strange days I guess

You know that feeling when you see a ship and it’s like “Eh…” but then you read that ONE (or 8…) fanfic(s) and then it’s like “….I get it now.” Yeah. That’s me right now.

Lol you can check it out here if you want.


lol sometimes i cant even believe im trans like all the signs were there as a kid and i wanted it for so long and now im actually doing it and it’s WILD like i thought i never would tbh… whenever i thought about it i was like “that is a problem for FUTURE me” and then one day i was like “ok today’s the day i guess” and it’s strange. life is weird sometimes. 

“You lived in the city long?”
“Eeeewwwww weee yes! Been here since 1951!”
“Got any good stories from your time here?”
“Oh yeah, one of my favorites is when I used to go see jazz and the Blackfoot club downtown. I seen Dave Brubeck, and Miles Davis…kinda. I got to the club and he came out on stage and just stood there with arms crossed, trumpet in hand. Then he walked off. A little while later her came back on and just stood there looking at everyone. Then he walked off again. The nightclub owner gave everyone their money back and we left.”
“That’s pretty strange.”
“Mmm hmm. Then guess what…the very next day I go to the Giant’s game and guess who’s there. Miles Davis! Just blowing that thing like crazy in the stands. The day before he wouldn’t play for money, and then that day he’s playing for free in the stands. I don’t know…I guess drugs will do funny things to a person.”