strange days I guess

i was working in photoshop for classwork for a while but am now free to draw nonsense

A moment of positivity

y’know for all my salt, a discussion with a friend just reminded me… the CW fucks up because it’s trying.

I have issues with all the DC CWTV properties at times but even for how messy they are and how I sometimes feel they fall short… they’re trying. Which is more than I can say for a lot of shows and networks that don’t even bother to try?

I know we can and should demand more via critique, I’m not saying otherwise, but I never want to discourage a network from trying and progressing so ultimately they can improve.

I’m going to try to frame more of my discourse in terms of “things I wish we would see” instead of “things I hate that happened”, especially if/when I take to twitter or the CW feedback forms to contact the writers.

Because saying “hey, we want more of [x]” can be super powerful, and works toward progress and improvement. 

I want more Rogues. I want more Cold. I want more lgbtqia+ representation. I want more female characters who stay living and I want to see their stories outside of romance. I want more people of colour and I especially want better Asian representation on all the shows (looking at you, Legends). I want more comics storylines and more Hartley and more Linda. I want more. I want conflict and I want found!family and I want shenanigans and emotional fallout. 

I like what we have but I’m insatiable for more. And I never want that point to get lost in my critiques for where the shows fall short. They’re targeting (often) a younger and straighter demographic than I represent and they’re keeping their pacing as fast and working around schedules and plotlines and contracts and budgets and censors and a whole slew of things I sometimes forget, when I get to simply write fic with none of those constraints.

So… demand more, demand better, but try to remember the good, sometimes, if you can. And if you can’t? Don’t make yourself miserable watching a show that makes you unhappy. I still enjoy these shows, personally, and critique doesn’t ruin them for me. But always take care to make choices that enrich your life :)

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anonymous asked:

God I really want to just message you directly but I’m so embarrassed. I have the biggest crush on you and I’m too shy to do anything about it. But like my ultimate fantasy is to jelly wrestle with you. Is that weird? God I’m so weird. I just like you and jelly so much. I love jelly. Fuck pls like me. Pls tell me you like jelly!?!?!!????? PLEASE.

if I were a mermaid would you stroke my scales? I’d like that. It would make me dizzy. Pls.

do u like plato? or plates? I like both. I want to have something in common w u. 👅

will u go 2 prom w me????? (asking 4 a frend)

alright, you’ve convinced me, pick me up at 8 @queenofthyme 

You know that feeling when you see a ship and it’s like “Eh…” but then you read that ONE (or 8…) fanfic(s) and then it’s like “….I get it now.” Yeah. That’s me right now.

Lol you can check it out here if you want.

I had to drive over to my friend’s house tonight to fix a couple of peachicks that hatched with splayed legs. I sent him away to find scissors and he left me in the basement with his nephew, who was like…. idk, maybe 8? Sweet kid. I was showing him how to hold the peachick so that I could tape the legs, but I guess scissors were really hard to find because then we were just sitting there alone and this kid realized I was Beep’s owner, and asked me if I had a peacock in my house. I said, I used to. He asked what happened, and I said She ate something bad for her, and he said ‘oh.’ very small and disappointed. At this point I was now sitting in a basement with a child I didn’t really know, holding a baby bird and crying. Awesome. But he just asked a couple of more soft questions like was it a boy or a girl, and what color was she, and what was her name. And then he took the baby bird, who had started peeping again, out of my hands and snuggled it to his face and said don’t cry, you’re gonna have a good life here. Then my friend came back and after we had gotten the chicks taped up to sort out their issues, I was going to sit one of them in a bowl, which the kid had fetched at some point. He told me “this is my favorite bowl” and I said “well you might want to get a different one, cause this baby might be sitting in it for a few days.” and he considered this, kissed the bowl and said “goodbye, friend. you’re going to help someone else now.” and then he asked my friend if he could keep one of the babies in the house like I did.

