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Gratsu week:
Day 2: hungry / cooking

please do keep in mind that this is only a collage of already existing drawings made by mashima that figure in already existing chapters with slight edits and that some character were deleted and replaced in this edit to fit the prompt and pairing


 Rae Sloane and Gallius Rax: alternative history/fantasy AU

The Emperor is dead, and the remnants of his former Empire are 
in retreat.
As the New Republic fights to restore a lasting peace, some dare
to imagine new beginnings and new destinies.

A Very Imperial Valentines Week - Day 4 - Uniform Swap:
Reinterpreted the prompt to mean ‘swap them both with another time period’. Inspired a lot by Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which would lend itself beautifully to Star Wars AUs (and also to the dynamic of these two imperials):

“I have been quite put out of temper this morning and someone ought to die for it.”

Strange Days (4)

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Once outside the embassy, I close my eyes and think about Erik. In my mind, he was in a cab, leaving the area and disguised in a hat and sunglasses. He was headed toward a seedy hotel called Chez de Leveaux.

Opening my eyes, I seek out for a cab to get to the hotel and tell the driver where I needed to go. Within half an hour, I’m inside the hotel and go to the concierge.

“Excusé moi, est-ce que vous avez vu un homme grand qui porte un chapeau noir et des lunettes de soleil? (Have you seen a man with a black hat and sunglasses?)” I ask in French.

“Oui. Pourquoi? (Yes. Why?)” He asks suspiciously, eyeing me carefully.

“Il est mon amour et il m’a dit de venir ici. Mais j’ai oublié le nombre de sa chambre. (He’s my lover and he told me to come. But I forgot the number for his room.)” I explain, hoping that I was convincing enough.

“D’accord. C’est le nombre trois cent vingt. (Okay. It’s number 320.)” He tells me looking down at his book.

“Merci beaucoup!” I tell him, passing the desk and going to the elevators to get to Erik’s room.


“Erik, open up.” I say knocking on the door, hoping he’d actually do so.

The room was completely silent for a few moments but I could hear a television. I was about to kick the door down, before I heard a click, letting me know the door was now unlocked. I quickly shuffle into the room to see Erik sitting in a chair with his back to me, watching the footage from today at the embassy.  He was also stitching himself back up.

“If you’re looking for an apology, you’re not getting one. Killing her would have been for the greater good, Y/N. I thought you would understand.” He states monotonously, continuing to watch the screen.

“I do understand. However, you can’t just go around killing people, especially our kind in front of humans. They’re scared of us already and that stunt you pulled is going to make them even more afraid. That’s what Trask wants. He wants for us to create fear so that our extermination will be justified.” I explain calmly, now approaching him to take a seat beside him.

“You sound like Charles. Maybe humans should fear us. Maybe that would stop them from killing us already and keep them from experimenting on us.” Erik says harshly, some coins around us begin to shake.

“You’re right. You do need to create a bit of fear to then create change, however right now is not the time for it. If Trask gets his Sentinels approved, I lose my mother right in front of me. You of all people should know how that feels.” I say, knowing that I touched a nerve but it seemed to work.

“They already have enough of Raven’s blood on that pavement to create a couple of Sentinels. Which they wouldn’t have had, had you not acted impulsively and try to kill her.” I cross my arms, irked at the man beside me.

He stayed eerily quiet, processing what I just said. After a few moments of silence, I stand.

“Please Erik. Just think carefully about your next move and choose the right one.” I turn on my heel and leave the room to let what I said resonated with him.


Once we step into the mansion, Charles falls onto his side but is quickly picked up by Logan.

“What happened? Why can’t he walk?” He asks as he sits Charles into a nearby wheelchair.

“He needs his treatment.” Hank explains as Charles begins to clutch his head in pain.

“It’s okay, I’ll make it stop. I’ll get it.” Charles says beginning to wheel away.

“No, you won’t.” I say simply and he turns around to look at me in confusion.

“And why’s that?” He challenges.

“Charles, right now we need you. Our kind needs you. The three of us can only do so much. Think of the greater good.” I explain, crossing my arms.

“You sound just like Erik.” He accuses, causing me to roll my eyes, tired of being compared to the two men.

Hank runs up the stairs to get the injection, while Charles continues to glare at me while holding his head.

“Hey, hey, pull yourself together. It’s not over yet.” Logan comforts the pained professor.

“You don’t believe that.” Charles accuses.

“And how do you know?” Logan counters.

Charles points to his legs, “As these go…” he points to his head “…this comes back. They all come back!”

“ Look, I’m…I’m still here. She’s still out there. But we need your help, Charles. Not like this, I need you. We can’t talk sense into Raven, not without your powers.” Logan says calmly, trying to put Charles at ease.

Meanwhile Hank comes back with the injection and I look at it in disgust. I’ve always hated it when people were ashamed of being a mutant. Each and everyone of us should embrace our powers and protect each other.

