strange hairstyle

Superdad nickname ascended to comics.

Superman #21 gets us a glimpse of the villain. Now, who could that be? This hairstyle, strange powers that seem to be strongly imply mind control that might have swept the entire town, strong enough to even shut Jon’s heat vision, telekinesis as well and seems his goal is to drive a rift between Jon and Clark and push Jon to become the kind of hero who kills, this cigarette….

Oh shit, I could be wrong, this could be a fake-out like all hints Fake Clark is Superboy Prime, but this sounds an awful lot like


Manchester fucking Black.

So I had this thought on my mind about what does Jeffershit looks like without his glasses, so I edited the original pic and managed to get rid of his glasses.

I swear to God, I don’t even know how to respond to this finished work other than I’m so GLAD he wore those glasses.

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omg, please- what is trainer!RGB's full team right now?

currently on the second island and (thanks to my buddy trading me a porygon and a vulpix from wondertrade) I have this lineup-

and for now this is what trainer!RGB looks like!

Bts as your Classmates

~these hoes would be so distracting
~Jin would be the eldest guy that looks like some model straight out of a Calvin and Klein photoshoot. Narcissistic and eats a shit ton of food at lunch, bringing three bento lunches at a time.
~Namjoon would be the stereotypical badass looking thug that is highkey a reincarnation of einstein. Knows like three languages and breaks everything. People think he is a reincarnation of satan that will kill you if you come to close
~Suga is the guy that sits further in the back and sleeps during the lessons because he really doesn’t give a shit. But as soon as the topic of music comes up, he’ll start spitting fire just like when he raps.
~Jhope is the overly cheery guy that you want to punch in the morning because he is too lively. On the side he dances (After school street dancing for pocket money, performing in school talent shows)
~Overly sweet Jimin is the baby faced cutie that tries to charm everyone with his cobra like skills. Works out a ton and has abs, making him the talk of the ladies. 
~Tae is the strange guy that talks to himself in a gibberish. Lowkey sexy tho and has a voice that makes him sound like he went through puberty more than once. Goes from 0-100 so quickly.
~Jungkook. THIS BOI. PERFECT N SHIT. Wooing all them girls and rejecting them all because he lowkey fears their presence. Even boys fawn over him (Jimin. I’m talking to you). IS great at everything except math. Can’t multiply for shit
~Always sitting together during breaks and if there is no seating chart in class
~Appear to be rebellious tykes when in reality they are strange dorks that don’t want to approach people 
~Rap mon’s really strange hairstyles and clothing choices
~Suga saying ‘man’ and ‘swag’ a shit ton more that any human being should
~Jin bringing homemade bentos for each boy
~Jimin always doing body rolls (Lowkey it’ll be math class and he’ll just stand up and break out into some house of card type shit)
~Jhope doing weird shit with Tae, while jungkook hides and denies knowing either of them
~Jhop be judging constantly
~Suga with his resting bitch face
~Then getting flustered like no shit if you compliment him
~”Hey Suga hyung.”
~”What jimin?”
~”I love your beanie!”
~”W-w-what?! O-oh yea-ah, t-thank-ks.”
~Smh yoongi. You cuite
~Tae with his goddamn Ageyo
~’Manly man’ jungkook is the biggest fetus, as we all know
~With his giggling 
~And bunny teeth smiles
~This makes want to actually go to school
~Namjoon would probably help the other boys out wth studies probably scolding kookie by telling him that 2 x 5 is ten not two -_________-
~many dumb jokes 
~”Jimin, you got no jams”
~”Infires MAN!!!!!!”
~”Ewwww, your dirty water”
~”My legs are better than all the girls in this class”
~Idk what the hell these guys would be doing 
~But they make school a place where you don’t want to barf and punch every fuckboi that comes your way because they show you the potential ‘good’ in idiots similar to them

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I’m not ready for school

~Admin Potato

there are a lot of people in your life
maybe too many
or it feels like that, sometimes

there’s the boy who cares too much
about quests
about you
a boy who says
“what do you know about welsh kings”
to make friends
and he keeps caring
in his clumsy sort of way
because he doesn’t know how to care for you
the way you want him to
and you fight
but he’s fighting with himself too because he doesn’t want to hurt you

there’s a boy who tries not to feel
and sometimes he doesn’t
but you don’t like what gets him there
because he smells like your father then
like your father had
on the night you tried to sneak away
to see this boy on a night he felt too much
and decided to solve it with a tire iron
you know he tries to forget
and sometimes you help him
he says
“maybe i dreamed you”
you know he didn’t
but maybe it would have been easier that way

there’s a boy who fades in and out
not of existence
just of this plane of it
a boy who kept a secret
for seven years
and is still soft and kind
and he didn’t deserve what he got
but you think neither did any of you
and he deals with it, the same way you all do
though maybe with a little more grace
and anchored with the touch of a hand

there’s a girl, too, an enigma of a girl
a girl who lives on the precipice of magic
but doesn’t always feel part of it
a girl who says she can’t kiss you because she’s very young
who wears strange clothes and strange hairstyles
she lives in a crowded house
and it’s kind of like your crowded life
and she’s scared to love the same way you are
though maybe for different reasons

—  gansey, ronan, noah, blue

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Kuroo soulmate au? You're blog is awesome by the way! ^.^

 I freaking love soulmate AUs. This is the one where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate and stuff.

