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Night in the Woods is a weird game. But it’s cute. Been watching a Let’s Play of it–lord knows I wouldn’t have time for it myself. It kinda reminds me of Life is Strange, sans the supernatural elements (maybe?). I wonder if it’s gonna be the new Undertale. The whole cast is just super endearing, and the writing is flawless.

If you haven’t heard of it, I do suggest you check if out if you like either of those games.

Anyways, Beatrice is a weirdly adorable lizard goth girl. Smoking is gross though.

Translating the game’s hyper simplified art style was a weird challenge. I hope I get time to do more. Back to homework now.

Adding to the “Humans are Weird” theme:

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with a number of animals. The most noteworthy are the symbiotic relationship they seem to share with members of the Canidae and Felidae predator families, also known as “Cats & Dogs”.

This relationship seems to have developed in ancient time when, in the case of the Canidae, they would hunt in conjunction with ancient humans and would help to defend their settlements in exchange of warmth and food and an endless supply of petting or, in the case of the felidae, they would keep the vermin at bay in exchange of food, refuge and an endless supply of petting.

An even noteworthy element is that, despite the original purpose of the relationship slowly disappearing as the centuries passed, the symbiotic bond actually strenghtened between “Humans” and what they call “pets” forming a strong sense of partnership between the two. so much so that it would become very common for humans to have either a cat or a dog in the household for no other reason than to have their company, sometimes giving them the same food they eat, sleeping with them at nigh or even identifying them as “part of the family”.

The discovery of this strange element of humanity was recorded when the first envoy of the confederation of planets arrived on Earth in a diplomatic visit after first contact had already been established. The Diplomats where then taken to a family house that had been decided as neutral territory and they were taken by surprise to discover the animals in there had full access inside and outside the house and that the older humans did not blink an eye when their younglings interacted with said animals with no worries for their own safety.

The first human ambassador caused a lot of turmoil when they informed they would bring their pet cat “Mrs. Wrinkles” to stay with them because of the safety protocols that had to be re-worked to acommodate for the feline. Nowadays, Mrs. Wrinkles remains in the human ambassy alongside their human partner and enjoys full diplomatic immunity.

My interpretation of a sort of Hari-onna/Futakuchi-onna type lad, because I love strange body horror elements, and also lab coat/scientist motifs :^)))))

Obviously I didn’t stick to anything traditional because fuck the police but I love the outcome, so here comes stab-happy surgeon boy

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Hello 😊 I hope request are still open. Could I maybe get a story where the reader was recently rescued from a experimental enemy program and was given strange "powers" (maybe elemental manipulation or camouflage and speed enhancment) and how the hero's (soldier76, Sombra, Reaper, Hanzo) help them hone these new skills for good.

Soldier 76

  • You were terrified when they found you
    • Having been experimented on
    • You flinched when they tried to help you up
    • Soldier 76 crouched down and gently coaxed you up
  • You latched onto him 
    • Following him around
    • It made sense for him to train you
  • He gets you to stop fearing your abilities
    • You may not have asked for them but you have them
    • You get extremely good at controlling the elements
    • And you grew more comfortable in yourself
    • Using your powers to tease Soldier 76


  • Talon didn’t give you your powers
    • They, however, spent everything to get you for them
    • Thankfully, for you, you were compliant
    • Letting you keep your mind
  • You were given the ability of camouflage
    • Reaper just gave you to Sombra to change
    • With her own camouflage abilities, it made sense
  • She teaches you tactics
    • How to sneak up to ambush the enemy
    • To get information on their tactics
  • You grow more empowered from your powers
    • Seeing them as useful instead of making you a freak


  • Talon ‘acquired’ you from a rival
    • Basically tossing a terrified person at Reaper to train
    • He took one look at your quivering at the everything around you
  • He’s patient with you
    • Getting you to control your ability to shapeshift before training you how to fight
    • As a result, you bond hard with him
      • The only one you trust in Talon
  • When he leaves
    • You follow without a second thought
    • There was no point at staying at Talon if he was gone


  • Overwatch had dragged your out of some dark dungeon
    • Terrified and starving and covered in bruises
    • You were terrified of everyone
    • For months
    • Until Hanzo
  • For some reason you immediately trusted him
    • Seeing something good in him
  • At the end of their rope, they have him train you
    • In how to control your speed
    • Having been made faster than a human should be
  • He teaches you patience
    • Making you meditate with him at first
    • Giving you the mental strength to deal with it
  • In a few months, you are fully trained
    • You and Hanzo thick as thieves

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Without spoiling much, what element of Strange the Dreamer did you really dig?

  1. Characters. Lazlo Strange, our protagonist, is a soft, kind, inquisitive young man who looks like a bruiser, with dark features and a broken nose that gives him the look of someone who wouldn’t really be interested in books or dreams or lost cities. My mouth is shut about the others.
  2. Mystery. The city of Weep was stolen from Lazlo’s tongue by magic, and he makes it his life’s goal to find out why.
  3. Journey. Lazlo goes through an incredible transformation throughout the book, physically, mentally, spiritually.
  4. Beauty. The settings and characters and descriptions are so achingly beautiful, visceral, and vivid. 
  5. Villains. I’m not going to expand on that one at all. 
  6. T H E  E N D I N G  O M G  I  D I E D 

I hope this helps!


Rapier Squadron & Co - Elements Aesthetics

Poe Dameron - Air = the element of freedom.

Jessika Pava - Earth = the element of substance.

Karé Kun (Tessa Thompson) - Fire = the element of power.

