strange airports

Airports are strange places. They’re filled with people from all over the world. We’re all just here waiting. Waiting for flights, taxis, trains, buses, food, loved ones. We’re all either running from someone or something or towards someone or something. Airports are strange places. They’re filled with runaways  from all over the world.
—   My Journal entry (via profoundlyprofoundteendreams)

You know what I think is really weird about me?  I like traveling.

Not, like, to places.  I like being on cramped, noisy buses for fifteen hours at a go.  I like desperate dashes for your connecting flight, only to find out it’s been delayed until morning and you’re stuck in this strange airport until morning.  I like weird motel rooms with hinted histories.  I like wondering who’s been where I am before, and who’s going to be here next.  I like being in transit in a way I’ve never heard expressed by another human being.

I’m not sure where I was going with this, but then, isn’t that the point?

Kisses - Cancer Crew Preference


“Ian, quit!” you giggle, squirming around on the bed as your boyfriend presses kisses all across your stomach, driving you absolutely insane. It tickles like crazy, and Ian seems to be enjoying himself way too much.

“But you’re so cute when you get like this,” Ian says, smiling up at you softly. You play with his hair absently, smiling back at him. Ian dips his head down, pressing one last kiss to a little spot of skin above your bellybutton, and then he’s crawling up the bed to kiss you properly.

“I love you,” you murmur, talking against Ian’s mouth as he keeps trying to kiss you over and over again.

“I love you too,” Ian says, hugging you closer, and for some reason, you feel like your chest is going to burst.


“Babe,” Joji says, shaking you a little. You acknowledge him with nothing more than a discontent noise, fisting your hands in the fabric of his shirt in an attempt to pull him closer. This has been the god of all naps, and you never want it to end.

“Baby, we really need to get going. Ian and Max are gonna come get us soon.”

But Joji’s not making any serious moves towards getting out of bed, so you figure you can bargain with him on this pretty successfully.

You press sloppy kisses to your boyfriend’s chest, reaching to hold his hand. “Fifteen more minutes, I promise.”

Joji sighs softly, but then you press another wet kiss to the jut of his collarbone, and he caves. “Fifteen minutes, but that’s it.


“I’ll be back in a few weeks,” Max tells you, squeezing your hand reassuringly. You duck your head and look away from him, the sounds of bustling people and scores of cars all around you. It’s dark outside, but the drop-off area of the airport is brightly lit, so much so that you’d think it was the middle of the day. It never ceases to amaze you how strange airports are, even on the outside.

“I know, just… I’m gonna miss you.” You look up at Max again, trying to swallow down the knot in your throat.

“Three weeks,” Max presses, squeezing your hand more intently now. You nod, and he kisses the top of your head, drawing you in for a hug. Curling around Max, you blink silent tears onto his coat and try to revel in this, the last embrace you’re going to have with him for quite some time, but all you get out of it is a cold feeling in your gut. It chills your insides, but your chest is still burning. Trying to hold yourself back from crying is hard work, at least that’s what you’re quickly learning.

“I love you,” Max murmurs into your hair, hands rubbing your back. “I’m gonna call you everyday, I promise. Twice a day if I can, even.”

“I love you too,” you sniffle, pulling away so you can wipe your face. Max leans down and kisses you for a long, long moment, gentle and almost sort of sad.

“Don’t cry, love,” he says, wiping your cheeks with the sleeves of his own coat now. “Just go home and try to get some sleep, yeah? It’s late.”

And it is. Flights to American can never leave the Perth airport at a less ungodly hour, or that’s what it seems like to you.

The two part with one final, hard kiss, one that makes your stomach turn and your heart nearly stop dead in your chest. You drive home by yourself with a heavy heart, eyes bleary and lips burning.


“Honestly, I can’t believe they haven’t killed you yet,” you say to Chad, working intently on bandaging what’s only the latest in a series of injuries he’s received this week. Monday it was a burn on his leg from a filming light, Tuesday it was a knot on his head from falling on the floor, yesterday it was a rash from spray paint that wasn’t safe for contact with delicate human skin… and today, he got a cut on his arm that nearly made your drive him to the hospital for stitches.

“It’s all in good fun,” Chad says, waving away the matter with a gesture and one of his easy-going smiles. You shoot him a look, knowing that he’d say something like that. He always loves it when Ian and George blow into town for filming, even if it means that he ends up looking like Frankenstein by the time it’s all over.

“One day, you’re really gonna get fucked up, and I’m gonna say ‘I told you so.’” You finish wrapping his arm, taping the bandage down as an extra precaution, and start closing up the first aid kit. “I worry about you sometimes. You always volunteer to do the stupidest shit.”

“Aw, babe, come on,” Chad says, smiling and trying to pull you into his arms. You let him, still pouting even though it feel good. “I’m tough,” Chad tells you, smiling softly as he brushes your hair off your face. “I can take whatever those guys throw at me, and besides- doing stupid shit is my passion.”

You roll your eyes, and Chad kisses your forehead.

“But I do have one request,” Chad says, and you look at him evenly.


