strange geography

Sadly Settle

Inspire chilly sunset mists.
Allow your stakes to rest
Within the fertile soil of this uncoiling night.
The world will roll despite your ease.
You have no home,
So fumble here.
You needn’t always fight geography.
These strange and foreign rhythms
Churn against your very pulse.
For but a second, sadly settle.
This square of alien mud
Will do
This once.

- 2/22/17

pkmn goT3 High School AU for your soul

•candela is the Designated Hot School Gay™ and captain of the soccer team. she sucks at math but is strangely really good at geography?? and will beat up anyone who fucks w her friends
•blanche is a tall and beautiful nb and although they dont do sports, they are top of every class and has never gotten anything less than an A+ (some classmates have speculated that they could be a robot. blanche has not denied these rumours.) they wanna study anthropology, and they love to read, or stargaze when its a clear night!
•spark is a trans boy, and B+C are his personal body guards. he doesnt do well in academics, but boy is he good at lunch. hes on the basketball team (at first he wasnt allowed on the boys team, but candela gave the school such greif they had to give in)
•theyre all polyamorous :)

and NOW, relationship headcanons!!

•spark is ace
•candela is aggressively not ace
•blanche really likes making out with her, but refuses to admit it
• spark gets away with literally everything bc they cant say no to him
•he and blanche are cuddle buddies, esp when blanche is sleepy
•candela has bench-pressed spark before
•she loves to give him nose kisses
•his nicknames for her include Candy, C-note, tinCan, etc
•candela and spark have the most PDA bc it makes blanche uncomfortable
•once S got bullied and B ruthlessly verbally destroyed the perpetrator
•like. they are savage when it comes to protecting their precious bf
•S+C like to make fun of B’s love of cats. they have 4
•they used to have study dates, but now B cant study with C because they always end up wanting to make out with her
•Spark cant study either, but just bc hes bad at it
• its rare that B or C get Spark Kisses™, but when they do its sweet and cute and soft and END THEM HES ADORABLE
•candela has an almost exclusively sexual humour. spark finds it funny. blanche just gets all hot and bothered