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You have to hand it to Mill Creek Entertainment for shamelessly cashing in on the popularity of Stranger Things with the dubiously-named Strange Things collection. Due out on January 10, the set crams11 sci-fi/horror movies from the ‘80s onto three DVDs.

The line-up includes: The Pulse (1988), Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983), Krull (1983), My Mom’s a Werewolf (1989), The Hearse (1980), Lurkers (1988), Slipstream (1989), Mutant (1984), Death Warmed Up (1984), Alien Contamination (1981), and Eternal Evil (1985).

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I used to work at a duty free, and american would come through with money from the last time they were in Canada, occasionally this included not having been to Canada since the late 60's. So it wasn't uncommon to see paper money from long before I was born or coins that I'm not even sure count as legal tender anymore like a 50 cent piece. Our boss actually encouraged us to swap our own money out for the weird money, so I now have a rather large collection of strange bills and coins.


No matter what happens on your journey, don’t try to do anything… out of your league. Please. Just come home safely. 

Domestic Angels/ Kawoshin AU ideas:

  • Kaworu and Shinji are married, living in a very good home with 15 angel kids.
  • Everyone is very comfortable around Shinji, even though Shinji is a bit iffy around people. It’s Kaworu who everyone’s afraid of. People are wary at the fact that he keeps 30 pianos in the basement. Pianos that are inexplicably in mint condition. These pianos were discontinued decades before, even the piano he prefers playing on (Yamaha CF III).
  • Kaworu’s actually not bad when you get past the fact that he’s very powerful and his strange piano collection. He’s very good in the community, gets along great with everyone he interacts with, tries to do his best, always pays his bills, etc. He’s excellent with kids and the kids are really thrilled at the fact that he’s not human (”You’re an alien? That’s so cool!”)
  • Probably the only bad thing with Kaworu is that one time he got mildly pissed at someone. We don’t talk about that one time.


he is a very quiet person who loves his peace but is super talkative and exciteable when he has company!!!!!! he’ll offer you some earl gray tea and tell you all about game shows and how life was back when everything was 8 bits

hes 43 years old and used to be a repair guy but now is a florist and enjoys computers, tropical plants, terrible 70′s fashion and game shows!!! he also collects strange knick knacks and board games.

he lives in somewhere, mystery palms in a the small trailer park of magic springs. no one has ever seen him before he moved there, so no one knows how he got a commodore PET monitor for a head- or if he’s just always been like that. some say he was an IT guy named randy orville who had an unfortunate accident with a computer and somehow ended up like that, and others argue that randy loved his computer so much he stuck its monitor on his head and didnt take it off for so long he became uncle computer!!



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