strange cloud formations


   It wasn’t every day that she stumbled into somewhere as cursed as this. Taking precaution not to alert anyone that may be watching  to her presence, she walked through the forested mountain and gazed upon the remains of a village at the foot of the mountain that had long since been razed. Another reason to remain under the radar of the other.

   When she had initially decided to relocate her lair due to human activity near it, she had considered the abandoned village below before she heard tales of a wrathful god spoken of in passing by the humans. Done with her moment of respite and continuing her search, she ended up near the summit of the mountain; a wonderful place to see the occupying lands from.

It was soon that she began to see a strange formation of clouds and hear rolling thunder encroach from the north, a surefire sign that whatever god was in the area had returned. She quickly spread her wings and stared upwards to await whatever happened to her.

I sit half asleep in the backseat, Ella Fitzgerald playing through the radio as we drive through the mountains. My father comments on the strange cloud formations in the night sky. I sit up and something tells me I will want to remember this.