(Name) leaned against the outside of the store, customers running in and out. Her brother had gone in for something, telling her to say out here. She watched as the monochrome Tokyo citizens walked by, all attending their own business. One really tall figure stood out from the crowd to her though. He was really tall and had a really strange hairstyle.

(Name) watched as he walked by, his tall height making him tower over all of the other everyday citizens, when she noticed that he dropped his wallet. She walked over to it and flipped it open, examining the student I.D. that was in the I.D. slot.

Kuroo Tetsurou

(Name) snapped it back shut and looked around for the tall man with weird hair. He made his way down the block, about to turn the corner. She ran, trying to catch up to him to return the wallet.

Out of breath, (Name) reached up to tap his shoulder. As she touched his shoulder, color appeared everywhere. The sky was the light blue that was always described in the books (Name) read. The tall office buildings of the city didn’t change much, but the signs were all sorts of colors.

Kuroo was shaking (Name)’s shoulders, trying to get her attention. He had suddenly started seeing the colors that everyone talked about. (Name) looked at Kuroo. She could see his mouth moving, but he was talking too fast for her to read his lips. Suddenly, (Name) was pulled away from Kuroo. She looked up to see her brother.

“What are you doing with my sister?” Kuroo had no idea what was going on, except that he could suddenly see colors and that she didn’t seem to be hearing anything that he was saying.

“She tapped me on the shoulder and suddenly I could see color so I was wondering if she was my soulmate.” He watched as the male waved a hand in front of the sister’s face, grabbing her attention. He started doing some sort of hand motions, unfamiliar to Kuroo.

“It’s sign language. She’s deaf.” Kenma commented, watching from beside him. It all made sense why she didn’t respond to anything he was saying. It was because she couldn’t hear it.

She started doing hand motions rapidly, Kuroo unable to identify them. “Hello, I’m (Name). It’s nice to meet you Kuroo-kun. I’m happy to be able to see colors with you.” The brother translated beside her. She held out his wallet. “You dropped this earlier.”

Kuroo couldn’t of been more glad about his loose pockets.

Divided We Fall, Together We Trip

Notes: Request from anon.  Beware of spoilers.  Basically, Sabo runs an errand, and Ace gets a lesson on how much the universe likes to screw with him.  Set before Thatch’s death.

“What?” Sabo said, struck dumb for the first time in months.  Usually, Dragon’s missions weren’t so…unexpected.  Sure, they tended to be out of the blue, but Sabo could usually tell what the leader was thinking.

He’d been confident in that ability right up until the enigmatic man told Sabo that he was going to the Middle of Nowhere in the New World to make contact with – and Sabo was having great fun with this in his head – a Yonko.

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Hi! I really love your art and I was wondering if you can do a little tutorial about drawing hair, only if you want.

Ok sorry for the late reply!
I made you a tutorial using my two OCs.
I use the OC with the hardest hairstyle to draw. (people tell me everytime they can’t draw them, so…)

This is Gerda.

Before starting to draw hair for your OC remember to give them a specific hairstyle as same as a specific face. I study my OC with certain facial features and specific hairstyles, making them memorable.
A good OC is that OC you see and say: “OH! I know them!”

When I studied Gerda’s hairstyle, I kept in mind a mushroom.

This is her hairstyle sheet:

When you study a OCs hair, try to figure it as a solid, and divide it into pieces like I did with Gerda.

Now I’ll show you step by step.

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Closed RP with woo-hoo-mccormick

It had been a few months since Butters had been kicked out of the Stotch home for his coming out and since he started living in the Tweak home. How he ended up there was a long story, but somehow he ended up living with the Tweaks and working at Tweek Bros. Coffee. In this time, he was already beginning to work on himself as a person to start his transitioning process. He had managed to start growing his hair out, styling it in a more feminine way, even wearing a name tag with his new name Marjorine.

In that time, all of the Tweak family supported him in working on calling Marjorine female pronouns and Tweeks mom even taught her how to put on make up and bought her dresses and things like that. She had been working really hard to make things as feminine as possible. But, things were still off. From her more masculine voice, to the fact that she was completely fat chested, Marjorine was desperate to start actually transitioning. With the cash she saved from working, she planned to pay for the treatments, but there was more to it then just going to the doctor… She needed to tell a few of her closest friends first.

Marjorine had stopped going to school to focus full time on herself and what she needed to become the person she wanted, but that only meant going to her friends even harder. Some people already knew, like Token, Clyde, and Craig. They all came by the coffee shop often and saw Marjorine there. There were a few others though… Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, that Marjorine needed to tell.

She worked up her courage and came out and told Kyle and Stan together, before thanking them for being so supportive and starting to Kenny’s house. Since the other blonde had always been one of the kindest boys to her, she thought that she ought explain the whole thing to him. So here she stood, at the McCormick door step, waiting patiently for the door to be answered. To make this easier and less overwhelming, she wore some comfortable jeans that were loose enough that they didn’t flaunt her unwanted baggage and a shirt that would be called gay on a boy. Hopefully, since that was something she would wear before she came out, this wouldn’t look too strange with her girlish hairstyle and very subtle makeup. Hopefully Kennywould be accepting. He was pretty open minded about a lot of things… hopefully this would be one of those things.