “malfunction”.

Helena fucking Bertinelli! Italian! Recently black! Hopefully recently mixed! Catholic! Daughter of a crime boss! Bad to the f-ing ass! Independent! Fandom? Never heard of her!
Helena Wayne? White girl? Yeah, let’s have her. Literally more popular than Bertinelli in the Batfam fandom.

Sasha Bordeaux, secret service agent! Bodyguard! I’m quite not sure what race she is but she doesn’t look white. Short hair, badass woman, probably gay. You know what the fandom said? Ignored.

Julia Pennyworth, spy, ALFRED’S DAUGHTER, recently mixed (half black). BadASS. Probably gay too. Strong, could probably throw me into the sun. She isn’t even new, she was there for the longest freaking time. In fact, she was one of Bruce’s lovers. Ignored. By the way, you all keep ignoring that Alfie served in a war. :) is a VETERAN. Can damn well handle himself.

David Zavimbe was African, the first batman inc. member to get a comic! Do you know who that is? Of course not.

All the ignored ones can’t be warped into nice white people, while the others are warped as much as they can. I can’t believe I was actually gonna make a post about how everyone should chill about ignoring Duke because he’s so new. No, spam darn the tag with pictures of the beefy good boy.

The batfam is extremely diverse, diversity isn’t just race, it’s gender, sexuality, its physical and mental disabilities, it’s height, it’s religion, it’s personality, it’s looks. And the fandom erases that.

I wasn’t all that invested in these other characters because when I got into the fandom I thought they didn’t really matter, maybe they were lame, maybe I’d make a few headcanons but I’d rather tread on what the fandom goes by because they’ve been here for agesss!

Now? I’m judging the fandom. Not all of you, some of you are precious as heck. Some of you fight this absolute bull (Fox fam blog? David Zavimbe blog? Arab Dami blog? Helena batfam blog? Ya’ll rock.) and some of you just jumped into group mentality. The others can suck a Grayson.

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Awesome answer! Very insightful. I confess I didn't watch Parade's End, but now I can't wait. Thank you!

Hello! I’m so glad my post was able to convince you to give parade’s end a try! I know there are probably newer fans because of Doctor Strange and I hope a post like mine would give them the push to watch Bc’s back catalog cos truly there is something for everyone! He’s covered just about all the major genres out there (even tho we are still waiting for a proper romantic comedy and something a lil more grittier cos who doesn’t want to see more BamfBatch)

And thank YOU! for the feedback! 


Francis Alÿs - Cuentos Patrióticos (1997)

In his wanderings through his adopted home country of Mexico, Belgian artist Francis Alÿs (b. 1959) addresses the topic of urban power structures in his video Cuentos Patrioticos, which plays out on the Zócalo, Mexico City’s main square. The square was laid out by the Spanish conquistadors as an emblem of their victory over the Aztecs and has repeatedly been the scene of demonstrations of power. In Cuentos Patrioticos we see a man taking a sheep on a lead in a circle around the large flagpole on Zócalo square. With every ring of the bell more sheep join the bellwether. Sheep are gregarious animals and accordingly, at the sight of the strange parade on this square so steeped in history, the automatic temptation is to see them as blind followers.


“I was thrilled with how the first series of ‘Sherlock’ was received. It was such great fun to film, which makes it so rewarding when something you enjoy is so well received.”

Benedict Cumberbatch

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Three questions. 1) what are some long lighthearted fits without D being too occ 2) other than the fallout and isolation what are some guys with Draco in character. They can be serious or not. 3) what's your favorite Hogwarts fic?


Gryffindor’s Golden Girl to Slytherin’s Princess - T, 20 chapters - The Golden Trio are back at Hogwarts for their final year after the end of the war. However Hogwarts still has one more trick up it’s sleeve when McGonagall decides to switch Hermione from Gryffindor to Slytherin to promote unity.

Pansy’s Revenge - Rated T, 26 chapters - An angry 12 year old Pansy gets her revenge on Draco and drags poor Hermione into her scheme. It’s not until 5 years later that the forgotten incident resurfaces. Will the threat of death bring them together, or will they murder each other?

Simply Irresistible - T, 29 chapters - Draco gave a cocky grin. “I am going to give you a makeover.” “I’m sorry what?” “You heard me Granger, I’m going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible.”

Sherwood Florist - l0stinl0ve - T, 10 chapters - Draco is turning 23 soon, and all of a sudden his mother has him running these weird errands for random dates. One of the errands is to get a bouquet for the girl. So he goes to the best flower shop in Diagon Alley, which just so happens to be owned by Hermione Granger. 

When In Rome By: LucindaRemyMalfoy - M, 11 Chapters - After a bad breakup with Ron, Hermione decides to go visit her cousin in Rome for a change of scenery and a new start, and maybe, just maybe, the Italian she met at the Leakey Cauldron was right, and wishes really did come true…just not in the way she expected. M for later chapters. 

Future Adventures - cleotheo - M, 11 chapters - During a joint Potions/Charms lesson, Draco is accidentally given an overdose of a potion that will allow him to experience time in the future. During his time in the future he sees plenty of unexpected things, but will he like how his life is going to turn out?

Five Days In November - cpetrienm - MA, 12 chapters - Hermione and Draco serendipitously meet a few months after the war ends. A recovering Hermione welcomes Draco into her life, recognizing his need for friendship and healing. Draco seizes this second chance to prove to Hermione that he can be a better man.

Hermione Granger and the Werewolves’ Moon by SinclairWhite - Rated T, 47 chapters - Set directly after the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione decides to return to Hogwarts complete her NEWTs, with or without Harry and Ron. But even during that summer there are signs that everything is not perfect after the defeat of Voldemort and the remaining Dark wizards are not going to be caught without a fight. On top of all that, Draco Malfoy is being strangely accepting.


Parade of the Sun - MA, 35 chapters - Floralis Fati is a plant with the power to control time, hidden in the wild, and protected by a magic that strips people of their own while seeking to kill them. Hermione wants it to save the world. Draco wants it to save himself. Sometimes what we want can destroy us - and sometimes it can build us new again.

The Boy in the Hammock - M, 18 chapters - Hermione tugged at the string holding the hood onto the boy’s head, gingerly pulling the fabric back to reveal his face. Lying before her, barely recognizable beyond the swelling and the blood, but still very much himself, was Draco Malfoy.

Master by AkashaTheKitty - Rated: M - 1 Chapter (complete) -  The war drags on and Hermione Granger is caught and then bought by her old enemy Draco Malfoy. But why did he do that when he obviously isn’t really interested in using her for anything?

Cruel and Beautiful World By: Lena Phoria - M, 50 chapters - After years of captivity, Hermione Granger fights her way onto the streets of Voldemort’s London with only the knife in her pocket and the blood on her hands. There’s a checkpoint on every corner, a curfew enforced by Voldemort’s most trusted followers, and the only way back to the Boy Who Lived is through the Death Eater who let her be captured in the first place. DM/HG. COMPLETE


I made a ginormous list here a while back, so here is the link to that

- Lisa