strange cloud formations

Cocoa and Fisticuffs

// Help they’re adorable and I’m literally drowning in hot chocolate at this point. Sidenote: I had Queen’s, You’re My Best Friend playing on repeat while writing this, it kinda fits no? //


LaFerry (with little bits of the OT3 too because I couldn’t resist)


So in hindsight perhaps going looking for the troll that is rumoured to live under the bridge between the arts building and the courtyard at nine o’ clock at night (in the noble name of science) was not such a great idea. Lafontaine swears it was all Laura’s idea and Laura swears it was all Laf’s idea and Perry, Danny and Carmilla swear they’re going to kill the pair of them.

It all started off just fine, just a quick peek under the bridge, see if the rumours were true. They were. Okay, so we’ll get just little bit closer and maybe try and get it on video? For science right? Right. Except apparently trolls aren’t interested in getting their five minutes of fame and really don’t like being filmed.

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