strange commercials


Haha I think something malfunctioned at the TV station that was airing it and the commercial’s audio was slowed down, but it sounds super creepy like a demon or alien or something but also really funny since it’s playing over a really bright upbeat commercial


So this just happened….!!!!

I saw Benedict Cumberbatch on Live with Kelly on Nov 1st where he talks about:

  • Welcoming Baby no. 2 and if Little Kit knows he’s going to be a big brother
  • His first time hosting SNL with tips for his opening monologue from Kelly
  • Conversation in between commercial breaks
  • Doctor Strange and NYC filming
yfip: aidan turner
  • has a very large smile
  • laughs way too much
  • is self conscious of his chin
  • secretly loves art and photography 
  • wore clips in his wig during the hobs filming
  • has an old twitter where he posted about irish politics and nature
  • gives to charity 
  • says he can’t sing but in fact can
  • loves wine, more specifically pinot noir 
  • hides props during filming 
  • plays the guitar but keeps it lowkey 
  • converted parents garage into pool hall 
  • brings joy to people 
  • only owns like four shirts and they all seem to be varying shades of grey
  • has strange egg and juice commercials 
  • visited his grandma for her bday and brought her flowers
  • took his cousin to disneyworld 
  • must be stopped

You had lived in Texas your whole life, it’s what you lived and breathed. However, lately you’ve been showing interest in a certain little town in California.

It started when you were driving to some trivial location, listening to some strange radio station commercial. They were talking about someone bombing the police station and how there had been a goose chase, and you vaguely remember them saying something about a hospital that has seen more damage in the last two years than most had in ten years.

A normal person would find this off putting, and would change the station, but being the weirdo you were you listened intently, and when you had even searched it online.

A lot of people had apparently left the town, understandable if what you read about the crime, body count, damages, and animals attacks was true.

Even knowing how statistically dangerous you still magically convinced  your parents to emancipate you and let you move to a small apartment in Beacon Hills.

You were going to Beacon Hills High School, and today was your first day. You had spoken with Ms. Martin and gotten your schedule and was currently being shown around by her daughter and apparently the most popular girl in school, Lydia.

‘So these are the halls…um what was your name again?’ she asked.

‘Oh uh (Y/N).’ you answered.

‘Well, why the sudden move here, just asking since Beacon Hills isn’t really the place people leave their beloved hometowns for.’

‘I know I just felt kinda drawn to it, like something was here with my name on it, something big.’ you smiled nervously.

You looked up and saw Lydia looking at you with slight concern and curiosity.

‘Well then, welcome to Beacon Hills.’