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D.C. students walk out of class to protest Trump
More than 2,000 D.C. middle school and high school students ditched classes Tuesday afternoon to protest the election of Donald Trump, telling the president-elect that, despite his campaign’s divisive rhetoric, their diverse student bodies would remain united.

“We are a diverse school and accepting environment, and we feel the Drumpf administration is going to try and divide us,” said Pearl Strand, a 17-year-old Wilson senior. “We are protesting to show we are united.”

Johan Ramirez, 16, a Columbia Heights senior, said he was surprised at the robust turnout: “I see people really care. These are big issues.”

The students chanted and rallied about climate change, reproductive rights, tolerance and immigration. “Love trumps hate,” they screamed, followed by “our bodies, our choice.” Some rejected Drumpf as their president, and others chanted “No KKK, no racist U.S.A.”

Hasinatu Camara, 72, cried as she watched the young students protesting in front of the Drumpf hotel. The D.C. native said watching the students Tuesday reminded her of when she was young in the 1960s, witnessing the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee compel change through protest during the civil rights movement.

“But the color line is not here anymore like it was back then,” she said. “When I watched SNCC — they were young, and they were fearless. They were led by people like Stokely Carmichael and Marion Barry. These could be Marion Barry’s grandkids.”


The Crown S01E01 (Wolferton Splash) - Claire Foy as Princess Elizabeth wearing an exact replica of the wedding dress Queen Elizabeth II wore when she wed Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in 1947.

The original ivory silk duchesse satin dress, designed by royal couturier Norman Hartnell, featured elaborately embroidered star lily and orange blossom motifs (said to be inspired by Botticelli’s “Primavera”) and was encrusted with 10,000 seed pearls imported from America. 

The neckline was high and sleeves long, with a tailored bodice and full skirt that gave way to a 13-foot train. The young bride finished the look with a double strand of pearls and a diamond tiara, which secured her dramatic tulle veil.

The tv show costumes were designed by Michele Clapton.

Dinner Date

Newt x Reader

Prompt: The reader and Newt look through his book of creatures and bond.

Warnings: No warnings, Pure Fluff .

Word Count: 1,170

Note: Y/N means Your Name

   “Queenie, how long until dinner is on the table?” You shouted into the kitchen as you stepped out of your bedroom, finishing adjusting the strands of pearls hanging over your lacy and frilled blouse. 

    “Oh goodness, not for an hour or so sweetie, I’m still gathering the ingredients!” The beautiful blonde woman crooned, popping her head around the corner. “And yes, honey. I think Newt will agree you look quite exceedingly lovely in that shade of pink!“ She gushed. You laughed nervously, running your hands over the knee length pink skirt, that had a long matching ribbon around your waist. 

   “Queenie, what have I said about reading my mind!” You giggled.

   “Oh, but honey I can’t help it!” She giggled back peeping back into the kitchen. Sliding you matching heels, you wander into the sitting room. Across the room stood a familiar brunette woman staring at out the window of the apartment, looking over the magnificent streets of New York City. In such a poverty ridden time, they admittedly had a nice place. The Goldstein sisters had ever so happily allowed you to occupy an extra bedroom, having grown up like a 3rd sister of their family. 

    “Hey there, Tina.” You giggle wrapping an arm around her waist from behind.

    “Y/N, you look lovely!” Your best friend took a step back to view you, before wrapping you in a hug. “But why do you suddenly care so much about your appearance?” She laughed, “Your the girl I’ve had to talk out of wearing trousers to formal dinners, hundreds of times!” You blushed at the memories and laughed with her. Trousers were so comfortable, who was she to judge? How was it, that for so long it was only proper for men to wear them?

    “Well I have to catch be a husband before I’m 40, don’t I Tina?” You playfully swatted at the other woman.

    “Well, keep dressing like that and you’ll catch one before you 30!” She responded. You were 29 and 3 months, the odds of wedding before you were 30 were very improbable. Once all the giggling and subsided, Tina reached up and adjusted your crooked pearl strand once again. “Deep breaths, Y/N. It’s just Newt.” You took a step back, looking at her quizzically.

   "How do you-“ 

  "My sister is a mind reader! That and you can even formulate a sentence around the man.” She squeezed you hand with a laugh before walking out of the room. You carefully sat down in a colorfully cushioned wicker chair and opened the first book that caught your eye on the table to the left of you. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

                                                  ~ ~ ~

   "Ah, I, uh, see you found my book.“ The pleasant deep voice of an Englishman’s voice rang in your ears, and you look up startled and suddenly closed the book you’d been captivated in for last 20 or so minutes. 

