strange masks

Imagine teasing Deadpool.

You look up at your apartment building and immediately see the loud mouth merc sitting at the top of the building, feet dangling over the edge.  Rolling your eyes, you head into the building and up the flight of stairs to your apartment carrying a brown take out bag. You walk inside and grab two beers from the frig, head straight out the window and up the fire escape.

Reaching the top of the stairs, you hop onto the roof and see Mr. Deadpool himself.

“Yo, Wade!” You call out as you come up behind him.

“Hey hot stuff. Fancy meeting you here.” You can hear the smile underneath his mask.

“Yeah, strange meeting you up here. Not like I don’t live in this building, dumb ass.”

Wade laughs, patting the spot next to him. Luckily, you were not afraid of heights, so you take a seat next to him on the wide ledge.

“I got beers and food,” you pass a beer to Wade.

“Tell me those are tacos in that bag.” He reaches for the bag, but you quickly move it out of his reach.

“I’m only giving you five this time, jerk.” You warn.

“Stop teasing, you’re giving me a major boner.”

You peer at his crotch, squinting, “Nothing major about that.”

“Ouch, you hurt me. But it’s true.”

You laugh and hand over the tacos to Wade.

“You are too good to me,” He lifts his mask just under his nose.

“You’re telling me, Wade.” You tease not paying much attention to the scarred skin that was showing. It didn’t really faze you much, but you hadn’t seen his whole face yet. Sipping from your beer, you devour a taco in two bites.

“Damn, you swallow fast!” Wade exclaims, stuffing a taco in his own mouth.

“Show me your face and I’ll show you my swallowing skills.” You nod to his mask.

The voices in Wade’s head yell at him to do it, because it had been awhile since anyone, but himself had touched his dick.

“Deal.” Is all he says as he pulls his mask off. You set the taco in your hand down and give Wade’s face a once over. His scarred skin didn’t really gain a reaction from you, instead you blink once and shrug.

“Eh, I’ve dated uglier dudes.”

Wade’s brown eyes actually softens as he set his mask down and takes a sip from his beer, smiling to himself.

“I showed you mine, now show me yours.” Wade smirks up from his beer.

“Okay.” You swing a leg to straddle the ledge and face Wade looking deep into his eyes. He wiggles in his spot turning to face you, waiting for you to make a move. So you open your mouth and move your head down toward his crotch. And when Wade becomes visibly excited, you reach down for the taco next to you, stuffing it whole in your mouth. Quickly you chew and swallow it, beaming with laughter.

Wade grins widely, “Oh, you fucken tease! I’m touching myself tonight!”


Made some random Life Is Strange icons cause I’m total trash! All are 500x500, feel free to use them!

The Regret Pokemon
Ghost type

This Pokemon is said to be made up of thousands of mournful spirits, all clustering together behind a strange mask. The blue jewel is gives of a strange, spiritual energy; which might be what draws regretful spirits towards it. They often appear around cemeteries, usually when someone’s mourning at the graves.

Chloe Price Icons

Below are 157 icons of Chloe Price from the Life is Strange: Episode 3. This is mainly for ofprice‘s use, but anyone can use them! Just please remember to like or reblog this so that I know you’re using them. Do not claim them as your own as it did literally take me 3 hours to screencap and resize. ( video credit to cryaotic because he literally posted the most HD video of this episode I’ve ever seen tbvh. )

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JayTim fic recs


The Untitled JayTim Project

Jason and Tim begin to bond after Jason rescues Tim from a psychopath, when no one else knew Tim needed rescuing. Mature.


In a merger of universes, a look into the aftermath of the Joker’s death from Tim Drake’s hands and the return of Jason Todd.



The baby that was to be named Timothy Jackson Drake was born small and gray. But he had been born with music in him. The man that becomes Timothy Drake-Wayne is a disciple of silence. Teen.


Everyone has a breaking point. Tim has reached his. And he has succumbed to it. Teen.


Part 1 of reversal!verse. Jason hadn’t met the second Robin before today. And all he has to say on the matter is damn.


Doubtful Sanity

Tim’s never regretted his decision to go to Barbara Gordon when Batman began to fall apart after Robin’s death. He does reserve the right to complain when strange men in masks begin to use him as an intermediary for Oracle though. Explicit.

A Left Turn Somewhere Around Albuquerque

The Replacement, Jason realizes with more than a little dread, is hot. Teen.

Watching and Wanting

There’s something different about the weight of these eyes. Something that makes Jason sit up and take notice. Explicit.

Kissing Games

Nothing good has ever come from Steph and Dick plotting together. Nothing. Gen.


Every Step of the Way Will Find Us

It almost feels like camaraderie when Jason gives him a two fingered salute, “Till next time.” Teen.

Fluffy Cavities

The domestic batfam AU you didn’t know you needed. Gen.


“The bond is a tie between the People and the Dragon. Anyone can bond with a dragon. But conditions must be met, both must be willing, both must be of pure heart, and both must have an affinity. The Bond will open the mind, it is a profound existence. Once the bond is formed you are changed. It is a change that surpasses the physical, the mystical, and the passages of time.” Teen.

