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Okay but how about an AU where Albert gives Sir Robert an armoured parasol just like Victoria’s and so nobody gets shot?

Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

A/N: CURSE YOU @pathybo

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Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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Korotan D: Chapter 3 - English Translation 

This chapter, like chapter 1, is fairly short, so it was pretty easy to translate ^^

In this chapter, along with our usual trio, we get a lot of Chiba, Hayami, Sugaya, and Okajima, along with some Yada, Mimura, and Itona! 

The only picture for this chapter is the one above. No memories framed as photographs this time : ( 

Chapter 3: Filming Time 

Just as Kayano and the rest of Class E were returning to the film site after lunch-break was over, a member of the staff got into a heated argument with the director. The assistant director and Jerome tried to arbitrate between them, but the two only heated up their argument.

“I can’t postpone the shooting date any more than I already have! Doing things your way will take too much time!”

“It’s your job to keep your work on schedule! We’re running late because you take so much time communicating with the local staff, not to mention they take too much time to procure the goods I ask for!”

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desidaqueen-deactivated20170520  asked:

Klonnie - their baby won't stop crying and the whole squad don't know what to do? ( I'm just craving baby Klonnie 🙂)

She has read somewhere that in the first few weeks you are responding solely to their physical needs.  The emotional comes later as they learn to navigate the world around them but in the beginning it is food, sleep, and a dry bum.

She thinks she can manage to satisfy those needs.

She thinks wrong.

One thing she quickly learns about their son is that he does not want to be put down.  She tries if only for a quick moment so she can eat or heaven forbid shower.   Henry responds by opening his mouth and letting out an ungodly wail that shouldn’t be possible for someone with lungs so small.  It stops the moment he is pressed to her skin so she puts off whatever task that had been on her mind.

When Kol comments that she has looked better, she angrily thrusts the baby at him.  It might not be his mother’s arms  that Henry rests in but he seems content enough for her to wash away a few days’ worth of funk.  She learns a valuable lessons while she hums under the hot water.  Henry doesn’t crave her as much as he craves any contact.

So it becomes a game of pass the baby.

Henry makes his way around the compound, passed from mother to father to uncle to aunt before making his way to his mother again.  It is a pretty good system and it allows Bonnie to form some sort of routine (all the books spoke of routine) as well as get some down time.  One afternoon she even finds herself curled up with Klaus in their bed while Henry is rocked dutifully by Elijah.

It works — until it doesn’t.

One night Bonnie bolts up in bed, instinct already pushing her to reach for Henry before she even realizes his crying is what woke her.  Beside her Klaus opens one eye and mutters something about his hungry son before drifting back to sleep (some days she wonders if he is part lion instead of part wolf — he is infinitely more lazy than she ever imagined him to be).  She thinks he is right and sets about feeding Henry.  Only he won’t latch.  Instead he balls up his fists and howls (definitely part wolf).

Klaus wakes and takes Henry from her.  If he isn’t hungry one of his other basic needs must be met.  He somehow manages to change a diaper, no easy feet given how Henry squirms.  Bonnie pulls herself out of bed and tries a few things that have seen success in the past: rocking, bouncing, this strange move that looks more like interpretative dance than anything (Klaus eyes her with a raised brow on that one).  She gives up when Henry continues to cry and tags out.

His father tries to tell him a story as he walks the length of their room.  Bonnie finds Klaus’ voice soothing but apparently Henry is immune to such things.  He shows no signs of slowing down.

Kol is the first to appear, coming to stand in their doorway with a scowl on his face.  “How much longer are we to be subjected to this?”

Bonnie throws him a look.  “You are free to sleep elsewhere.”

“Have you tried stuffing his mouth with your —”

Klaus comes to stand in front of Kol with Henry’s raging body held close to his chest.  “If you value your life, you will not finish that sentence.”

Kol eyes his nephew.  “Perhaps a gag then?”

“Get the hell out,” Bonnie says as she comes to stand next to Klaus.  It is automatic for her hand to come out to brush against Henry’s back.  She can feel all his muscles straining.  Her heart aches for her son.  

Kol does as she asks, muttering under his breath as he goes.