   "Newt! I didn’t see you come in!” You stuttered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was yours!” You rose to your feet, holding it out to him. He stood there for a minute, examining your fully stretched out figure. He suddenly shook out of the trance.     “Oh, no.” He laughed. “I wrote the book! It’s Tina’s copy. She, uh, requested one after our first adventure together.”  A moment of silence. 

   "You wrote this?“ You spoke, astounded. It was intricate and detailed and suddenly, you realized just how passionate he was about his work. "It’s phenomenal!” Newt slowly grinned and came beside you as you reopened the book. 

    “Well, thank you very much!” He blushed a little, but then spoke again. “ I could discuss it with you, if you’d like? Theirs many things I was unable to include, you’d find very interesting!” His face was animated as he lead you to the sofa. 

                                                     ~ ~ ~

 "That’s a tough question, but I’ve always been particularly found of Nifflers, and Gnomes.“ 

  ”Gnomes?“ The disgust on his face was quite evident. "Out of all the creatures I’ve encountered, I’ve had quite a few unfortunate run ins with Gnomes. Definitely, not one of my personal favorites, but I understand to a point. Now Nifflers, they certainly grow on you, but personally, I’ve been known to be unfairly partial to Bowtruckles.”   You couldn’t hold back the inevitable flirtatious giggles, as it was indeed quite clear the red haired man had a soft spot for Bowtruckles. Darling little Pickett commonly inhabits his collar, as he was right then, began pulling on the love of his ear. “Oh, quit that, Pickett!” He spat with the right side of his mouth turned up in a lovable smirk. “Yes, fine, alright.” He looked back at you now.  "Alright, well maybe I should rephrase that as, I’ve been known to be partial to a specific Bowtruckle.“ 

   Pickett settled back into the tuck of cloth he stayed in with a look of satisfaction as the two of you laughed. You couldn’t help get caught in his blue eyes when you looked at him, so much that you hardly noticed he was looking back into yours now, as his hand moved over your own, thumb lightly caressing your wrist before it moved to intertwine itself with the rest. He softly cleared his throat. "You look quite lovely tonight, Y/N.” He whispered under the dim light of the lamp. 

   "Just for you, darling.“ You responded, leaning a little closer to him, the sudden turn of mood made it no surprise when he leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on you lips, them soft and unyielding against your own. An electrical buzz coarse through you’re entire body just in that one moment, beginning  straight from your lips.

   "I wasn’t sure how to tell you until now, Y/N, but you’ve captivated me sense the second I laid eyes on you.” You smiled into the crook of his neck you were leaned into. “If you would like, I could take you down to my study in my case after dinner, just you and I?" 

   "I would certainly like that, Newt, thank you." 

    "Anytime, for you.” He smiled back, a single connected moment between the two of you. 

    “Hope I’m not intruding!” A happy delicate voice giggled in the doorway. You two suddenly pulled apart. “Dinner’s ready!" 

    "Thank you, Queenie. We’ll be there soon!” You called as she disappeared behind the wall, but not before throwing you a knowing look that made you blush. You and Newt rose again.

   "I’ll put the book away and meet you there?“ He asked with a final squeeze of the hand. You nodded happily and turned to leave. "Oh, love?” He asked making you turn suddenly. “Where’d you find it?" 

   "The side table by the wicker chair!” You responded before turning quickly out of the room. There stood Queenie right out of sight. The two of you met eyes the quickly gripped hands silently cheering. “Did he really call you love?” She giggled. “Maybe you will be married before your 30!”

Moon Pearls

The pearl has often been depicted as a source of magical wisdom. Pearls grant the wearers extraordinary insight into the future. A pearl, coupled with the infused power of the full moon, has amplified powers of foresight and is called a Moon Pearl. I wanted to post this spell before the next full moon so that all of you lovely sea witches can also have your own Moon Pearls.

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I’m crying this is so beautiful….

“Are you serious? You want to stay home? Jasper, we planned–” Pearl started, even as she had to step backwards against the much stronger Gem’s pushing.

For her part, Jasper’s face was flushed, frustration evident in her voice, but her push was as gentle as she ever made it. “I don’t care, you’re not going into town like this!” 

“It can’t possibly look that bad, I made sure–”

“No! You look too good!” Jasper’s entire face was aflame, “I’m not sharing you with those humans!”


@jaspearlbomb Day 2: Date Night!

AKA I have decided Jasper has the social capacity of a Saiyan Prince stranded on Earth, and Pearl just doesn’t have the same kind of pushy personality as Bulma to outvote her. 

S4 and Lady Smallwood - Some Thoughts

Something about the trailer that struck me (yes, there were several things but I think this has not been mentioned).