INTP disappears for finals

ENFJ and INTP: *have been hanging out almost every day for a week or so*
INTP: *has final in three days*
INTP: *abruptly stops replying to all of ENFJ’s texts*
ENFJ: Hm that’s strange. I guess the anxiety is getting to him. 

*three days later immediately after INTP’s final is over*

ENFJ: *wakes up to 32 text messages from INTP*
ENFJ: Oh my god he’s alive!


[Never] give up !

I am so excited for the next episode of Naruto Shippuden!
(Hope we will have more information about Hamura… <3)

Note to myself: 2h

What an amazing 4 Years

To my friends:

     Greetings, and I guess “Happy Greyson Day”. Wow that feels strange to say. Symbolically speaking, today marks something indescribable and the start of a journey that has been occupied by myself and my dearest of friends; all of you. For those of you who don’t know why today is special, four years ago, on April 28th, I posted a video of myself performing Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’. The video forever changed my life and at certain moments, I find myself looking back with my jaw hanging open. The ride ever since that video has been a mixture of highs, lows, and even some emotional breakdowns (both good and bad). However, now in the present, I began to prepare for the release of my sophomore album that has taken more than two years to grow and create. The truth is, is that it took so long to grow and create, because at the same time I was growing. 

     I was blessed to be thrust into the business at a young age, twelve to be exact; I use the word thrust because that’s truly what it felt like. I had instant success and people all around the country, and the globe, knew my name. It was my dream since I was kid to be a musician and to be someone relatively important within society. And to me, I had begun to reach that goal. However, even at twelve, I was hungry for more and I was ready to put out a record. Throughout the first two years of my artistic existence, I had signed a major-label deal, put out my first album, and toured the world. I was riding the largest high I had experienced in my whole life and I was excited to do it. From these first experiences as an artist, I developed a fan base that I am truly blessed and lucky to have. Kids, just like me, who were eager to find their place in the world and longed to be apart of something important; and luckily, they thought that I was someone of importance. I found myself within these people, within all of you and I continue to relive that feeling everyday. You have stuck with me from those days and until now; and I can’t thank you enough. 

     After my first record was toured-out, promoted-out, and sang WAY too many times (haha), it was time to move to the next. I was around 14-15 at the time. This marks the dark times of my existence in the industry. A little side-note, I have been quite secretive about this part of my career in the past. I have not shared it fully with you all until now. The truth is is that I was slightly embarrassed and didn’t want any of you to worry about the uncertainty for the future, because I myself didn’t know what the future was going to look like.  (Also, I am not trying to depress you with this narrative. I am writing it to fully show the journey that myself and all of you have taken these past four years; and this is a key moment) During the writing of my second record, I got a call from my manager; my label of two years had just dropped me. They did not believe in me anymore and did not think that I was “economically” an asset from them in the future. I was heartbroken. I felt personally betrayed and felt that my friends had just stabbed me in the back. Also, I was angry. I believed that I was doing something special and I sought them for not seeing how special I was. (Now looking back, I am ultimately thankful for that phone call. It gave me a drive and eventually a fire was lit that had never been there before. It was one of the best things to happen to me and I am glad it did; funny how hindsight works huh?) At the time, I did not let the label dropping me affect my career even thought it affected me mentally. I kept on pushing forward with my album and felt strangely confident; still angry though. This confident lasted until three months later, when I got another call. My friend and manager decided it was time that he stepped out of the project and let me go; again, heartbroken. This is when the confidence began to fade and I found myself at a crossroads.

        During, as I call it the “Dark Time”, I began to value my options. I could keep on fighting for my artistic career or I could say I had a great run and throw in the towel. After months and months of fighting and pushing through and trying to stay strong for my fans and my music, my body was telling me to choose the second option. And for a while, I did indeed choose that second option. I stopped writing music and stayed isolated from the internet, magazines, tv, and any form of social media; nothing about pop culture at the time seemed interesting to me. It wasn’t until about two weeks later that I began to scroll through my timeline on Twitter and see all of you tweeting your hearts out. You were all asking for the new record, for new videos, for new anything! I was saddened by the fact that I couldn’t give it to you; and that’s when my decision turned around. I said “Fuck it, I am going to to do this no matter who are what is behind me,” A new form of confidence and determination entered my soul; and it was fueled by you. I began to create again, to think about the new album I wanted to make, and once again I was on a creative high. I scheduled some meetings and found a team that believed in me and believed in my art and my talent. And from then on, making Planet X has been a whirlwind. 