“I added a little extra cause you missed a dose.” Hank says, giving the needle to Charles.

I glare at Hank for obviously not understanding what’s at stake here.

“Charles.” I warn him and give him a look.

Charles looks at Logan and I and just as he’s about to inject himself he decides against it and throws the injection down.

“Hank, do me a favor. Would you help me to my study, please?” Charles asks, reaching out to Hank to pick him up.

They then leave Logan and I downstairs.

“I swear to god if one of them compares me to the other again today, I’m going to kill both of them.” I sigh exasperatedly and slouch into an armchair.

“You should be used to it as much as they’ve told you that in the future.” Logan says with a chuckle.

Not long after our short conversation does Hank come with Charles in a wheelchair.

“Let’s go to Cerebro.” Charles says and I give him a proud smile, happy that he chose to help.


“When was the last time you were down here?” Logan asks as we enter Cerebro.

“The last time we went looking for students.” Hank answers for Charles, seeing that he was hesitant about answering.

“A lifetime ago.” Charles says, deep in thought.

Hank turns on the equipment while Charles picks up the Cerebro helmet and blows off the dust off of it.

“These are muscles I haven’t stretched in a long time,” he says as he puts the helmet.

“God!” He yells out in pain, with tears in his eyes.

“Charles!” Logan yells, concerned for his friend.

Not being able to handle it, Charles causes the Cerebro equipment to break down and takes the helmet off his head.

“Charles! Charles, it’s alright. I’ll go check the generator.” Hank reassures him before turning around and leaving.

“It’s not the machinery, is it?” I ask Charles, sighing.

“I can’t do this, my mind…” Charles says, trying to come up with excuses.

“Yes, you can. You’re just a bit rusty.” I reassure him, trying to hide my frustration.

“You don’t understand, it’s not a question of being rusty. I can flip the switches, I can turn the knobs, but my power comes from here, it comes from…"he touches his head and goes to point to his heart, “And it’s broken. I felt like one of my students, helpless. It was a mistake coming down here. It was a mistake freeing Erik. This whole thing has been one bloody mistake!” Charles turns his chair and starts to leave.

“I’m sorry, Y/N and Logan, but they sent back the wrong people.” He finishes.

“You’re right. They did.” Logan says, making me glare at the both of them for accusing us of not being capable to accomplish our goal.

Charles stops by the doors and Logan walks towards him.

“Actually it was supposed to be you and Y/N. But I was the only one who could physically make the trip. And uh…I don’t know how long we’ve got here, but I do know that a long time…actually, a not too long time from now, I was your most helpless student, and you unlocked my mind. You showed me what I was, you showed me what I could be. I don’t know how to do that for you. You’re right, I don’t. But I know someone who might.” Logan explains.

Charles and I both look at him in confusion.

“Look into my mind.” Logan demands, kneeling down to where Charles would be able to reach it.

“You saw what I did to Cerebro. You don’t want me inside your head.” Charles warns.

“There’s no damage you can do that hasn’t already been done, trust me.” Logan says with a bitter laugh.

Charles touches his fingers to Logan’s head and enters his mind.

“You, poor, poor, man.” Charles pities.

Tears begin to fall again.

“Look past me.” Logan says calmly, to not distract him.

“No, I don’t want your suffering, I don’t want your future!” Charles yells, crying harder.

“Look past my future, look for your future,” Logan commands and Charles starts to focus again, “That’s it.”

“Find what you were looking for?” Logan asks after a few moments of silence.

Just then the power comes back on and Hank walks over to us.

“Power’s back on.” Hank says stating the obvious.

“Yes. Yes, it is.” Charles says, rolling back over to the helmet.

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@allegra0 tagged me to put my music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs!! except im doing 20 bc allegra did 20 and this game is so fun fbdnsns

1. i believe in father christmas by emerson, lake & palmer
2. the end. by my chemical romance
3. strange days by the doors
4. this is the song (good luck) by punch brothers
5. another tricky day by the who
6. idle worship by paramore
7. tears of rage by the band
8. bell boy by the who
9. storms by fleetwood mac
10. bouree by jethro tull
11. golden belt by t. rex
12. blinded in chains by avenged sevenfold
13. burning bridges by pink floyd
14. one vision by queen
15. the battle of evermore by led zeppelin
16. spacewalker by depeche mode
17. after the ordeal by genesis
18. chant of the ever circling skeletal family by david bowie
19. dragon attack by queen
20. the little white road by donovan

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what if deacon was a legion frumentarius

please consider:

  • claims to have been a soldier once, way back west. never specifies ncr or anything else. just… ‘a soldier.’
  • claims to have been ‘scum’ and ‘a very violent bigot’ when he was younger
  • also consider: could’ve fallen in with the up deathclaws after deserting the legion, as a transitionary phase. they probably seemed fairly wholesome by comparison.
  • infiltration, observation, blending in, gathering intelligence… kiiiinda his thing
  • ??? ? ?? ?