strange bounce


Paul McGann auditioning for the Eighth Doctor.

Cutie! Around 50 seconds in, changing gears on a dime.

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I am afraid of love, I cannot share my depths with others for they are still uncharted I fear that they will know my universe far better then I, I am an unknown dark expanse I loathe what hides in my deepest corners how do I let someone in when all I am is a black hole, I swallow all good

I knew a boy once who I liked confessing to, and when I told him I was a black hole, he told me that loving a black hole would be interesting, that there’s sort of a chaotic beauty to them, and that they spiral, they’re large & strange, but they can bounce you across worlds. Black holes are powerful, don’t you think? 


Your voice echoes in this strange room, bouncing off the concrete and glass, magnifying in the small space. Though it had originally been intimidating, looking up at the walls of the room, made entirely out of mirror, you saw one of the most exquisite sights you’d ever experienced. The reflection of Sehun rolling his hips into yours with force, unmarred by any imperfection, is seared into your memory now, hard lines of his body and arms meld into your softer form. As your eyes move up, they trail over shimmering sweat on his skin, wet parted lips, and then to his dark eyes under strong brows which you notice are focused just as clearly on you. They follow the same path along your body in the mirror, watching carefully the place where his shaft enters your body but moving to see the way your face twists with cries of passion. All of it is clear in the mirrors - every movement and shift in expression as you twine together, perfectly synchronous.

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Life is Strange - Episode 4
  • Me: Aw man, that ending was intense! I can't wait to see how this ends! Alright, let's check out the choice statistics.
  • Me: *sees that you could have written on Warren's board*
  • Me: Wait, what?! *quickly looks it up online and sees how adorable it is*
  • Me: . . .
  • Me: I have to redo this episode immediately!
Child Storm (closed)


The Finalizer was making it’s way back to Starkiller Base. Just coming out of hyperspace it came face to face with a strange static storm. Light bounced through it. They tried to steer clear of it, but they had been too close. The star destroyer floating through the purple mist. The electricity that was produced from the storm hit against the Finalizer’s metal haul. It caused power outages throughout the ship. 

Kylo Ren was walking through the ship trying to clear his mind. He paused when he felt a massive pain course through his mind. He hissed in pain as it got more intense causing him to fall to his knees. The power flashed in the hallway he was in. One moment a grown man was there and the next a child in clothes to big for him. He then fell to the floor as he passed out. The hall going dark as he did so. 

The little boy waking shortly after the power was restored. He was scared. He had no idea where he was. He took the helmet off his head and found a storage room to hide in. He was began to cry. He wanted his mother.