Iolo Arana (Steven Yeun) - Water = the element of change.

Muran (Rahul Kohli) - Earth = the element of substance.

[Prequel Trio.] [Good Trio.] [Old Trio.] [Evil Trio.]

(fancast for this fic: x)

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The imperial class elgang got drunk enough to seduce their s/o

Lord Knight doesn’t have to drink much, just a few glasses, before he’s contorting himself into sultry positions and trying bad pick-up lines.  It’s embarrassing, but also strangely arousing.

Elemental Master giggles as she slams back her third shot of vodka, then hooks her s/o towards her and lazily tells them in great detail exactly what she’d like to do to them.  Some of those things are safe for work.  Most are not.

Grand Archer can hold her liquor well - elven alcohol is much stronger for how long it’s fermented. However, get enough vodka into her, and her boobs are in her s/o’s face.

Blade Master is very good at seduction.  Again, it takes a lot of alcohol to get him to that point, but when he’s there, he’ll be pushing back his hair with a practiced smirk and canting his hips just enough to make his s/o drool.

Code: Empress cannot get drunk.  However, if her wires get a bit out of whack, she can act drunk, and as such, will try and seduce her s/o.  It doesn’t really work.

Iron Paladin knocks back one shot, goes red, coughs, and is inhibition-free until the hangover starts.  He actually starts unbuttoning his s/o’s shirt in front of everyone.

Sakra Devanam has Eun to advise her what she should and should not do even while drunk.  Unfortunately, Eun is too busy laughing to tell Ara that she’s making a fool of herself as she flaunts her chest to her s/o.

Grand Master is actually worse at holding her liquor than anyone would have thought.  A few shots, and she’s showing off her seduction skills, which are surprisingly good.  One has to wonder where she learned.  Definitely not from Penensio.

Mastermind does not know how to seduce.  This does not stop him from trying.  Unfortunately, he’s also sort of a whiny drunk, so he’s just sitting on his s/o’s lap whinging and kissing them at the same time.

Noblesse seduces her s/o with regal grace.  Who let the child drink?  Who knows, who cares, and Lu only remembers her child’s body halfway up the stairs.

Royal Guard doesn’t drink much, but when he does, he makes it count.  Lu is screeching red in the corner as Ciel kneels in front of his s/o, tugs at his collar enough so they can see his skin, and gives them an inviting smile.

Rose has no imperial class.  However, her drinking skills are right up there with anyone who’s ever gone to a bar with a bunch of soldiers.  Good luck getting her drunk.

Arme Thaumaturgy has to be practically force-fed alcohol, and it doesn’t really have an effect on him.  If by some miracle he were to get drunk, however, it’d be thrilling to see his guard let down.



(AGAIN) (for day 7 of @omgericzimmermann​‘s 13 days of halloween!)

read under the cut for way too many witchy headcanons that influenced these drawings:

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Fenrir the Wolf - Norse Mythology

Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is the eldest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The gods learned of a prophecy which stated that the wolf and his family would one day be responsible for the destruction of the world. They caught the wolf and locked him in a cage. Only the god of war, Tyr, dared to feed and take care of the wolf.
When he was still a pup they had nothing to fear, but when the gods saw one day how he had grown, they decided to render him harmless. However, none of the gods had enough courage to face the gigantic wolf. Instead, they tried to trick him. They said the wolf was weak and could never break free when he was chained. Fenrir accepted the challenge and let the gods chain him. Unfortunately, he was so immensely strong that he managed to break the strongest fetters as if they were cobwebs.

After that, the gods saw only one alternative left: a magic chain. They ordered the dwarves to make something so strong that it could hold the wolf. The result was a soft, thin ribbon: Gleipnir. It was incredibly strong, despite what its size and appearance might suggest. The ribbon was fashioned of six strange elements: the footstep of a cat; the roots of a mountain; a woman’s beard; the breath of fishes; the sinews of a bear; and a bird’s spittle.

The gods tried to trick the wolf again, only this time Fenrir was less eager to show his strength. He saw how thin the chain was, and said that was no pride in breaking such a weak chain. Eventually, though, he agreed, thinking that otherwise his strength and courage would be doubted. Suspecting treachery however, he in turn asked the gods for a token of good will: one of them had to put a hand between his jaws. The gods were not overly eager to do this, knowing what they could expect. Finally, only Tyr agreed, and the gods chained the wolf with Gleipnir. No matter how hard Fenrir struggled, he could not break free from this thin ribbon. In revenge, he bit off Tyr’s hand.

Being very pleased with themselves, the gods carried Fenrir off and chained him to a rock (called Gioll) a mile down into the earth. They put a sword between his jaws to prevent him from biting. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his chains and join the giants in their battle against the gods. He will seek out Odin and devour him. Vidar, Odin’s son, will avenge his father by killing the wolf.

The long-awaited to sequel to “How Do Watercolors Work?”: “How Does Gouache Work?: The Struggle Continues.”

In the Labyrinth, there are twisting turns, spiraling passageways, staircases to nowhere, and doors that spit you back out into a room you’d swear you just left. And sometimes, there are whimsical elements, strange, silly touches added just to make you wonder. Like these lights - how are they glowing? Where do they get their power? And, more importantly…where do they lead?

…would you like to find out?

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It's quite strange how the elements are different, Hypnosis and Wind are quite different as well. If it's because of Mist being in the water branch too, I understand. (I don't want to argue, so I'll stop if you get annoyed.)

What I mean is that the duo-elemental set works only if branches cross directly, and in almost all cases it’s main branch element + sub branch.

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