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This FREAKING thing took 10 hours to do!!! I mean, it was worth it because Benedict xD but still.. Completely unneccesary but I feel like this needs a bit of an explanation, not like someone is actually going to read this. Meh! So, this was an art project for school, the topic being Society and Technology. I immediately thought of AI (artificial intelligence). I chose to draw Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (sorry I had to xD) because of few simple reasons and those being:  He is my favourite actor, like come on! He is fan-freaking-tastic! He played many highly intelligent characters, my favourite is Sherlock. He potrayed Khan in the 2013 movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. We all know what an advanced technology appeared in the movies, so that is another reason. I wanted to show how people are trying to make greater progress in technology every year and sometimes it gets a bit too deep into their heads and it becomes more of an obsession. The left side shows the still human part, the things written in the background are quotes from Doctor Strange (do not judge me please xD) and the right side is affected by a virus, the binary code is one of many threatening things Khan said.  This creation also displays how people can communicate on the internet but have lots of trouble actually talking to someone in real life. (for example, me XD) I really hope you like it!

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✩ Signs Aesthetics based on Friends ✩
  • Aries: Road Trips, Dramatic Lighting, Potted Plants, Tea, Fountains, Selfie Filters, Dragons, Unused Sketchbooks, Dust in the Sunlight, Talking to Pets, Experimental Cooking
  • Taurus: Grid Patterns, Good Hugs, Fresh Pastries, Instant Photos, Fast Food, Old Cars, Silly Ties, Wide Brimmed Hats, Cinnamon Sticks, Making up Nicknames for Friends
  • Gemini: Messy Hair, Strange Art Projects, Early Morning Coffee, Home Movies, Trench Coats, Paint Stains, The Smell of Newspaper, Rough Stubble, Shitposting, Aviators
  • Cancer: Kanken Backpacks, Hair Clips, Converse Sneakers, Sharing Food, Cute Emojis, Jumping When Excited, Shrimp, HTML Coding, Pusheen, Minimalist Graphics
  • Leo: Thick Hair, Bright Red, Sassy Social Activism, Broadway Music, Bad Puns, Plane Tickets, Competitiveness, Alternative Music Taste, Speaking two Languages, Concerts
  • Virgo: Laughing Until Crying, Freckles, Notebook Doodles, Curly Hair, Folded Corners of a Book,Small Birds, Texting back Right Away, All Nighters, Butterflies in your Stomach
  • Libra: Long Hair, All Black Outfits, Loud Laughter, Guitar Music, Crooked Smiles, Long Fingers, Rage Quitting a Game, Censoring your Swears, Memorizing Random Facts
  • Scorpio: Platform Shoes, Jet Black Hair, Starry Night Sky, Silver Jewelry, Realistic Art, Starbucks Coffee, Monochrome Outfits, Netflix Marathons, Intimidating but Kind
  • Sagittarius: Deep Voices, Viral Videos, Helping Others, Pizza, Having over 100 Hours on a Game, Adult Swim Cartoons, Watching Movies with Friends, Graphic T-Shirts
  • Capricorn: Medical Scrubs, Sheet Music, Building a PC, Libraries, Flushed Cheeks, Bracelets, Rain on a Window, Vintage Music Covers, Infinite Patience
  • Aquarius: Leather Jackets, Dog and Cat Hair, Boxed Hair Dye, Laundry Piles, Blue Eye Shadow, Ripped Jeans, Starting Books and Never Finishing, Busy Schedules, Weird Stories
  • Pisces: Alpaca Plushes, Pastels, Animal Crossing, Traditional Art, 8-bit Music, Whimsical Patterns, Cute Ghosts, Gemstones, LUSH Products, Fancy Pixel Art

seeing ur childhood inspiration and art senpai finally create a webcomic like they always aspired to like seven years ago and seeing all the improvement in their art???? more like actual tears