Cradle Robber

“I’m taking you home.” There’s a slight struggle which Jason wins. “And I’m going to feed you. Something fried. With mayonnaise. And bread. And sugar. Lots of sugar.” Gen.


nine tenths

Tim isn’t surprised when he’s attacked by Jason Todd shortly after Jason’s return from the dead. What does surprise him is that Jason doesn’t seem to want to hurt him. Instead, Jason seems almost single-mindedly obsessed with keeping Tim safe, and Tim is determined to get to the bottom of it. Teen.

when the music is gone

When the planet is shaken by events that are later called the Disasters, every major city in the world experiences what Gotham went through in No Man’s Land. It’s business as usual in Gotham; they’ve been through this before, after all. Things start to get out of hand when Batman is ambushed and brought down; after that, heroes drop one by one as the rogues dig in and tear Gotham apart.

When Dick tells Tim that he’s leaving Gotham, Tim refuses to go with him, knowing that if he stays he can help. He turns to Jason, one of the only tentative allies he has left in the city, and together, they try their best to save a city that it might not be possible to save. Mature.

after the storm

Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he’d have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation ’s representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine “best” in order for that to work out. Teen.

glymr and iesika

Kings Among Runaways

The AU where Tim ran away from home at the tender age of mumbledyteen, and Jason got let off with a warning, the night he met Batman. Explicit.

Captain Australia


Part 1 of rubble!verse. Jason and Tim get caught in a building collapse and building isn’t the only thing that cracks.

What Once Was and Can Never be Again

Jason spots little Tim during a photography session when he’s Robin. And it all grows from there.

The Replacement

So this is AFTER Jason comes back to life and then tries to kill the Joker, slightly AU-ish. Explicit.


Grappling Lessons

A wrestling match devolves into…well… Rated R, for sexual themes.

The Bodyguard

Tim is the sole heir to Drake Industries, and his parents have decided to hire a bodyguard from Wayne Enterprises for him. Tim is skeptical, and the bodyguard doesn’t particularly like the situation either. But sometimes, circumstances will bring people together. Explicit.


Little Lonely Boy in a Cave

Part 1 of Little Lonely Boy!verse. Jason finds Little!Tim.



Part 1 of Ghost verse. Ghosts don’t sleep, but sometimes, they still dream.


The Trouble With Ghosts

Dick’s first house is haunted, Jason doesn’t believe in ghosts, Tim is a pizza delivery boy they won’t let leave, and Damian has unfinished business. Gen.


Go Down on you in a Theatre

Bruce stumbles across something he should not have seen. Explicit.


the one with the selfies

Thanks for the spank bank material, replacement, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t meant for me. Explicit.

you build me up like steps

Tim faces this problem the same way he faces every problem he comes up against, faces it the only way he knows how.

With research. Explicit.


The Party Line

“Hey, Birdboy, what’re you wearing?” Explicit.



Jason is a soccer player and Tim is a dork and there are feelings. Teen.


I spend my money on the regular miracles

Jason Todd versus the Ikea Bed, a struggle in several parts. Teen.

JayTim Tattoo Verse

“Shockingly, my skillset is somewhat more diverse than blowing shit up and pissing you off.” Or: the one where Tim gets inked up and it’s the best idea he’s ever had. Explicit.


The Tech Line

Tim Drake; wheelchair bound division leader in Wayne Tech’s computer maintenance division. Jason Todd; adopted son of Bruce Wayne, i.e., Tim’s boss. This is their awkward love story. Teen.



"You’re the one of the bat brood that’s working on the vampire case, right?”

It’s not a “vampire case”, Tim wants to say, but he gets what Jason means. He gives a short nod.

Jason takes a deep breath. There’s still something strange about his eyes, but in the dim light and from this distance, Tim can’t quite make out what it is. It bugs him, though. Jason runs a hand through his hair and lets out a deep sigh.

“Well, the thing is…”



Jason’s reaction had been…unfortunate, the first time Tim had whispered the suggestion shyly into his ear, pressed tight and sweat-slick against him in the dark room. Teen.



Tim began to reevaluate his commitment to stalking the Wayne family when he found himself tied to a chair at one in the morning. Mature.


Questioning Hearts

Each of Jason’s thrusts are a question: Am I good enough for you? Tell me you want me. Tim’s moans are pleading: Don’t leave me. I can’t be lonely any longer. Explicit.


“Come on, Timmy,” Jason says, tilting his chin up so that Tim can see his maskless face. Those dark blue eyes, usually so steely and cold, are open and studying the planes of Tim’s face. “Even rich boys know that you get one wish on your birthday.” Mature.


And it’s gonna take a lifetime

The first time that Jason saw Tim, it was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over him and then tossed him into a fire.  A tiny kid, couldn’t weigh more than a buck twenty soaking wet.  His face though, young, and pale with that sharp, small smile.  Smaller than a crack on a sidewalk tile.


Next Time

Part one of Knight Rider AU

A Simple Question

 All in all, it was a really simple question. “Who are you?”


Superior Posteriors, and Footie Pajamas

The guy in 4B is the literal worst. Why does his face have to be so stupidly attractive? Jay/Tim horrible neighbors AU