strange animal of the day


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you strange humans.


Dead animal warning - the vet at work took over the wash room today to defrost some bodies for a training exercise. I forget the animals we have in the freezer here, I need to get them out at some point for some comparison pictures.

ask-irlghana  asked:

Two months ago, the day after a terrible magic accident, Abigail inherited a strange power. Every time she woke up, she was a different animal! A day after this discovery, scientists had captured her and have been running horrifying tests for weeks, until she was a bitter shell of her former self. And yet they tested away, too greedy for the fame of figuring her out to consider her in anything.

Alfred frowned and hummed softly as he looked over the test results.

I don’t usually have anyone filming or taking pics while I’m out there, so these are all from the same day.

The goaties in this video come from 3 moms with goat diseases (CL & CAE) that can be transmitted through their milk. So what we do is pasteurize their milk, add probiotics to it, and give it to the babes with the mama bucket. They got hand fed with bottles until we brought them out to the pasture. These kids don’t get to grow up with their moms, but that means they’ll be disease free and get to raise their own kids one day!

(animal husbandry is strange/question your morals and practices everyday kids)