strange airports

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Just a thought: Isn't it interesting that Sam can travel across the atlantic & the US completely unphotographed, but when someone wants to place him with a certain blonde, he's 'randomly' sited & photographed standing in an airport line??? Strange that. 😏

Yep! Pictures are such a useful story telling tool. And some of his “holidays” are so well documented by posts and fan pics- and yet others feature none at all…

You know what I think is really weird about me?  I like traveling.

Not, like, to places.  I like being on cramped, noisy buses for fifteen hours at a go.  I like desperate dashes for your connecting flight, only to find out it’s been delayed until morning and you’re stuck in this strange airport until morning.  I like weird motel rooms with hinted histories.  I like wondering who’s been where I am before, and who’s going to be here next.  I like being in transit in a way I’ve never heard expressed by another human being.

I’m not sure where I was going with this, but then, isn’t that the point?

Airports are strange places. They’re filled with people from all over the world. We’re all just here waiting. Waiting for flights, taxis, trains, buses, food, loved ones. We’re all either running from someone or something or towards someone or something. Airports are strange places. They’re filled with runaways  from all over the world.
—   My Journal entry (via profoundlyprofoundteendreams)