“Give him back,” Bonnie says, her arms open to receive her son.  He pushes against her, arching his back as he screams.  “Maybe a walk…” She leaves the room before Klaus can point out he has been walking for the past ten minutes. She moves past of the rest of the bedrooms quickly, feeling like she has a live bomb in her arms.  She descends the stairs into the courtyard, not even thinking of the acoustics of the Mikaelson home.  

If anyone had been still asleep — they aren’t anymore.

Rebekah appears next, moving to drape herself over the railing so she can look down at mother and son.  “Poor babe,” she muses.  “He probably just realized he has a mutt for a father.”

“Rebekah,” Bonnie chides as she bounces Henry once more.  Not helping.  So not helping.   

“My apologies,” she says.  “I have been told I am rather vicious when I am woken from a dead sleep.”

“I am sorry.”  Guilt hits Bonnie.  Not so much because she has woken up the household but because she has no idea what to do to help her son.  She should know right?  She is his mother.

Rebekah waves the apology off.  “I knew what I signed up for.  Does he have gas?”

Bonnie has already tried patting him on his back but she is desperate at this point.  She tries again.  Henry is clearly not pleased by the actions.  If anything he manages to up the volume.  He sounds livid now.  “Oh baby…”

Klaus is by her side within a blink.  He has Henry’s favorite blanket (or at least they presume it is his favorite).  Together they wrap Henry up with it.  Bonnie takes one look at him swaddled and makes a face.  “He looks like an angry burrito.”

Klaus gives her a look (he must be questioning her sanity; hell she is questioning her sanity).

Freya comes next.  She seems more alert and Bonnie remembers she is a night owl.  She passes her grumpy sister and descends the stairs.  She has a sympathetic look on her face as she comes to stand next to the new parents.  Her fingers smooth along Henry’s cheek. “Perhaps a spell?  Something small to send him off to sleep.”

Bonnie is horrified at the thought.  Though she knows Freya means well, she can’t help but clutch Henry to her.  “I want him to always be in control of himself,” she says firmly.  She knows what it is like to have your mind clouded by magic.  She will not do to that to him even if he won’t ever remember.

Freya bows her head in deference to Bonnie’s wishes.  

When Elijah finally joins then, Henry has been crying for nearly an hour.  Bonnie feels drained by it all, close to tears herself.  She looks down at her son, the guilt and desperation mixing together with disastrous results.  Her gaze falls on  Klaus.  “Why won’t he stop?  I should be able to help him.  I can’t help him.  I am a complete failure as a mother.”

Klaus frowns and looks to Elijah.  His brother nods his head (are they communicating telepathically?) and then steps forward.  “Bonnie, I will take my nephew.”

Bonnie is near panic now and has to be coaxed to hand Henry over.  Elijah carefully takes the baby and she slumps forward.  Klaus is there to catch her, his arms coming around her.  Her head lands on his chest and she tangles a hand in the shirt he has worn to bed.  

“Bonnie, love, you are far from a failure,” Klaus tells her quietly.  It takes a moment for his voice to break through the sound of Henry’s wailing.  “You are an amazing creature.  Strong, fierce and determined.  He is a baby and sometimes he will cry until you think he will run out of air.  He won’t I assure you and just because he does it doesn’t make you a bad mother.  You are learning.  We are learning.”

She sighs, closing her eyes.

Henry lets out an abrupt shortened cry and then stops all together.  Bonnie raises her head to look at Klaus.  Together they glance over at Elijah to find him covered in every ounce of what Henry has eaten in the past few hours.  The older Original stands there, looking a bit shell shocked.  

Bonnie’s mouth falls open a little and then she steps forward. “Uh…”

Elijah tries to maintain a shred of decorum (is it…yep, it is in his hair) as he hold Henry out.  “It would appear all is fine now.”

Bonnie brings Henry to her and notes the way he snuggles into the crook of he neck.  She breathes a sigh of relief.  “Yes…I should…I should put him back to bed.”

She and Klaus both retreat to save Elijah’s pride from any further damage.  She is changing Henry out of his soiled clothes when she hears it — Kol once more.

“Ugh, brother, why do you smell like rotten milk?”


Paul McGann auditioning for the Eighth Doctor.

