strange days I guess


Aaron + Rachel | 2.15

“You have to trust me.”


First rig of Lemmy’s new arms with the pistol reload. 

Fingers and wrists need some work. They’re too thin and incorrectly rigged (automatic mode sucks). 

Sleeves and hand sourced from Jacket’s first person arms and fingers chopped off from Bowser Junior’s model. Gloves are originally a mod for Jacket and edited by myself.

Hot flamming cheetos

*Scot sapphire knew lapis, she was a friend.
And after the day she took jasper down he knew that jasper would come back.
He was ready for her.
Everyday he trained, ready to defend his home from her wrath.
One day he saw the oceans acting strange.*
“ I guess today is the day.. ”
* he stood on a large rock, over looking the ocean of beach city*

shingeki-no-parents asked:

why do you like(tolerate???) the idea historia and levi being together? i'm just curious, you're also wonderfully analytical about your ships.

ha not really but i mean if you think so

Most of my love for Rivahisu is all because of morganaskywalker. I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to ship it had it not been for her, and she’s also caused me to realize how much of an incredible character Historia is.

I mean, I like them together, ridiculously so. (Although Ere//ri and Yumi//kuri are still my OTPs for them.) It’s sort of strange, I guess, since I’d never thought about them being together until the idea of Eren, Levi, and Historia came to view. 

I guess.. I don’t have much of a technical reason that I like them being together, it’s more of a thing where if it includes Eren and Levi I’m usually all for it.

With age, I’ve come to realize it is better to be a listener than a talker amongst friends because more often than not, people will take any chance to talk about themselves. The difficult part of this change is that it feels awfully lonely being talked at all the time, especially when they can’t take a second to reciprocate the, “How was your day/weekend/trip?” I guess it’s just strange to me to see how forgetful/disinterested people can be towards the lives of even their loved ones. 

What am I doing with my life?


So I originally planned to get up at 6 this morning to study for my art history exam, but the universe had other plans and I woke up at 7:45 instead… oops.

Lucky for me, the test went really well! But it was strange that I wasn’t as worried like on previous test days. I guess it must be because of the weather.

And so many awesome trailers came out today! Star Wars, Batman and Superman, Studio Ghibli! It was great!

Today has been the third day in a row I’ve worn a dress and I even went the extra mile and did a brand spankin’ new hair style! Two cute springtime buns! Combine that with my bright dress, my 90s jean jacket, some earrings, and a killer face, I felt super cute today. So cute, in fact, that my web design class didn’t bug me at all this evening!

Afterwards, it was off to Denny’s where I really do regret not getting some kind of breakfast food. Seriously, who had the bright idea to put a burger between two freaking tortillas? A moron. That’s who. :/

But I’ll be damned if I let that ruin my cuteness today. :)

anonymous asked:

How did we go from RD's tiny peen to him doing porn to HeMo's pregnancy to hatred for you? What a strange day this has been.

Some people are just bored, I guess, idk. Whenever there isn’t much going on, some anons will either talk about random things that aren’t related to Naya, stans will send asks, or I get hate. Not always, but sometimes.

It’s been a long day
I guess I can tell you all my good news tomorrow okay?
And also post those wig things I was supposed to do today
But right now I just need to take my melatonin and get some sleep
Maybe listen to some soothing music