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(Disclaimer: I am strange and plot bunnies kick me until I tell somebody. Apologies). Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if a xenomorph got aboard the Executor? Like, how many crew members are going to die, and do people notice or is it more like "Ah, Vader is angrier than usual this week"? And if the thing meets Vader, would it think he's one of their species because of shiny black armor? (Bonus if Luke is somewhere aboard like "DAD CAN YOU COME GET ME? I REGRET EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW")

Oh lord and lady… This would be a nightmare. I think they’re going to notice, depending on how the xenomorph got on board. Was it already full grown, or are we dealing with a face hugger first? Because if we have baby xenomorphs bursting out of some Imp’s chest, they’re gonna notice.

But, if they somehow picked up a fully grown xenomorph, it might take longer to realize the thing’s aboard. Vader might be the first to notice, or Piett, if officers start disappearing and Vader is pretty sure he didn’t kill them. Also I bet that thing’s gonna be giving off some weird vibes in the Force.

It might decide to leave Vader alone, because he doesn’t much look like prey and it can’t really use him as a host.

Oh gosh… Get that thing away from Luke. Don’t touch him. Vader will fight that thing off. I bet the Force would be pretty useful in fighting xenomorphs. Maybe he can just snap its neck or something.

I am now going to have nightmares, thank you anon. :P (Alien is one of the very few movies that have managed to keep me scared after the credits roll.) (But that’s okay, because I have chronic nightmares anyways.) Don’t stop sending weird asks. :)

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

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  • you: chloe's an abusive, manipulative b*tch!!!
  • me, an intellectual: Chloe Price is a young, mentally ill lesbian whose life has been hell for the past 5 years of her life. Beginning with her father's death when she was 14 and her best friend leaving town, after that her mother took almost no time to remarry someone who turned out to be a vile abuser; one who has been physically and verbally abusing Chloe for the past 5 years. She has BPD and severe depression, has huge abandonment, trust, self-esteem, and dependency issues, and is incredibly lonely. She had Zero support during these 5 years, up until Rachel Amber came into her life and saved her from what was, according to the implications, at best a huge mental downward spiral and at worst a suicide attempt. She reacts to all this trauma and bullshit that's dumped on her realistically, with rightful bitterness and anger which, while prominent, has not destroyed her love for certain things and people. And yet, she's shat on even more by ableist, homophobic, misogynistic idiots in the fandom who hate her for existing, all the while those same idiots bend over backwards to worship the ground on which the following walk on: a Nice Guy™ who stalks and harasses Max despite her ignoring him, a homophobic, abusive, misogynist fuckboy who helps a serial killer by drugging and kidnapping young girls (and murdering one) to have them violated by him and the killer, and the aforementioned serial killer who has violated and murdered dozens of young girls. :)