  • These are the three times we see Lady Smallwood in the show. The Magnussen hearing, the discussion about Sherlock’s fate and the S4 teaser.
  • She is wearing the same jacket as in HLV 2, but a different strand of pearls and matching earrings. Not sure if she is wearing the black shirt in the teaser or not.
  • This seems to be an informal meeting. Is this a whisky or brandy carafe on the table? 
  • Is this the screen of a video projector behind her? 
  • We have no proof so far that Lindsay Duncan is in S4 so I suppose they filmed this during HLV. 
  • “We brought you back to deal with this. What are you going to do?” Where is this footage from? S4E1 I suppose. Or Sherlock’s mind? 

Thoughts, anyone?

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[Nymphs of the Zodiac] Pisces

Haliae, nymphs of the sea; Piscean nymphs reside in the sea and can occasionally be spotted dancing on the seashore. Their hair reaches their ankles, strands of pearls and shells woven within it; their skin has a pearlescent sheen from years spent in the water and small scales, pink and pearl-like, decorate their webbed hands and creep up their legs.

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Aaand… at 5AM with six days to go, the sewing portion of my Dreamer/Empress Feferi is DONE!

I really like the moon belt. I was worried it’d mess with the silhouette,but really it just makes it more “pretty princess”-y, where the actual empire waist makes me look taller and more queenly. HOLLA.

As it stands it’s complete! There were a few elements I nixed; the dangling pearl strands along the side of the moon belt, rings/chains on the horns. (I still might do those, haven’t decided.) I just need to fiddle with some little accessories at this point- assemble some rings, so on. But the tough parts are over.

Hahaha I have to go to work later, time to sleep.


Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen

Rating: ★★★★☆


Stuck at the bottom of the social ladder at pretty much the lowest level of people at school who aren’t paid to be there, Maya Van Wagenen decided to begin a unique social experiment: spend the school year following a 1950s popularity guide, written by former teen model Betty Cornell. Can curlers, girdles, Vaseline, and a strand of pearls help Maya on her quest to be popular?

The real-life results are painful, funny, and include a wonderful and unexpected surprise—meeting and befriending Betty Cornell herself. Told with humor and grace, Maya’s journey offers readers of all ages a thoroughly contemporary example of kindness and self-confidence.


When I first heard of this books, it did not strike me as something I would enjoy. First of all, it’s non-fiction, which I rarely read. Second of all, the topic of popularity is not something I like to spend much time thinking about. I always considered it some out-of-reach concept of worship that would never even enter my world. But as I read more about it, I got curious. This is the true story (it is in fact a memoir) of a girl in middle school, who decides to use tips from the 50’s in her everyday life, and as a big fan of anything vintage and anything that might make a good story, I decided to pick it up. And I am overjoyed that I did.

What I found was an incredibly relatable story, to me and to anyone who has ever felt as if they are a bit of an outcast or has ever struggled socially at school. The fact that it is a memoir makes it feel extremely real and honest. In a sweet and uplifting fashion, Maya tells the story of how she navigated 8th grade with (mostly) unwavering bravery and precise observations and commentary. The story is beautifully written and to top it off, Maya was only fifteen when she wrote it! It is truly inspiring to see how she grows in wisdom, confidence, and courage as the story progresses. It is a unique book and I doubt I will ever read something like it every again.

The story of Maya’s last year in middle school was not at all shallow or superficial, as I had first feared.  Even though Maya starts out craving popularity, she soon realizes that what she is searching for is much more complex than she first thought. For what is popularity, really? Is it being liked by everybody? Is it being considered “cool” and wearing the right clothes? Or is it less about how others see you and more about how you make them feel? After a yearlong social experiment, Maya certainly has an answer to that question. But I won’t tell you what it is. Pick this book up and find it out for yourself.

//Love from L

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This is going to be a quick etsy review! I get most of my trims and beads from etsy and get asked about what shops I use a lot…and I can never remember, so i’m going to start doing mini reviews here and i’ll tag them with “etsy buys”. 

I ordered these items from CrystalsandBFF, they sell fake perals and a few different types of glass beads. I ordered three different colors of the “Czech Fire Polished Round Beads” which are lovely and look just as they did in photos.

I also got four strands of 6mm ivory pearls and two strands of 8mm ivory pearls. Everything seems to be nice quality - none of the pearls were stuck together and they shipped on waxed thread. The prices are about double what you would pay on ebay, but shipping was really quick and everything was nicely packaged!

It got to me within four days of ordering and shipping was only $2.80! I would definitely order from them again based off of this experience!