Cutie! Around 50 seconds in, changing gears on a dime.

gtfomulder  asked:

114 and 125 for the drabble challenge!

THANK YOU! Sorry it took so long. Very bad case of writers block. Sorry if these are not great but personally I thought they were cute :) 

125. You’re the one who left it laying around.

William wrapped up the strange pink object in a blanket and held it like a baby. He’d found it while exploring and was trying to figure out what kind of toy it was.
‘Maybe it’s a doll.’ He thought to himself but that didn’t seem right either.
Unrolling the blanket he let the toy fall to the ground and it started making strange noises and bouncing.
William squatted down close to examine it when he heard his parents coming down the stairs.

“You’re the one who left it laying around! We have a young child around the house; you said you’d clean it and put it away!” William’s mommy said in her mad voice.
“I cleaned it and put it in my nightstand!” His daddy said and William thought his daddy sounded like he did when his mom caught him feeding the dog from the table.
They came into the room and both of them froze and stared at William and the pink toy.
“Honey, where’d you find that?” William’s mommy asked.
“In daddy’s drawer.” William answered truthfully with big eyes.
William’s daddy looked a little scared but when the toy continued to move across the floor his daddy started to laugh, which caused William to laugh.
William’s mommy gave his daddy a look that made him run to get the toy from the ground where it was bouncing. His daddy turned the toy off and put it behind his back.
“Remember what we told you about personal space?” Will’s mommy asked him.
William looked at the floor and nodded solemnly.  Personal space meant that William was not allowed to go in it.
“I’m sorry mommy.” William said.
Sighing his mommy ruffled his hair, “its okay honey just remember to ask before you go into one of our drawers.”
Will nodded but paused, “What kind of toy is that?”

Both of his parents stood still for a minute and looked at each other.
“We’ll tell you when you’re older bud.” William’s daddy finally said with a smile and a laugh.

114. No, you’re MY bitch.

The criminal’s knee on Scully’s back made it hard to breathe, which she thought was just as well since his rancid breath was in her face.
“Damn I didn’t know the FBI had such sexy agents.” As he said it Scully could feel him sniff her neck. Mulder should have been there by now and she was starting to worry something had happened to him. Scully began to struggle but he just pushed her down harder.
“Mhummmmm.” He murmured and grabbed her hair roughly, “Feels kinda good when you struggle like that. I like it. But you better adjust cause you’re my bitch now.”
Right as the dread was starting to settle in her stomach a loud sound rang through the room, distracting the man who was holding her down just enough for her to overpower him. Scully’s fist connected with his face and when she forced his arm behind his back the yelp he let out was satisfying.
“No, you’re MY bitch.” Scully growled at him and got out her cuffs.
A gentle hand on her back proceeded Mulder’s voice, “Sorry it took so long, are you okay?”
Scully blew her bangs out of her face, “I’m fine.”
Despite himself Mulder felt his cock jump as he watched Scully manhandle the criminal. He turned away to focus on the other shocked men in the room.  
Scully hauled the villain off the ground and shoved him forward while reciting the Miranda warning.
Mulder was followed by a gang of officers who rounded up the rest of the guys in the place.

Next he saw Scully was two hours later as they wearily climbed into the car.
“How are you feeling?” Mulder asked hesitantly.
She looked right at him with a raised eyebrow, “Like I want to blow off some steam.”
Her lips formed her perfect Mona Lisa smile and Mulder put the car into drive quickly.
“Where to?”

“The motel.” Her eyes bored into him and Mulder grinned at her.
“Yes ma’am.”

Still playing with that crossover

“Okay, you grab a table, I’m just gonna…” Kara vaguely motioned in the direction she rushed, heading quickly toward where the restrooms were located.

Cat huffed and glanced around. Much to her annoyance, everyone was trying very hard not to stare, which, of course, meant all eyes were on her. “No one will know who I am, huh,” she muttered to herself while she waited for a young brunette who was clearly the only server in the establishment to seat her.

“Hi,” the server greeted with a tense smile. “Welcome to Granny’s. Would you like a table or a booth?”

“A booth.” Cat glanced around again and noted that all eyes were still on her. She internally groaned and checked for the least conspicuous place in the diner, which was a table in the back corner. Waving her hand dismissively, she stated firmly, “Never mind. We’re sitting there.” She pointed at the table as she made her way to it.