“Kiss it better?” he asks, holding up his bandaged arm. You roll your eyes again, but this time you’re smiling.

“Sure, Chad,” you say, pressing a soft kiss just beside the end of the wrapping. Chad grins, declaring himself healed, and you can’t help but shove him a little before giving him a proper kiss.

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  • A group of tantruming toddlers, known in their collective as a “hissy”
  • The baby calf that Billy Crystal delivers in “City Slickers” and then heroically carries across a river in the middle of a massive flash flood.

Magic Sassy Strap - when you want to apply lipgloss, but not the laws of physics. (From the makers of Baby Bag)

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For the mom who would laugh at this list:

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Parenting is Easy:

Welcome To Hell

His world was spinning, and he finally gave out, letting himself fall down and watch the world go black.(I wrote this for my friend @imslenderversetrash and his awesome AU)

It was a dark night in the snowy winter.

The night was cold, and the chilly air bit at Noahs skin like icy daggers. Hot, short pants of breath escaped his lips, causing it to become visible against the snowy air. He licked his lips a few times, trying to keep them from becoming chapped.

He was heading into the airport, in New Jersey. He had been taking notes; observing, really, the layout of his grandfather’s house.

Why? Well, he needed some knowledge of how to eventually sneak into his house and get the journal, at some point in the future.

As he walked into the airport he now had a well thought out map drawn neatly in his notebook.

Yet despite being in the airport, it seemed… Empty.

It was strange; normally airports would be bustling at this time of day, yet it seemed like absolutely no one was around. It easily caused an eerie feeling to tingle up Noahs spine, and he shivered.

It was especially confusing, because Noah could have sworn he saw people when he had been outside, but now, there was suddenly no one. He turned back, looking out the doorway. There was no one outside anymore, as if they had just been a mirage in Noahs mind.

“Hello?” Noah called out. There was no answer. He quickly noticed that the workers behind the desks and at security were also missing. He was alone.

Noah got paranoid fast. Was this another trick, made by the Collective, or was it just a coincidence? He didn’t know. All he knew was that either way, he was scared. He knew how things like this could end. He didn’t know if Firebrand or anyone else could help him if he were to be attacked right here, right now.

Looking at his airport ticket, he figured he might as well try to head towards security. Maybe he could find someone. That was his top priority. People, well, normal ones anyway, made him feel… Safer. If he found someone maybe he could find out what was going on, exactly.

He walked to his right, and he went towards the security gate, and there was no one there. He hesitantly went past the security and went towards the area where he would board his plane.

He didn’t know if it was legal to walk past security, highly doubting it, but he had to find someone, anyone before he panicked.

As he quickly walked, with his small carry-on being held in his hand, he heard his footsteps echo all around. He was the only one making noise, and he could hear his own heartbeat, which mimicked his panicked steps.

Finally, when Noah reached his gate, he swore he saw someone. A woman, with chin length brown hair and eyes that looked cloudy and hazel. For a moment, Noah stood there, puzzled. She seemed almost like some sort of statue or doll, standing in front of him, unmoving and undisturbed. Noah found it unsettling, but hey, at least it was someone, right?

He walked towards her, and she quickly turned to face him, causing Noah to quickly jolt in surprise at the sudden movement.

“H-hello? Do you know where some of the workers are…?” Noah asked, and the woman actually smiled. A rare gesture he didn’t see much anymore.

“They’re closed today. I am an escort.” She said kindly.

“An escort? To where?” Noah asked curiously.

The woman chuckled. “A different airport. They have rescheduled everyone’s flights to there since the planes here are not functioning.” She said.

Noah blinked slowly. He had received no notification about this, and there were no locked doors or indication of the airport being closed, yet perhaps it was a recent thing? He didn’t really know or care.

“I could take you there, if you’d like? You probably have somewhere to go. Doubt you want to waste your money?” The woman asked, and Noah pondered for a moment. After a while he slowly nodded. After all, what other choice did he have?

Minutes later, Noah was sitting in the back of a small car, a Prius maybe, and the woman got in after a few moments, driving onto the street without a word. For a few moments, Noah looked into the sky, and suddenly his blood turned to ice.

Why was it light out?

His clock said it was midnight. Noah watched as the lightness in the sky quickly faded away into a starry black, and with a shiver Noah suddenly realized that he had made a bad choice. It was a trap. He felt a sickening feeling in his head, making Noah know they had just jumped in time. Or space, or whatever. Somehow, the time had just changed in front of his eyes, and he had a sinking feeling that this… Escort, was some sort of Collective henchman?

He sat in the car silently for a few moments, studying the woman. Definitely not Cursor, nor was it Deadhead or Persolus… Maybe it was a new victim…

Noah looked back at the airport, and his plane was taking off. He let his eyes follow the plane up, up into the clouds until he could no longer see it.

Finally, after a moment, Noah spoke.

“Where are we going?”

There was no answer.

Noah tried again. “Where are we going?”