       As the record is approaching, I found myself constantly looking back at the past and realizing how crucial those dark moments were for me. Even though it was a time of depression, sadness, and heartache, it gave me the confident and drive to write music and to create. I did it because it was my duty as a human-being and to you all. So, as today marks 4 Years of this journey, I am truly grateful. Thank you for your time, your belief, and for you dedication to myself and my art. And do not forget, it is not over. We still have a lot more work to do…

Cheers to another Four Years

and Happy Greyson Day, still feels strange…


Letter to a Demigod

Dear whomever this may concern

           Hi, my names James Silver and I’m guessing you’re wondering why you got this letter. We’ll get to that in a second. First, how’s your day been so far? Good? I’m guessing it’s been strange. I bet you’ve seen some strange things; things you’ve only seen and heard about in myths and legends. You probably think you’re going insane.

           Well, have I got some news for you. It was all real. The one eyed dudes that tried to kill you? Real. The woman with the snake tail instead of legs? Real. The giant dog the size of a monster truck that tried to eat you? Real.

           Remember going on those school field trips to museums? Remember those Greek exhibits? Remember the gods and the stories that the exhibits showed? Well guess what? They all exist. The gods, the monsters, the heroes they all exist and you’re a part of it. You’re just like those heroes, part god.

           And by now I can guess you don’t believe me. But I know a way of convincing you. Keep reading and let me guess a few things about you. I can promise you I’ll be right. And after, if you still don’t believe me, you can go back to your old life. But at least give me a chance.

           Now I’m guessing you only know one of your parents. And I’m guessing the parent you know said that the other either died or ran off. I’m guessing that you have both ADHD and Dyslexia. I’m guessing that none of those ADHD pills you tried worked. I’m guessing that you’ve been to more schools than you can count, for things that weren’t your fault. Last I’m guessing that I’m right about all of this.

           Now let me explain how I know all of this. I’ve been in your situation, I’m a demigod too. Only having one parent? That’s because your other parent is a god. And you see the gods have a stupid little rule saying they can’t interact with their kids. Now the ADHD? That’s your built in battle reflexes. And the Dyslexia? Your brain is hard wired to read greek. Now the schools thing, you’re probably thinking that that’s gotta be hard to guess. It’s not, most demigods have this problem. The more powerful your parent the more trouble you can get yourself into.

           Now this next part is important. Since you know all of this now, monsters will be even more attracted to you. It’s of vital importance that we get you somewhere safe to train you. What I need you to do is to hall ass to New York City as fast as you can. When you get there someone will find you and bring you somewhere safe.

            Oh and one last thing to remember. You are not alone there are monsters and demigods everywhere. There will be people to help you along the way to New York. Until then stay safe, keep your head low, and don’t try to fight any monsters.          

Your friendly demigod

James Sliver

lol sometimes i cant even believe im trans like all the signs were there as a kid and i wanted it for so long and now im actually doing it and it’s WILD like i thought i never would tbh… whenever i thought about it i was like “that is a problem for FUTURE me” and then one day i was like “ok today’s the day i guess” and it’s strange. life is weird sometimes. 

        Okay, I’m not even takin’ the piss, but I met this fan today, right? And it was all chill, like, until I’m walkin’ away n’ hear her call me her fuckin’ son. Like, is this a thing now? I dunno. Either way, I’ve never gotten outta’ somewhere as quickly as I did then. But eh, how was everyone else’s day? Hopefully not as strange as mine.