strange evidence

Saw the Storks movie this weekend. I adored a lot of it. Mainly the first hour. It was really funny, the animation was snappy and made the jokes work, and you could see the expressive drawings behind all the poses of the CG characters. This made the film fun and cartoony, and didn’t feel like it was embarrassed to be.
I felt it kinda ran out of steam once it tried to be real sentimental at around the last half hour. Once that happens, the movie’s strange premise becomes more evident and I started to annoyingly question everything. But there are some excellent jokes and great cartoony CG animation that I love so much, so yeah I liked it.


“I’m here for Jim Gordan” Victor states. However scanning around the room full of police officers, he wasn’t able to find the said man and instead found something even better.

“Only him and you,” Victor points towards you. Your eyes widened as you looked at the strange man, surprised evident on your face.

“Why?” You dare question him, making a smirk appear on his face. 

“Well frankly, your interesting and I need you,”

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(I haven’t actually watched Gotham before so I only based it on this one scene, so I hope it’s okay ^-^)

Irresistible (CH)

Requested: nah

Summary: demon!Calum has a certain thing for a certain girl

A/N: ok so I wrote this in like 20 minutes but I think I actually like it, so if anyone could give me feedback on this that’d be hella cool. Also I’m also planning on writing something like this for the other boys to so yeah enjoy and tell me whatcha think

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