Still nothing. The woman stared at the road as she drove off. Noah watched her until suddenly, she smiled. Noah felt his heart drop when he felt arms wrap around him.

“Goodnight, Noah.” The woman said, before a sharp pain went through Noah, and everything went pitch black.

When Noah woke, he was cold. That was the first thing he noticed. The second thing that came to his mind was that it was dark. Noah tried to move, but no, he couldn’t. For some reason, he was stuck; bound to something. He struggled for a long time, feeling the open breeze hit his cheek. He realized he must be outside.

Suddenly, a chuckle came from somewhere around him.

“Good evening, my pet. How are we feeling?” Came a sickeningly sweet and sarcastic voice. Noah answered by grunting and struggling harder. The person around him laughed at his weak attempts, and suddenly, there was light.

A fire was lit right below him, and Noah saw that he was on some sort of stone altar, being held by rope that tied him down. Just beneath the altar was a hollow spot for a fire, and it lit without anyone standing there.

Noah could now see just a little bit, and he saw people standing all around him, in a circle. They all had black hoods and white masks, and Noah was immediately thinking of the Order. However, they all had strange colors and patterns on their masks, and Noah realized this was something different.

Noah was mostly naked on the altar, in an uncomfortable sitting position, and he struggled and struggled. Finally, after a few moments, the woman from before walked just close enough for Noah to look into her eyes angrily.

She laughed. “How silly of you, actually thinking you can overpower us all. “ She bent down close to his ear.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt much.” She said in a mockingly sweet tone, and Noah felt his blood boil.

She proceeded to move back, and light a small torch, before holding it up. Somehow, it illuminated the whole area, and Noah could see dozens, maybe hundreds of cloaked figures, standing around him in a circle. Noah froze in fear. The woman stood in the middle of the circle, closest to him, and she held the torch high into the air.

“Let us commence,” She began. “The changing, the rebirth, and the empowering of this young man. After tonight, he will be able to save us all.”

Noah was perplexed, confused, and angry. He didn’t understand..

What did this woman even mean?

Clearly she was nuts.

Was this a ritual?


Was he going to die?


The woman proceeded to stand back a bit, before setting the torch down a bit. She picked up a glistening knife, and Noahs hair prickled. She walked over to him, and Noah screeched as she cut just above his stomach. Not too deep; only enough to get some blood on the knife. Noah watched in fear as she went back again.

This time she picked up a collar, and a strange charm hung off of it, some soft of symbol made of metal. She moved the knife below it, getting some blood on the metal symbol. Noah wanted to laugh at how silly it seemed.

She then picked up the torch again. She burned the symbol slightly, making the blood seemingly stain the metal. Noah felt a twinge of fear shiver through him, and he waited.

Finally, the woman went back to him. Noah flinched away, but she only laughed. She tilted his head, and Noah growled, trying to stop her, but it was too late. She wrapped the collar onto him, buttoning it on. Noah struggled, but he couldn’t move his hands.

She went back to the middle, and the fire all around seemed to slightly dim. Noah watched in horror as torches lit all around them in a circle, dim and red. He felt fear course through his veins.

Suddenly, the woman began to hum. It was quiet at first, but Noah heard the other.. Cultists, he supposed, begin to hum along.

The humming slowly turned to words, but in a strange, untranslatable language he didn’t understand.

Noah watched the light in the torches grow more and more crimson, and suddenly, he started to feel strange around his neck. The collar was burning hot, and he growled in pain.

He started to feel very strange, his vision slightly fuzzy. Slowly, he felt a strange itch start to spread across his whole body. He squirmed uncomfortably, and the itching started to get worse.

He looked down and suddenly gasped in shock. There was.. Fur, growing all over his body, getting longer and fluffier by the second. Noah started to struggle wildly, panicking.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!” Noah screamed, and the fur grew all along him, his face, his chest, his arms and legs, everywhere. When it finally settled, Noah saw that it was light brown, almost skin colored fur. Well, at least they did that for him.

Next Noah felt pain on his face. He felt his eyes fixate and sting, and when he blinked, he saw that his vision had changed. He could see around much farther, and his eyes seemed bigger. He could see in the dark, into the forest, and he could spot more cultists.

Noah kept panicking. What were they doing, turning him into a cat? At this point, it was possible. He kept struggling as he felt whiskers grow out of his now fluffy cheeks. His feet slowly morphed into more of paws, but his hands stayed mostly normal.

As he struggled, perky brown ears poked out of his head, causing Noah to scream in pain. He panted, continuing to struggle, but he started to get weaker. He felt claws grow from his nails, pointy and black, and he felt horrible pain around his back and waist. He was now too weak to even know what it was, but he still tried to look around.

The pain, the pain…

His world was spinning, and he finally gave out, letting himself fall down and watch the world go black.

Pro Tip: When Canadian customs officers greet you with ‘bonjour’, do not respond in kind unless you actually have a decent grasp of the French Language. Otherwise they will continue to ask your security questions in increasingly complex French until they finally realize your incompetence and take pity on you by switching to English.

This has been a public service announcement.