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Well, hello everyone! Did you come to see if you’re on my ‘nice’ list?”

cutie sora’s on the naughty list (◡‿◡✿) 

burstingamerworld  asked:

What did you think of your birthday Nova?

Nova; it was nice to be 16 for a day before this pocket dimension restarted me back to 14 years old due to the fact time does not flow in a normal way here. It’s a very strange feeling to be bouncing around time in such a way. I sure hope this is the only place where it happens. 

E: ….*hides folder and time traveling unicorn.* 

Thoughts about Big Hero 6

I just rewatched it, so some thoughts:

I have heard people say “Why isn’t Hiro in therapy after his brother dies?”

We don’t know he isn’t. He could be seeing a therapist, or a grief counselor. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I’m still not over my grandfather’s death, and it’s almost been a year. So spending a month or so greiving over a sibling’s traumatic death isn’t weird. I don’t even find his bounce back strange. Grief is super weird. Sometimes people get over it after a big event. Sometimes they never do. We see him going to school, but that doesn’t mean he’s not grieving. Same with Aunt Cass. Just because she looks and acts happy doesn’t mean she is.

What the fuck was up with Callahan? (I spelled that wrong)

I understand why he’s upset. I even understand his actions, though I don’t support them. What I don’t understand is why he was actively trying to murder some of his students. What the hell. Instead of attacking Baymax and Hiro, maybe if he had just gently escorted them outside (actually gently) things wouldn’t have happened? Sure, that defeats the entire purpose of the movie, but shh. Even if he had attacked Hiro, who wasn’t a student of his, attacking Wasabi, Gogo, Honey Lemon, and (kinda) Fred with lethal attacks? I assume at some point he was proud of them. He could have used non lethal attacks.

Yeah. That’s about it.


Your voice echoes in this strange room, bouncing off the concrete and glass, magnifying in the small space. Though it had originally been intimidating, looking up at the walls of the room, made entirely out of mirror, you saw one of the most exquisite sights you’d ever experienced. The reflection of Sehun rolling his hips into yours with force, unmarred by any imperfection, is seared into your memory now, hard lines of his body and arms meld into your softer form. As your eyes move up, they trail over shimmering sweat on his skin, wet parted lips, and then to his dark eyes under strong brows which you notice are focused just as clearly on you. They follow the same path along your body in the mirror, watching carefully the place where his shaft enters your body but moving to see the way your face twists with cries of passion. All of it is clear in the mirrors - every movement and shift in expression as you twine together, perfectly synchronous.

- Admin J

dr-caulfield  asked:

Caulscott one shot where Nathan and Max are at the carnival and Nathan and Max are at the basketball shooting stand and Max admires a big doe plushie that's one of the big plushie say the top of the rack but the basketball hoops are too far for Max to shoot for but Nathan's like "I got this babe" and shoots all hoops and wins the Doe plushie for Max and just ajaksopswkicp

I think everyone in the caulscott tag needs something cute this weekend, so I think this is perfect… This fanfiction is dedicated to all of the caulscott shippers! All of you are super, duper wonderful people and please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Thank you for sending in your ask and waiting patiently! (I’ll also get to your other request either tomorrow or the day after that!) c:

Warnings: None. SFW. Enjoy!

They were walking side by side each other, letting the fun, chaotic atmosphere sink in. Both of them let their eyes wander to the many stands and games that they passed by, eying the people who were either viciously competing for a simple stuffed animal or slumping their shoulders in utter defeat as the buzzer rang out into the din mockingly. Nathan didn’t see the appeal. It seemed like just a big waste of time - and a waste of money. The people who ran them seemed awfully cheeky and full of themselves, like they took pride in people’s defeat while knowing they still got paid for their losses.

It was kinda… bizarre.

Although, he knew that’s just how things worked in a place like this. Sighing, he pulled out a french fry out from the small food carton he was holding and popped it into mouth. He was getting bored. They had rode everything and checked out mostly the entire place, plus it was getting dark. At this point, he was satisfied and ready to go. Turning to his side, he murmured, “Uh, Max, maybe we should bounce…”

Strangely enough, she was no where in sight.

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